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The Sequence page of the Options dialog enables you to configure various font settings and the focus of the control indicator for Sequence diagrams.

Access     Tools | Options > Diagram : Sequence

Use to

Configure font settings
Configure the focus of the control indicator for Sequence diagrams




See also

Message Spacing

Specify the vertical gap (in points) between Sequence messages (can be overridden manually by dragging a message up or down).



Default page layout is Landscape


Set the default orientation of Sequence diagrams to landscape.


Show Sequence Numbering

Show sequence numbers on Sequence messages.



Assume right to left messages are Return


Automatically generate return messages.


Default concurrency is Asynchronous

Set the default concurrency for Sequence Messages to Asynchronous; deselect to set the default concurrency to Synchronous.


Message (Sequence Diagram)


Select the line width (in points) of the 'focus of control' rectangle (thick part of lifeline).



Assume message returns

Assume implicit returns when none are explicitly drawn (recommended).




Automatically truncate lifelines for created elements after the last message (that is, assume garbage collect rather than explicit delete).




Display the MS Windows Font dialog, click on (  ...  ) and define the font of the caption bar heading (above your diagram); this is particularly useful for non-English character sets.




Specify the size of the heading font (this overrides the font size in the Font dialog, above).



Use System

Apply the Enterprise Architect system default heading font.