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Create WSDL 1.1 Model Structure

Enterprise Architect provides the WSDL page in the Toolbox to conveniently model WSDL documents.

WSDLs, represented as Components marked with the stereotype WSDL, are contained in a WSDLnamespace stereotyped Package whose hierarchy represents the target WSDL namespace and its constituent XSD Types, Messages, PortTypes, Bindings and Services.

A sample WSDL Package structure can be created in the Project Browser, using the Namespace icon from the WSDL pages of the Toolbox. You can use this package structure as a template for developing your WSDL.

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Use to

Create a new WSDL Package structure that can be used as a starting point for developing your WSDL model


How to



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Create a package in the Project Browser.




Click on the New Diagram icon in the Project Browser.


Project Browser Toolbar


In the Select From field, select UML Structural, and in the Diagram Types field select Class.




Click on the More tools option in the Toolbox and select WSDL from the list of Toolboxes.


Diagram Toolbox


Click on the Namespace icon from the Toolbox and drag it into the created Class diagram.


WSDL Group


Specify the WSDL Package Name and Namespace and click on the OK button to create the sample WSDL Package structure.



A WSDL Package structure can also be created from an UML Interface using the WSDL  Model Transformation.


Namespace Icon




WSDL Model Transformation

Example WSDL Package Structure:

The WSDLnamespace Package acts as a container for the WSDL Structure in Enterprise Architect. The various WSDL constructs like Messages, PortTypes, Bindings and Services should be modeled in the Messages, PortTypes, Bindings and Services Packages respectively.



A WSDLnamespace package can contain one or more WSDL stereotyped Components
A WSDL stereotyped Component can be generated as a WSDL file


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