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Set Default Fonts

Enterprise Architect enables you to define a standard font to apply across the model, or a font to apply to any diagrams you create personally.

You can define both, but the model font overrides any user font, to ensure that all members of a project team have a consistent and coherent view of the model. This avoids the problem of one user creating a diagram in a small font, and another user trying to view it in a larger font, which distorts the diagram.

It is recommended that a project authority sets the model default, and all project members abide by it and do not change it without project approval.

Access     Tools | Options > Appearance : Configure Default Fonts

Use to

Configure Font/s as the default for the model
Configure Font/s as the default for diagrams created by the user




See also

Model Font : Font Face

Specifies the font face used by the overall model.



Model Font : Font Size

Specifies the font size used by the overall model.




Clears the selections made for Font Face and Font Size.



User Font: Font Face

Specifies the Font Face used on diagrams if no model font is specified.



User Font: Font Size

Specifies the Font Size used on diagrams if no model font size is specified.




Both model and user fonts are overridden by specifically-defined element fonts, so that the element is viewed as designed regardless of the model or user defaults; to define the font for a specific element, right-click on the element in a diagram and select the Appearance | Set Font context menu option
If you cannot read the diagrams because the default font makes the objects and text too small, you can scale up all objects (that is, all diagram displays) to a more readable size for you only; the objects are not scaled up for other users. Everything on the diagram is enlarged to the same extent, so it remains in proportion and readable. To do this, return to the Diagram Appearance page of the Options dialog and enter a suitable percentage value in the Scale view by field

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