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Title: What looks like an Industry trend?
Post by: alarsen on December 12, 2002, 04:39:45 pm
Our organization has been moving to e-business with Java.  We are looking at UML using EA and have tentively adopted it as a standard.  Our development system is using Websphere Application Server and the IDE is Websphere Application Studio Developer.  Rational has come out with Rational XDE which can integrate with Websphere, Macromedia is coming out with an integrated ColdFusion server for Websphere, Dreamweaver will integrate someday with Websphere, and other companies are also proposing products that integrate with application servers.  Is EA looking at this trend?  Course now we are seeing talk of IBM buying Rational and a rumor that Microsoft is also bidding for Rational.  How do you see these trends affecting your product?  (Hope I picked the right forum for this).

Title: Re: What looks like an Industry trend?
Post by: Fintan on January 15, 2003, 08:53:49 am
Hi Al,

We bought licences for a *few* Rose licences, and I was very dismayed at the introduction of so many products which seem to compete.  We develop in Java/J2EE, asp and VB.  Someone like myself could end up coding in all three.  Which of the new products should I choose - Rational XDE for Java?, Rational XDE for .Net? (We are considering moving asp coding to this platform).  Do I need 2 licences locked down to my PC even though I can only use one of them at once?

The way I see it is that a standalone tool that allows me to generate code in Java or VB is the ideal tool.  The programming IDE should be able to pick up changes made to a class file and load them up itself.

Just my opinion,