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Working with MTS Files

An MDG Technology Selection (.MTS) file stores the selected options that you define when creating an MDG Technology File using the MDG Technology Wizard.

If you use a .MTS file, you can edit it to change the features selected when you generated the file, and to add or remove the advanced features described in this topic.

Manage the .MTS file



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Create a .MTS File

To create a .MTS file, select the Tools | Generate MDG Technology File menu option to launch the MDG Technology Wizard, and work through the screens as described in the Create MDG Technologies topic.

On the second page, select the Create a new MTS file option.


Create MDG Technologies

Advanced Options For Your .MTS File

Once you have worked through the MDG Technology Wizard and created the .MTS file, you can add:

Model Validation configurations
Model Templates


The code for the model validation configurations and model templates is provided in the corresponding sections, accessed via the links in the right-hand column.

Open the .MTS file in a text editor; and paste your validation or template code just before the </MDG.Selections> line.

Save the .MTS file.





Define Validation Configuration

Incorporate Model Templates

Update the MDG Technology

Again select the Tools | Generate MDG Technology File menu option, but this time on the second page select Open an Existing MTS file and specify the file path of the .MTS file you have updated.

Click on <Next> until the wizard is finished; your MDG Technology file is updated.