Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Override Default Toolboxes

Enterprise Architect has many default Toolbox Profiles, one for each of its inbuilt diagram types. These define the Toolbox pages that are displayed, by default, every time a diagram of a specific type is opened or brought into view.

To replace one of Enterprise Architect's default Toolboxes with one of your own (for example, if you have your own version of the UML::Class Toolbox that you want to be opened every time a Class diagram is opened - as long as your technology is active) then include a RedefinedToolbox clause in the Notes field for the diagram properties of your Toolbox Profile diagram.

For example, the profile diagram's Notes field could resemble the following:


RedefinedToolbox=UML::Class;Alias=Class;Notes=Structural elements for Class diagrams;


This states that the Toolbox defined by this profile replaces the Enterprise Architect Toolbox UML::Class as the default Toolbox for all UML Class diagrams. For a list of inbuilt Toolboxes, see the List of Enterprise Architect Toolboxes topic.