Author Topic: BPSim Report: Show Execution in addition to Enter/Leave  (Read 13 times)


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BPSim Report: Show Execution in addition to Enter/Leave
« on: May 25, 2018, 07:43:22 pm »

currently working on a BPSim Project and I need to evaluate every token individually instead of the whole.

The problem is BPSim does not make a difference between Enter and Execution.

Each acitivity can be seen like:

Every token always enters the activity. It leaves the activity after the defined time values. The time values can be seen as the time for the execution or processing.

If you are using resources for your task queues can occur. Then all the tokens Enter the activity and are waiting there till the resource is available.

When your processing time is constant you can calculate back to the time the activity was executed by substituting the processing time of the leave time. So far no problem.

But if your processing time is a distribution and a token is part of the queue you will never know when the activity was executed because the report just shows the Enter time and not the execution time.

So it would be a necessary addition, also it is in some way a must have feature to handle possible queues.

If someone knows a workaround to add execution time to the report please let me know!

Thank you!