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Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 491 released
« on: May 24, 2002, 05:21:29 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 491

- Added local setting to View/Options Code Generation page. Allows enable/disable capitalize of attribute name during Property generation
- Fixed bug that prevented constraints being added to elements, operations, attributes and links when new elements created from UML Profile stereotype
- Added Aggregation and Composition links to UML Profile.
- Fixed bug that prevented C# scope for attributes being generated correctly
- Fixed ordering and type bug in HTML generation of method parameters for HTML reports
- Added Files HREF to HTML generation - no modification is made to target - so HTTP or absolute address expected in Filename
- Added options to diagram dialog to show 'tag', 'requirement' and/or 'constraint' compartments in classes etc. on a per diagram basis
- Fixed bug in code generation that prevented attribute generation for Composition relationships
- Added HREF for all Hyperlink file types in diagrams when generating HTML Report

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 490 released
« on: May 22, 2002, 04:47:27 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 490
- Added 'Resource' tree to docked project browser - includes sections for UML Profiles, Documents, Matrix Profiles and Stylesheets
- Added comprehensive and generic support for UML Profiles
     . Profiles are imported and managed in the new Resources tree view
     . Profiles may be imported from XML files describing the Profile content
     . Profiles include Stereotypes and tagged values for elements, attributes, methods, links, link ends and more
     . Profiles may include a metafile attached to the stereotype
     . Profile items may be dragged from the profile tree onto diagrams
     . Drag attribute and operation stereotypes over classes in diagram to add to element
     . Click on profile links and add connections as usual
     . Drag association end stereotypes over end of link to attach details
- Added section in Resource tree for defined Matrix Profiles. Doble click on a profile to load matrix and display       
- Added function to post process XMI export XML with Stylesheet. Stylesheets are loaded in new 'Resource' tree
- Added generation support for <<enumeration>> type in C++, VB.Net, VB
- Added reverse engineering support for <<enumeration>> in C++, C# and VB.Net
- Added Attribute Tags to both the RTF documentation and HTML documentation
- Added Method Tags to both the RTF documentation and HTML documentation
- Limited display of Tagged values to those having a set 'Value' as future use of UML Profiles may define Tagged Values with no set 'Value'
- Added highlight for Abstract classes and operations - set on View/Options dialog - Objects page "HIghlight {abstract} elements" . Adds "{abstract}" keyword to class drawing
- Added Read and Write check boxes to Create Property dialog (from Attributes dialog). Unchecking either will remove one of the paired accessor methods (get/set)
- Added Abstract check box to the Create Property dialog. Check this to mark generated get/set methods or property as Abstract.
- Revised Realization link such that if target object is an Interface drawn using Circle notation (lollipop) then the link renders as a solid line with no arrow (as per UML 1.4 spec)
- Fixed bug that caused Visual Basic code generator to end Property blocks with 'End Function' instead of 'End Property'
- Fixed bug in Aligning elements that could cause selected elements to align against an unselected element when called from the toolbar 'Align' buttons
- Force close of Attribute and/or Operation dialog if package selected in Project Browser. Could cause exception under certain cirumstances.
- Added 'Files' tab to requirement properties dialog

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 489 released
« on: May 15, 2002, 06:39:34 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 489

- Addition of 'Lollipop' notation for Interfaces (see Interface context menu <Use Circle Notation>)
- Removed small 'lollipop' adornments from Interface when displayed in Rectangle mode to make notation UML 1.4 compliant
- Option for new instances of classes dropped from project browser onto diagram as instance to have same colour and style as original classifer (View/Options/Diagram Page)
- Added method pre- and post- conditions to HTML report
- Fixed bug in diagram drawing which could cause problems with border sizes when the "Print in Color" option was unchecked
- Minor change to calculation of activation periods in Sequence diagrams
- Fixed bug in sequence diagram that caused delete "X" to remain after a delete message had been modified to no loneger be a Delete - until next diagram reload.
- Added check to prevent reverse engineering synchronization of Locked classes
- Fixed bug in report View window that could result in two sets of scrollbars being shown and image corruption at view boundary

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 487 released
« on: May 07, 2002, 03:41:31 am »
Changes and fixes for Build 487
- Added HTML reporting. See menu option on packages in Project Browser. Current implementation is released as Beta ... additional functionality will be added to allow configurable templates and stylesheets.
- Added option (View/Option Sequence diagram page) to turn off auto 'garbage collect' on sequence diagrams for created object instances
- Added OLE Automation function to run an RTF report ... void RunReport(PackageGUID,TemplateName, FileName)
           eg.  Call EAProject.RunReport("{DA3C7745-FB85-437e-A25B-44192CEE4D08}", "ArchitectureModel", "c:\temp\foo.rtf")
- Fixed problem with sequence message when it is both a "New" call and the first message in a diagram having no activation rectangle
- Added context menu option to sequence message - allows message to initiate a new activation sequence, ending all exisiting activations
- Ability to lock an object in a diagram against further changes (to properties, attributes, operations etc.)
- Fixed 'const' not being written to CPP imlpementation file for const method
- Added Link Direction to elements saved in Matrix Profile
- Corrected a small memory leak caused by unreleased menu handles
- Fixed bug that corrupted the end of notes in notes linked to operations, constraints etc. that were longer than 240 characters.            
- Added a simple AutoCount function for auto naming new elements. See menu option under Reference/Configure Auto Counter. Supports Prefix-Counter-Suffix notation.
- Fixed bug which affected 'Branching' in sequence diagrams when message first added ... menu option to branch was missing and/or branch was with wrong previous message
- Fixed bug in C++ import which affected attributes like: "int foo[LENGTH];"  
- Added support for C++ Macros that have a start and end definition, eg. BEGIN_COLUM_MAP ... END_COLUMN_MAP. Define in language macro dialog as "BEGIN ^ END" where begin = start macro and end = end macro. " ^ " <space>^<space> is treated as separator.
- Removed generation of MustInherit keyword from Interface code in VB.Net
- Fixed bug in C++ parser importing comma separated atttributes - eg.   int a,b,c;  - now creates 3 attributes of type int.
- Added generation support for "struct" stereotype in C++
- Added C++ support for scoped names of indeterminate length (eg; foo::bar::classtype Identifier)
- Added support for constructs such as "const int * const i;" in C++ parser
- Fixed bug which occassionally prevented Workspace window from being shown after being hidden
- Fixed issue with possible loss of data when making changes to object properties in dockable properties window, then by double click on element in browser
- Fixed issue with EMF image type in Windows XP having corrupt images of packages, classes etc. in package contents
- Fixed issue with .GIF image type having a slightly distorted package content images
- Aggregation links now display solid diamond when Role aggregation set to 'composite'
- "$" qualifier on attributes and operations removed as it has been superceded by the underline notation indicating a Static member

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 485 released
« on: April 24, 2002, 04:20:50 am »
Changes and fixes for Build 485

- Added option to Object page of View/Options dialog to not show Object or Message properties dialog automatically when adding new element
- Sequence diagrams now support incremental method invocation (recursion) and the ability for messages to extend the recursive method activation (message context menu)
- Sequence diagrams now support conditional messages (branching) and alternate execution paths
- Fixed bug in Replication engine that caused problems with Access 2002 format projects
- Size of selection rectangle for Synchronization element enlarged and 'hot points' also enlarged
- Added support for XMI 1.0 when exporting model to XML format. XMI export dialog now has a 'XMI 1.0' check box. Check to output UML 1.3 in XMI 1.0 format. Still in beta testing, and does not yet include import support.
- Added Data Types to XMI export (XMI 1.1) plus some slight changes to Rose compatible XMI export
- Modified Import Source Tree function so that Packages are not created if the directory contains no source or no child directory with source
- Support for Windows Metafiles in RTF documents - provides compatibility with Wordpad and other simple RTF editors.
     Use WMF image format and check the Embed image check box in RTF dialog
     EMF format with Embed image checked only works with MS Word and compatible      
     Note that editors based on the MS Rich Edit control (Wordpad etc.) do not correctly support text wrapping in table cells
- Fixed C++ bug which affected import/synch of const unsigned datatype attributes
- Added option to Object page of Options dialog to hide <<column>> stereotype in Table type elements
- Improved the way datatype size fields are shown for blank datatypes on the Table Attribute screen
- Additional support for early versions of the Oracle ODBC driver that reported database of 'Oracle'

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 482 released
« on: April 16, 2002, 05:10:06 am »
Changes and fixes for Build 482

- Improved support for JavaDoc style commenting within Java. Support Class, Attribute and Method JavaDocs.
- Improved support for forward and reverse engineering C# comments
- Added filter to RTF document generator - allow selection of elements based on Status
- Added additional language support in RTF document  generator. Language setup dialog now has place for setting codepage, character set and language ID.
- Reworded the Implementation and Dependency dialogs. Also added support for setting custom impementation targets
- Changed XMI exporter for Rose/Unisys format. When DTD selected, output is forced to comply with UML13.DTD
- Change/Maintenance dialog - preloaded lists with union of clients,authors and resources
- Added setting to View/Options Diagram page to disable Shift-Mouse scrolling. Enabled is the default state
- Default type of message to self in Sequence diagram change to 'not return'
- Realization arrow changed to solid (unfilled) type
- Issues docked window refreshed when project issues screen is updated
- Default Sequence diagram Activation/Focus rectangle width increased to 10 from 6. Can be set back in View/Options on the sequence diagram page.

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 481 released
« on: April 06, 2002, 02:08:47 am »
Changes and fixes for Build 481

- Linked note attachment point on connections to self corrected
- Corruption of Use link connector line under some configurations corrected (erroneous lines at end point)
- Static initializers in Java now processed correctly
- Parameters in Java functions with fully qualified name (eg. java.SQL.Exception) now handled properly

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 480 released
« on: April 05, 2002, 03:23:54 am »
Changes and fixes for Build 480

- Changed dialog for State and Object Flow messages - previous version was conflicting with Event/Guard/Action fields
- Changed handling of Package Phase filter in RTF generation dialog to fix generation problem
- Fixed problem with specifying feature visibility - updating attriibute or operation details could corrupt specified feature visibility
- Fixed problem with parsing CPP files that contained variable names using scope operator and current class name (eg. classname::attribute)

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 479 released
« on: April 03, 2002, 05:02:17 am »
Enteprise Architect Version 3.10 - Build 479
Changes and fixes for Build 479

- Sequence diagram messages may now be offset vertically to open or close the gap between consecutive messages - drag into position with the mouse
- Connectors of any type may now have an attached note - the notelink will attach at the link centrepoint and is currently fixed to that point. Use link context menu to attach a note
- Connectors may have an attached constraint - use the context menu of a connector to create one - then check all relations that participate in constraint set
- Added a Local Option to the Sequence page to set the default sequence diagram page layout as Landscape
- Fixed a bug in the relationship matrix that prevented new 'X' characters showing when link created
- Modified relationship matrix such that if the specified direction is 'Target->Source' then new links will follow this direction as well
- Changed image name when generating RTF documents to derivative of diagram GUID - provides image independence to document version
- Removed pichgoal and picwgoal settings from generated RTF for embedded image - was causing problems in Word XP documents
- Automatically generated implementations of interfaces in C++ had wrong scope(namespace) - fixed
- Run state dialog now fetches all attributes in the classifiers ancestry to choose from
- Removed ' and ' characters from run state instance variables when displaying
- Diagram images could have erroneous white space when generating RTF documents - corrected
- Prevent creation of duplicate realisation links when dropping requirements on other objects
- VB.Net parser import of function parameters and types with array modifiers corrected
- Added option to Object page of Local Settings dialog to show/hide arrowheads on Uses link
- Added code to permit bi-directional dependency and realisation links
- When view window is scrolled away from (0,0), moving elements beyond left or top border is now handled more intuitively
- Problem duplicating diagrams with JET 4 and replication enabled (s_ColLineage field causes diagram copy to fail) - corrected
- Fixed problem with Delphi generation of Properties - public property being  skipped on first file generation
- Sequence messages and collaboration messages now pick up the default parameter names from operations when  selected in message dialog
- Added Node, Activity and Object to drop list of Stereotype 'Applies To' field

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 477 released
« on: March 25, 2002, 03:25:46 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 477

- Added support for branching/tree style generalization links - right click Generalization link and set style to 'Tree'
- Fixed bug in NT 4 that caused Out of Memory error when displaying Report View
- Fixed bug in NT 4 that caused exception when right clicking in project window if no project loaded
- Fixed bug where newly created links in Relationship Matrix could not be deleted without closing and opening the Matrix first
- Delphi code generator updated to handle Interfaces correctly
- Delphi code generator now supports Published scope. XMI import/export uses visibility of Public with tagged value of Published to handle non-UML scope of Published
- Modified XMI export to include 'final' qualifier on End State nodes
- C++ import of abstract methods could fail under some circumstances - fixed
- Changing Zoom level on a diagram now causes the diagram to be marked as 'dirty' for saving purposes
- Several bug fixes in VB.Net parser - especially for ReadOnly and WriteOnly Property statements
- Fixed bug in parser code that could cause an error when unmatched string char - " - found in comments
- Fixed bug in C++ parser that missed static qualifier on some attributes
- Elements in Relationship matrix are now sorted alphabetically
- Fixed small memory leak in relationship matrix
- Added Scope edit box to docked properties window. Set scope
- Added Filename edit box to docked properties window. Allows direct editing of implementation source filename      
- Added Keywords edit box to docked properties window. Define user keywords on element      
- Added Multiplicity edit box to docked properties window. Set multiplicity
- Added support for MustInherit and NotInheritable to VB.Net code generation and parser
- Properly mark VB.Net classes as abstract if containing MustOverride methods
- Mark VB.Net classes as NotInheritable if IsLeaf setting is true for a class
- Set 'Toggle Line Point at Cursor' hot-key as Ctrl+Q
- Under some circumstances default values for parameters in C++ functions werent being picked up - fixed
- Code generator did not wrap default value for function parameter in quotes in implementation file - fixed
- Fixed bug that could cause exception when object deleted from tree with Attribute or Operation dialog open
- Fixed bug that could cause associations to be generated twice when importing from source code
- Added support for synchronizing Delphi inheritance section when forward generating code

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 475 released
« on: March 18, 2002, 02:53:06 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 475
-VB.Net now supports Inner Classes
-Added support for Delphi properties. These are stored as tagged values and can be displayed using the Set Feature Visibility function to show Tag Compartment
-Added Delphi 'Property editor' ... can be activated from right click menu of class that has Delphi as its language
-Generate Property function amended for Delphi to provide support for custom Delphi properties
-Delphi parser now handles multiple classes in same file
-Delphi parser/generator now handles Interfaces
-Fixed bug in RTF language adjust that caused error if replacment string had ' or "  character embedded
-Fixed bug that was causing some elements to display wrapped text incorrectly
-Changed the icon displayed by diagram hyperlink to differentiate from file/web hyperlink
-Fixed bug that executed diagram hyperlink when Properties menu option selected
-Use case and Collaboration elements now support custom stereotype Metafiles
-System and Maintenance docked toolbars now support sorting of list contents on any colum
-C++ classes which include 'Friend' statement now import OK
-Added 'Parameters' input text box to Message dialog. Add parameter names here when constructing sequence and collaboration messages
-Increased length of fields for StateFlow Event, Guard and Action information
-Increased length of message name field in Message dialog
-List of names in drop downs for Project Issues, Maintenance and Task lists amended to include union of Authors and Resources
-When reloading a diagram (after class synch or association changes etc) the current scroll position is retained rather than reverting to (0,0)
-When using the ShowUsage dialog and opening a new diagram - the current object of interest is selected and highlighted in the view window

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 470 released
« on: March 11, 2002, 02:27:44 am »
Changes and Fixes for Build 470
- Setting Grid size to 0 causes failure of EA to operate correctly ... minimum gridsize now 5
- Java parser didnt handle '(' being on line after function name declaration - corrected
- Role access not being updated in current diagram from Association dialog - corrected
- Added line movements and custom lines to Undo capability in diagrams
- Added a 'Tidy Line' feature for custom lines - automatically aligns lines horizontally and vertically if possible
- Virtual inheritance in C++ could fail to be parsed correctly in some situations - corrected
- Requirements now have their status correctly updated when using the Package 'Status Update' function
- Added Phase, Status, Author and Complexity values to XMI output of package
- Fixed ALT-S and ALT-O accelerators in Object properties dialog
- Added additional 'Hierarchy' tab to properties window

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 469 released
« on: March 06, 2002, 02:38:37 am »
Changes & Fixes for Build 469

* Saved diagram images now properly include Custom lines that are outside Object bounding rectangle
* Added a Replication Conflict Manager dialog to Admin/Replication menu - use after synchronizing replicas (professional version only)
* Saved diagram images now properly expand to include Diagram Details if they are shown
* Added additional geometry settings to XMI export of diagram elements when images are also saved along with XMI. This is necessary for people wishing to build image maps from the XMI export - using to co-saved images
 -imgL - absolute postition of element left inside image
 -imgT - absolute postition of element top inside image
 -imgR -      absolute postition of element right inside image
 -imgB -      absolute postition of element bottom inside image
* Fixed bug where adding additional elements to Sequence diagram increases initial right hand position exponentially
* Fixed bug that resulted in connectors being drawn to 'phantom' object under some circumstances
* Fixed bug that limited Views in additional projects to 1 view shown

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 468 released
« on: March 04, 2002, 02:21:45 am »
Enteprise Architect Version 3.10 - Build 468

Changes for Build 468
Connector lines now support user defined 'waypoints' ie. they are user routable
 - Use context menu or property dialog to set line style to Custom
 - Use context menu to add/delete waypoints (Toggle Line Point)
 - Highlight line and use Ctrl-Q to toggle line point at cursor position
 - Use Local Options dialog to set default line type to Custom if desired

Support element composition for Classes, Objects, Requirements, States.
 - Nesting like types graphically automatically creates composition relationship
 - Nesting packages creates a Nesting relationship

Boundary element border now differentiates between dotted or dashed line      
Sequence and Collaboration message dialog reworked to reflect UML 1.4 standards
Sequence and Collaboration message names reworked to UML 1.4 spec

Local Option added on Sequence page to use old message format (for diagrams specifically set up for old style)
XMI export dialog now includes option to export diagram images at same time as XMI generated

Automation Interface has added a new method to export a package to XMI - including diagram images
   The interface has an additional method:
   BSTR CProject::ExportPackageXMI(const VARIANT FAR& PackageGUID, long XMIType, long DiagramXML, long DiagramImage, long FormatXML, long UseDTD, const VARIANT FAR& FileName)
 Where PackageGUID = the GUID of the package to export
   XMIType = Rose or EA, 1= EA
   DiagramXML = Export XMI for diagrams
   DiagramImage = Format of Diagram image to export : -1 = no images, o = metafile, 1 = bmp, 2 = gif
   FormatXML = Format XML output, 1 = yes
   UseDTD = Use a DTD in the XMI header, 1 = yes
   FileName = Filename of XMI
 Images will be saved to a subdirectory called Images
 Images filenames will be constructed using DiagramGUID + image type extension

Relationship Matrix now has ability to save current setup as a profile for easy reloading
Void paramaters in C++ functions now rendered without parameter name
Unsigned parameter types now import/export correctly
Support for Virtual Inheritance in C++ added
Change to layout of diagram properties dialog
Addition of Hide Property checkbox to diagram dialog - hides <<property>> operations
Fixed a bug that could cause a GPF after viewing the Source or Target properties in the Relationship Matrix
Fixed bug that could cause generation of multiple implmented interface functions

Latest News / Enteprise Architect Version 3.10 - Build 467
« on: February 25, 2002, 02:36:31 am »
Changes for Build 467
Browser tree now supports objects being located under other objects ...
     eg. State nodes can all be placed under an owning Class node
     eg. A Collaboration node may have diagrams and objects under it
     eg. A Class may have activities located under them
Elements created or droppped onto an 'owned' diagram will become owned by the diagram owner ...
     eg. If a class has a state diagram under it, then all elements dropped onto
     state diagram automatically get located under that class as well.
Interfaces now display with name in italics (abstract class)
Interface operations now display in italics (abstract operations)
Static attributes (Class feature) are now displayed underlined
Static operations (Class feature) are now displayed underlined
Nesting relationship added (to Logical and Relation toolbars)
Added custom drawing of <<model>> and <<subsystem>> stereotype icon as per UML specification
Abstract class names in package contents rendered in italics
Bug fixed when viewing properties of element directly from tree then clicking on diagram straight after
Association end now displays Qualifier if set
Object instance now supports 'Role Played' as well as Name and classifier - <Name> / <Role> : <Class>
Added 'Iteration' element to Sequence diagram toolbar. Use to delimit iterative message passing
Inner classes linked with Nesting relationship instead of dependency
Activity and State elements now resize if text larger than visible element
C++ structs imported as stereotyped classes with <<struct>> stereotype
Underlining of Object name now correctly excludes /Role and :Classifier section

Bug fixed that stopped throws clause being picked up in Java reverse if throws on new line
Outlook toolbar size now stored/re-stored between sessions
Gen filenames now updated in current diagram when Local Path Dialog used (avoid having to reload diagram)
New classes etc. are automatically set to the current default coding language
Ability to set code page for XMI output (Local Settings/XML page)
Const value in VB with no explicit scope previously marked public - should be private
Line continuation characters cause problems in VB - added support for line continuation
Corrected bug where RTF documentation prints package notes twice - for heading and content
Back/forward diagram navigation stopped responding after 50 items - upped limit to 300 and investigating cause
Fixed bug where class persistence not in XMI output
Added ability to set Object persistence - moved Persistence attribute to page one of property dialog
Fixed bug where association name not displayed (build 465)
Some elements have minimum size set (eg. class, object, component...) to avoid bad drawing effects
Added 'IsQuery' property to operations dialog and XMI import/export
Added IsLeaf, IsRoot, IsSpecification and Multiplicity to class display as property string (when values set display under class name)
Use cases now support Extension Points ... access these from the Use Case context menu.
Use cases and Collaborations now display name in Bold if local setting Use Bold Names is set.

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