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Title: Mission/Vision statement
Post by: jaimeglz on December 11, 2002, 09:39:40 am
Here's a proposal for a preliminary general mision/vision of this forum, as well as on its relationship to the UML. I hope I have reflected the variety of views that have been expressed on this topic.

The open UML Unified Process forum intends first of all to provide a workspace for discussion and orientation on the software product lifecycle; that is to say, on issues pertaining to the general process of analysis, design, construction, transition and replacement/disposal of software products.

(Forum participants with specific questions on the use of  existing software tools are advised to post in the appropriate forums.)

In the long run, this forum is intended as a means to orient in the usage of existing open software development processes, and to the development of new ideas and contributions in the field of software product processes.

The forum is considered "open", because it will try to draw from the widest range of both formal and informal experiences in software development. Whenever no legal limitations or liabilities are found, the open Unified Process will highlight and help propagate other software or business engineering processes' best-practices and ideas.

The forum is intended to be independent of any product or tool (though we must gratefully acknowledge Sparx Systems' hosting this discussion in its forum).

The open Unified Process and UML
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has been a great step forward, because it provides a widely accepted standard for diagramming and specifying a software product; but the UML does not provide guidelines on where to begin, and what steps to follow in a software development process. This forum intends to contribute in bridging this gap.

Jaime Gonzalez
Title: Re: Mission/Vision statement
Post by: Steve_Straley on December 11, 2002, 10:09:36 am

Great start!  Here's my offering.  I changed the order of things since I think Vision is more general and Mission is a bit more detailed.   I used ALOT of your wording (because it's great) and started to add Critical Steps (they support Mission Statements).

My general rule is NOTHING IS SACRED meaning... tear it apart and up guys!   Let's rock and roll.



Vision Statement

To assist all people, from any size company, in the process of Software Lifecycle Development and Management by providing a series of white papers, documents, discussions, supporting articles and links, and other related artifacts.

Mission Statement

This forum will work on the ongoing process of analsys, design, construction, transition, integration, mapping (as is processes), and/or replacement of software products and/or processes.  This will include business process mapping for "as is" processes, UML design and implementation for existing or new projects, project management rules and/or considerations, and other related issues.   This forum will not limit the focus to these or any other areas focussing on the development of the associated documents and/or artifacts.  The forum will discuss all "best practices" ideas and/or brest engineering processes to assist all people and all roles involved in the complete life cycle of software development and/or management.

Critical Steps

Title: Re: Mission/Vision statement
Post by: Si Perry on December 12, 2002, 07:10:41 am
Thanks for setting up what I am sure will be an invaluable forum.

My department has just started using UML (we have just bought 15 EA licences and are all going on a UML course next week),and we are starting to think how we can use UML in existing company engineering processes. FYI we make trains, but the group that I am in is writing software and developing hardware to handle such things as train diagnostics.

I hope that we will be able to contribute to this forum, and look forward to working with everyone.

Si Perry
Title: Re: Mission/Vision statement
Post by: andyd on December 12, 2002, 12:42:57 pm
Hi Guys,
Lookin' good so far.
Do you think it would be useful to include guidelines for use of the process for different types of project?

I.e. real time, e-commerce or small (i.e. a number of weeks) and large ( months or years)?

Title: Re: Mission/Vision statement
Post by: Steve_Straley on December 12, 2002, 01:51:30 pm

Perhaps yes, and in the scope of what I posted based on Jaime's post, maybe this should be added: