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General Board / How get statistics from number of EA usages with key store
« on: December 02, 2017, 10:48:36 am »
Hi all EA modelers out there.

At my work we have 15 floating licenses i Shared Key store server and about 25 installed EA.
As owner of the EA system and all its infrastructure (DB-server, Key-store-server, Web publishing server and EA licenses) I whould like to get some statistics from the Key Store. I have asked Sparx support but they say I have to check the Key-Store logfiles my self.

Problem is that I donīt have access to the servers them self.
So I wonder if any of you have made any stand-alone script or a small program that reads the key-store log-files and makes the data usable??

I have no idea if I needs more licenses or if Iīm paying to much. (Sparx are missing the selling point here, stupid sales-dep)

The management interface of SparxKeyStoreServices just show what user have a key at that moment.
We have 15 Floating keys, but I have no way to check how many users was using Sparx last week, or what was the peek usage last week or month, so I can order more keys in advance, to be litle proaktiv :)

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