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Try add or remove programs in the control panel.

It comes under MDG Link for Visual Studio .NET


The element can find the connector it is linked to.  The connector ID is in element.MiscData(3).

The second option needs to have the checkbox checked.  Not unchecked.

The template problem is that EA is displaying the default template in preference to an empty user defined template.  The positive side to this is that at least the user template is being saved correctly and used in code generation.

It will be fixed for build 751 though.

EA is generating this attribute by design, but there a couple of ways that you should be able to stop it.

Under Tools | Options | Generation there are two options that can stop it under different circumstances.

Firstly, "Auto generate role names when creating code" can be unchecked and EA shouldn't generate an attribute if there is no role name (because it doesn't have a name for the attribute.)  However, I just discovered that this option doesn't work at the moment (fixed for build 751 :)) so we'll move on to option two.

"Do not generate members where association direction is 'Unspecified'".  Check this and if the option fits what you want.

If neither of those work and you don't want any attributes generated from the attributes, go into the template editor (Configuration | Code Generation Templates) and clear the Linked Attribute template for C#.


In the diagram properties dialog there is a checkbox (on the left) that's called 'Hide Property Methods'.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Importing/Synchronizing Code
« on: February 22, 2005, 02:49:18 pm »
Yes, we are intending to provide a way of customizing the import process.  It is substantially more involved than writing (or editing) templates though.  Before we can expose anything we will need to provide quite substantial documentation of the process.  (Or, you could say that is exposing it.)  That will take time.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Importing/Synchronizing Code
« on: February 21, 2005, 09:01:34 pm »
Hi Shaun,

So far we haven't exposed any interface to allow users to modify the way code is imported.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Ejb technology.xml
« on: March 14, 2005, 01:27:21 pm »
That file isn't *just* a profile.  That's why the profile importer couldn't handle it.

To import it:
  • Open the resource view. (View | Resource Browser)
  • Right click on MDG Technologies
  • Select Import Technology.
  • Select your file.
  • Make sure that everything is checked.
  • Click Import.
This information is available at where you would have downloaded the technology from.  Also the help file by searching for "import technology"


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: C# Plugin
« on: February 21, 2005, 01:13:32 pm »
Hi Lario,

We don't currently have an example C# addin for EA.  When we do you should be able to find it at

For now you can find some example code and some instructions at;action=display;num=1103556650.

I hope that helps.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: EA Version and Plug-ins
« on: March 06, 2005, 01:10:01 pm »
The Repository has a member LibraryVersion.  The help defines it as "Read only. The build number of the EA runtime."


It can be solved by downloading and using the latest build of EA. (749) In which the problem you are describing was fixed. :)


Add a tag value "override" with the value "true" to your method.


To generate this you will need to add a tagged value "Attribute" to your operations with the values "[AnimalType(Animal.Dog)]" etc.

This is what the reverse engineering will bring it in as.


No, you aren't doing anything wrong.  There were a few problems with the IDL parsing that the addin provided. All the ones that have been reported have been fixed, except that a new version of the addin has not yet been released.  I plan to do a little pushing for it to be released soon.

I just checked and the file you linked to can be imported with the updates.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: .Net Add-in Test
« on: December 22, 2004, 01:13:56 pm »
I had no problems reverse engineering it with or without the addin.  (Using EA build 744)

Does your post mean that you're having trouble?


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