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Title: RTF:  Navigation through folders
Post by: ..David.. on November 11, 2008, 08:05:11 pm
Good Morning,.

How is it possible to navigate through the layers of folders and display the content of the folders in the RTF-Document?

Example of my structur:


  -  Folder 1
       -  Item 1
       -  Item 2
       -  Item 3
  -  Folder 2
       -  Item 1
       -  Item 2
       -  Item 3
  -  Folder 3
       -  Item 1
       -  Folder 3.1
            -  Item 3.1.1
            -  Item 3.1.2
            -  Item 3.1.3
       -  Item 2
       -  Item 3


How is it possible to display all the items?

If I start the RTF Generator for the Model it first should display the Items of the Folder 1 with the headline of Folder 1 and then in this way for the others.

Maybe this is to complicate for explaining in this forum. - So is there any literatur about this topic? In the User-Guid i couldnīt get information.

Best wishs
Title: Re: RTF:  Navigation through folders
Post by: Oliver F. on November 12, 2008, 04:07:03 am
Not sure whether I got the problem right but maybe this link is of use for you:

Basically the generator steps through the model and fills the RTF with all elements which are mentioned in the template- packages, elements, etc.

So I suspect if it only exports folders you either have a template which does not fill elements or have enabled only packages in the template options.

Either way the document should help you here.