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Title: EA Sucks?
Post by: fararooy on January 02, 2018, 10:57:26 pm
Hi ... I am very concerned about how slow the EA tool generally is, but also much worse (and even impossible to use) depending on the location from which I login to our Intranet. Does EA have any built-in tools for capturing performance or measuring speed of response?

NB: Note I am not talking about complex scripts. Even just opening a view and creating a simple link between two elements, etc.

Title: Re: EA Sucks?
Post by: Geert Bellekens on January 02, 2018, 11:23:13 pm
Hi Saeed,

Generally speaking the performance of the tool is quite acceptable for most users.
There are however specific things to look at when trying to solve performance issues for EA.

- Database: Oracle is known for having bad performance with EA.
- Network: The software is pretty chatty with the database. When opening a large diagram it might execute a few hundreds of very small queries on the database. If you have a limited network bandwidth that might be the bottleneck. I've heard complaint from people when using their corporate Wifi when the speed was no issue at all when using a wired network.

If upgrading the network is not an option you might want to consider a terminal (citrix, remote desktop,...) solution or look into the cloud solution.