Author Topic: Diagram reusable as a dynamic layer of connectable diagram objects  (Read 106 times)


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Users very often have to maintain several diagrams that share common elements including their layout.

When we drag a source diagram 1 into target diagrams 2 and 3, one additional option (besides "diagram frame" etc...) would be to
- drop the laid out source diagram objects from diagram 1 into the target diagrams 2 and 3 (not a picture)
- keep the target diagram layout synchronized with the source diagram layout
That way, in each target diagram 2 and 3 we can re-use the layout of the source diagram 1 and add specific elements and connectors.

In other words, in each specific target diagram, we should be able to re-use a source diagram as a "dynamic layer of connectable diagram objects".

Example 1:
- Shared/Common part of the diagram:  Business Function Landscape
- Specific diagrams: Information owned by functions, Organizations performing functions, Applications supporting functions, Domain architect in charge of function, functional heat map, roles that belong to functions...

Example 2:
- Shared/Common part of the diagram:  Organization structure
- Specific diagrams: Organization Managers, Organization Locations, Organization-owned Applications


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Re: Diagram reusable as a dynamic layer of connectable diagram objects
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Please raise an official enhancement request.