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Validation Rules

Model Validation works against a set of validation rules, arranged in the following groups:

(Element, Relationship, Feature, Diagram): Well-Formedness
Checks whether or not an element, relationship, feature or diagram is well-formed; this group of rules includes checks such as whether the item is a valid UML item and whether a diagram contains valid elements within it
Element: Composition
Checks whether or not a UML element contains valid children, whether it contains the right number of valid children, and whether or not the element is missing any required children
(Element, Relationship, Feature): Property Validity
Checks whether or not the item has the correct UML properties defined, and whether the properties contain incorrect or conflicting values
(Element, Relationship, Feature): Custom Properties
Validates an item against any defined constraints in OCL








Element: Composition


Property Validity



OCL Conformance