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What about mix o capital & small letters in tagged value names??

As a non-programmer I have possible made some "sink-holes" for my self.
I have created Tagged-Values names with space, hyphen that I have trouble with in SQL-scripts.
Are there any other characters I should avoid? Underscore, National char as צהו etc etc

Yes, thanks, now I found it
Its was Preferences/Behavior/Auto Group Elements (Hold ALT to toggle)

I had unChecked it earlier because it changed the elements place in Browser.....

 Im used to build capability & functional maps by placing child elements on top of parent element. and I dont get any automatic relationship.....
But of some reason when I move the parent element the children elements does not follow, I have to do a selection of all elements....
I think this was working earlier, but maybe my mind is fooling me.

Using EA 13.52. and Archimate 3.0

I going crazy, Im trying to create some simple charts from a package of requirements and a specific tagged-value: ie. 'TAG-Area'
The example from Sparx is not helping.... As this does not show how to use tagged-values in SQL-script??

Select t_object.Status AS Series, t_object.Author AS GroupName from t_object

Yepp, this happend to my work also, when I installed the BABOK MDG, it changed the Required MDG to BABOK in the SQL-based repository for about 25 users with no access. Saved by Geert  :D

This setting should have its own settings i Security list, but its related to other settings that several users need, bad config by Sparx

We are using a maybe to complex Project browser hirarki for ouer project requirements.
Is it possible to have a script that uppdates a Tagged-Value with Elements location in Project-browser??
As we are multiple requirement analyst, so some human errors will certinly occur with placement in right package.

In that way I could be sure that every requirement have all relevant data for analys & reports

EA V 13.51 supports Open Exchange Format 3.0  :)

General Board / Re: Where are user passwords stored?
« on: April 20, 2018, 08:22:10 pm »
To Qwerty
Is your book about Scripting in EA updatet to EA v 13.x ?

Steen Jensen

Anyone know if its possible to have a trace back as a link to a PDF or Doc file to a specific sentence?
If I want to scan a doc/pdf for requirements, i would like have some reference to the place inside the document (Doc/pdf) for trace back etc.

Is it possible in any way with EA??
Only thing I know today is a ref:link to external doc, but if large doc could be >100 requirements from same doc

Perfect, just what I needed for our internal web-publishing at SLL


General Board / Re: specify maximum size of a diagram in a report
« on: March 22, 2018, 02:57:38 am »
In Diagram properties, Page Setup, Advanced you can select page with or any scale

I dont see how to use Virtual document when creating HTML reports??
Same with Report packages, cant select HTML templates
Maybe not supported or....

Okey, thanks I check EAforms, Making my own MDG is a looong way ahead :)

How do I (easy) create forms for editing selected fields (Notes, Tagged values etc) without a lot of clicking around EA standard GUI?
I have seen a form when using HL7 FM2 model that was having its own profile

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