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Dependency Report

A Dependency report shows a list of any elements in the package (selected from the Project Browser) that are dependent on another element for their specification.

For example, a Use Case derives its specification from the Requirement that it realizes.

Each of the elements in the first column of the report is the source or dependent in a Dependency connector to the corresponding target element in the Dependent on column.

Access    Project | Documentation | Dependency Details

How to

On the Dependency Details dialog, run the report and make selections from the options as indicated below:



See also

Root Package

Confirm the root package; all elements and packages under this package appear in the report.

If you want to change the package, click on the replacement package in the Project Browser and click on the Refresh button.




Run the report.



Locate Object

Locate the selected element in the Project Browser.




Print the list.



Save Report

Display a small dialog in which you specify the file location into which to save the report as an RTF file.




List dependency details; lists the elements in the current package and the elements that they are dependent on.