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Title: Import .uml files from StarUML2?
Post by: MarcusN on December 19, 2017, 10:58:52 pm
Hello guys,

I'm trying to import some old UML diagrams I created with the software StarUML2 into Enterprise Architect. The files have the ending .uml, but I could not find any method of importing those files into Enterprise architect. The importing function allows .xml and .xmi so I tryed to download a extension for StarUML2 to export my class diagrams to a .xmi file. I was able to import the file, but it only contained the defined classes not the diagram itself which I need.

I want to switch all my old stuff to the EA software, so it would be awesome if someone could give me a link to a tutorial or guide me towards a solution.

Thanks in advance  :)
Title: Re: Import .uml files from StarUML2?
Post by: Geert Bellekens on December 19, 2017, 11:29:19 pm
Have you opened the .uml files in a text editor?
There is a fair chance that these .uml files are actually some kind of xmi format. That should be mentioned in the first couple of lines.
In that case you can import them using xmi import.

Title: Re: Import .uml files from StarUML2?
Post by: Uffe on December 19, 2017, 11:32:44 pm
Hi Marcus,

It's the old Diagram Interchange problem again. Basic XMI does not include a standardized format for diagrams, but it is extensible. Meaning that all tool vendors are free to add diagram data to their extended version of XMI, which their own tool can then read but no one else's can. In short, using plain XMI diagrams cannot be migrated between tools.

This shortcoming of XMI was addressed years ago in the supplemental Diagram Interchange standard, which EA supports. But that will only help you if StarUML does too.

Failing that, you're looking at a custom translation tool. I'm not aware of one, but perhaps someone else is.