Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Import a Rhapsody Model

Enterprise Architect enables you to import a model from IBM Rational Rhapsody.

Each Rhapsody project contains one Project file (with the extension .rpy), which is associated with a folder with the same name as the project file, ending in _rpy. For example, if the Rhapsody project file is called CDPlayer.rpy, it  is associated with a folder called CDPlayer_rpy.

The associated folder contains all the project-related files. It might also contain a file named filesTable.dat, which lists all the files related to the Rhapsody project.

Access     Select package  | Extensions | Import | Rhapsody, or
                   Project Browser package context menu | Import/Export | Import Package From XMI File: Other XML File Formats | Rhapsody

Use to

Import UML Model elements from Rhapsody Project Files


Using the Import Model from Rhapsody dialog, import the model from Rhapsody as indicated below:



See also

Rhapsody Project

Click on the (.) (Browse) button.

The Select Import Rhapsody Project dialog displays.

Select a Rhapsody Project file, then click the Open button to return to the Import Model From Rhapsody dialog.



Rhapsody Files

List the file located in the associated project folder.




Click to import the Rhapsody model into Enterprise Architect.




Click to close this dialog.




Click to display this Help topic.



Import Progress

Indicates the progress of the import.