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Title: ???Feature Question
Post by: javelin5 on February 27, 2002, 04:11:57 pm
I was looking at the language support and was curious if you were going to support IDL in the future.  This would be useful to handle some CORBA interfaces in our software.  I am evaluating the product for me to use at home with a couple of friends for a personal software project.  I am also looking for a cost-effective UML product to convince work to buy.  I am tired of coding in Java and C++ and nobody doing OOAD.  I like what I see by the way.

Timothy F. Brown
Software Engineer
Title: Re:  ???Feature Question
Post by: gsparks on February 27, 2002, 07:12:12 pm

IDL is certainly on the agenda - we have begun looking at specs and doing some planning. I would rather not make promises with regard to timeframes, although I would be confident that the first half of his year will see IDL added.

Hope this is helpful,

Geoff Sparks