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EA is removing the inialization list because it expects to it to be defined in a tagged value "initializer" on the constructor.  If you add this tagged value then things should work as expected.

For more information on how C++ is modelled in EA please see

If you add a file to visual studio it is unambiguous what project it belongs to.

In a hypothetical solution where EA allowed overlap of MDG packages, if you add a class into EA and generate it.  EA doesn't know what project(s) to add the file to.

It's not a parallel situation.

As described in the help for help for MDG addins an MDG addin gains exclusive control over a package.  This exclusivity is required for calls such as MDG_View where only one addin can reasonably respond.  It also has to be for a connection to a single project so that the addin knows what project to add any new EA classes into.

You could do some of this by having the Addin own the branch and then assign ownership of individual packages/namespaces to projects but I still don't think that solution provides the completeness of the current one.

Well this actually makes it unusable for me...

Really? I would have thought that at worst it was inconvenient.  It doesn't actually stop the system from working.

There are numerous good reasons why you can only link to a root namespace and therefore have all namespaces below that point.  A couple of ones that pop up to me are:
  • The requirement that each package is only owned once.  This removes any uncertainty that would otherwise happen.
  • There is nothing in Visual Studio to prevent creating classes in different namespaces.  These couldn't be included in the link if you only linked to one namespace.

Try a search of 'MDG project' (without the quotes) and you'll come up with a number of relevant threads.  (With the basic result that this is how the MDG link works and is not configurable)

Open your repository in EA.
Select File | Save As.

This creates an eap file that is a shortcut to your repository.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Show conceptual class diagram
« on: November 14, 2006, 01:14:21 pm »
For not showing the colon set the attribute type to '<undefined>'.  Alternatively, wait until build 801 is released, upgrade and don't specify a type.

Right, sorry.  I misread your question.

Don't think there's any access to this in the addins.  What you may be best doing is making them unchangeable using the UI, then having an addin function/dialog to select it.

It can be done without an addin.

In your profile, define an enumeration with attributes matching the strings you want allowed.  Set the type of SortByProperties to that enum type.  Possibly also set a default value for the attribute.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Problem with Code Engeneering
« on: November 05, 2006, 01:03:03 pm »
I'd recommend sending examples in to sparx support.

It appears that C implementations are currently not synchronized at all.  We'll address this for a future build.

You have two options (actually three if you count living with the current behaviour).

1. Open to the Attribute/Operations page of the options dialog.  (Tools | Options).  Once there check 'On forward synch promt to delete code features not in model'.  This will bring up a dialog that also allows you to tell EA how the signature has changed so that it can synchronize with it correctly.

2. Open up the build scripts dialog (Project | Build and Run | Package Build Scripts).  Once there check 'Use Live Code Generation'.  This will automatically generate the code for any changes made in that branch of the model.  A side effect of doing this is that you shouldn't need the prompt above for EA to rename operations.

Sorry, I thought they were using the other list.  :-[

Only the UI as far as I know.  Settings | General Types | Status Types.

EA.Repository.GetContextItem() works the same way as getTreeSelectedItem but works for items selected in Diagrams too.  There is also EA.Diagram.SelectedObjects.

So, Repository.GetCurrentDiagram().SelectedObjects will get the objects selected on the current diagram.

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