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Title: Generalization Sets
Post by: philchudley on October 04, 2011, 03:04:30 am
Although an advanced use of UML Generalization it is possible in EA to create Generalization Sets to constrain inheritances.

For example a base class of Engine could have two sub-classes 4 Cylinder and 6 Cylinder. We can use a Generalization Set to specify that an Engine can only be either 4 Cylinder or 6 Cylinder, but not both {disjoint} and the only engines are 4 Cylinder and 6 Cylinder {complete}

EA allows this information to be caputured on the New Generalization Set dialog - disjoint and complete are check boxes

However only the name of the Generalization Set appears on the diagram.

Does anyone know if (and how) the disjoint and complete qualifiers can be made to appear?

Checked all the usual places, diagram properties, connector properties, tools | options