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Attribute Values - StyleEx & pdata

When creating a diagram profile, you can use the pdata and StyleEx attributes to define a range of characteristics of the diagrams created with the profile. If the attribute is defining several characteristics at once, put the values in a single string separated by semicolons; for example:

StyleEx: string = HideQuals=0;AdvanceElementProps=1;ShowNotes=1;

StyleEx: string =

AdvancedConnectorProps=1; (to show connector property strings)
AdvancedElementProps=1; (to show the element property string)
AdvancedFeatureProps=1; (to show the feature property string)
AttPkg=1; (to show package visible Class members)
DefaultLang=Language; (to set the default language for the diagram; Language can be one of Enterprise Architect's built-in languages such as C++ or Java, or it can be a custom language)
HandDrawn=1; (to apply hand drawn mode)
HideConnStereotype=1; (to hide the connector stereotype labels)
HideQuals=0; (to show qualifiers and visibility indicators)
SeqTopMargin=50; (to set the height of the top margin on sequence diagrams)
ShowAsList=1; (to make the diagram open directly into the Diagram List)
ShowMaint=1; (to show the element Maintenance compartment)
ShowNotes=1; (to show the element Notes compartment)
ShowOpRetType=1; (to show the operation return type)
ShowTests=1; (to show the element Testing compartment)
SuppConnectorLabels=1; (to suppress all connector labels)
SuppressBrackets=1; (to suppress brackets on operations without parameters)
TConnectorNotation=Option; (where Option is one of UML 2.1, IDEF1X, or Information Engineering)
TExplicitNavigability=1; (to show non-navigable connector ends)
VisibleAttributeDetail=1; (to show attribute details on the diagram)
Whiteboard=1; (to apply whiteboard mode)


pdata: string =

HideAtts=0; (to show the element Attributes compartment)
HideEStereo=0; (to show element stereotypes in the diagram)
HideOps=0; (to show the element Operations compartment)
HideParents=0; (to show additional parents of elements in the diagram)
HideProps=0; (to show property methods)
HideRel=0; (to show relationships)
HideStereo=0; (to show attribute and operation stereotypes)
OpParams=3; (to show operation parameters)
ShowCons=1; (to show the element Constraints compartment)
ShowIcons=1; (to use stereotype icons)
ShowReqs=1; (to show the element Requirements compartment)
ShowSN=1; (to show sequence notes)
ShowTags=1; (to show the element Tagged values compartment)
SuppCN=0;(to show collaboration numbers)
UseAlias=1; (to use the aliases or elements in the diagram, if available)

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