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Title: Version 3.10 - Build 470 released
Post by: sparks on March 11, 2002, 02:27:44 am
Changes and Fixes for Build 470
- Setting Grid size to 0 causes failure of EA to operate correctly ... minimum gridsize now 5
- Java parser didnt handle '(' being on line after function name declaration - corrected
- Role access not being updated in current diagram from Association dialog - corrected
- Added line movements and custom lines to Undo capability in diagrams
- Added a 'Tidy Line' feature for custom lines - automatically aligns lines horizontally and vertically if possible
- Virtual inheritance in C++ could fail to be parsed correctly in some situations - corrected
- Requirements now have their status correctly updated when using the Package 'Status Update' function
- Added Phase, Status, Author and Complexity values to XMI output of package
- Fixed ALT-S and ALT-O accelerators in Object properties dialog
- Added additional 'Hierarchy' tab to properties window