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WebEA view child diagrams
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:06:59 pm »

We have raised an official feature request via my company; but wanted to post here as well to see if there is general support for a feature that I think is very much needed in WebEA.

We have a large process model in Sparx. Its hierarchical, in that users can click on a 'Sub-process' to see its child/composite diagram. Or they can until we move to WebEA - which we would very much like to as its a steps up from static html.

However in WebEA if you click on any element with a child diagram, you are taken to the elements property sheet, from which there is no way to navigate to the child diagram !

The ideal solution would be a pop-up context menu when you click on an element with a child diagram, from which you can either select the elements property page or the child diagram. Failing that a clearly visible link on the elements property page to the child diagram.



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Re: WebEA view child diagrams
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 10:43:07 am »
Hi Jon,

In principle, I agree, but just a couple of questions.  By "click" do you mean double-click or just a simple click?  I ask, because for most other items, if there is an attached diagram, a double-click will open the diagram, but if there isn't an attached diagram, it opens the item properties.

If you meant double-click, then it's more EAUI!  Self-inconsistency!

The behaviour should be standardised to open a choice dialog (or at least provide model-based control) to determine what should happen on double-click.

If they are going to standardise, then they should also consider where an item has more than one child diagram.

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Re: WebEA view child diagrams
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2018, 09:02:39 pm »

In general, browser-based GUIs don't distinguish double-clicks, especially in feature-poor tablet-style GUIs. The composite diagram is an example where such a disctinction would actually be motivated: one signal to view the element's properties, another to open the diagram -- like in the EA client. But the possibility of multiple child diagrams complicates things.

For elements, I would suggest the following.

Single left-click / tap always shows properties.
Single-right-click / long-tap shows menu with
    Show Properties
    Open Composite Diagram [if one exists]
    Open "Non-Composite Child Diagram Name 1"
    Open "Non-Composite Child Diagram Name 2"
Double left-click / tap, IF those are used elsewhere in the WebEA GUI, opens composite diagram or first child diagram if no composite diagram exists.

For packages, the single / double signals would be reversed, making "open first diagram" the least-effort action.

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