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General Board / Looking for feature: Find connector in all diagrams
« on: August 05, 2017, 12:38:23 am »
Has anybody ever found something like a "Find connector in all diagrams" feature? Maybe a search, view, add-in, etc? (not even found in bellekens library)

Not possible in 13.5 Build 1351.

When trying to upload the image via the Model Images window, it throws the following message in the System Output Window:
Cloud Services: Query in batch execute failed with message: FAIL: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server [-2147217900] Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table 't_image' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF.   

Not possible in 13.5 Build 1351.

The same for the splash screen when you open EA

The banner in the installation of official version 13.5 still shows the 13 number.

According with in EA 13.0.1310 is not officialy documented the permission "Configure Project Prerequisites" you can find in the Users or Group configuration windows.

It is frustrating when you use the advantages of implementing Cloud Server in a company that has been using connections via ODBC to the EA Repository, but it is not possible to upload model images in order to be used as alternate images for elements.

General Board / Re: Locations in Archimate 3.0
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:33:56 am »
You can find the Location element in the "Archimate 3.0"/"Technology" toolbox in the section "Physical Extension"

General Board / How to massively change fixed to floating licenses?
« on: April 20, 2017, 03:11:15 am »
I have the following scenary: 300 fixed licenses installed in 300 computers and 250 floating licenses installed in a server.

I want to migrate the 300 computers to use the floating licenses instead of the fixed licenses. Is there any way to build a .bat or something like that in order to massively run it in the background to avoid changing it manually? I don't want to enter to the option "Register and manage your license keys" in EA one by one. Do you know if this information is stored in any plan file? XML? a windows registry entry?

I didn't find any way to do it by using the application. I had to build a script and set the following attribute for my element:

Code: [Select]
if(element.StyleEx == "DefaultImage=0;") {
     element.StyleEx = "";

In a diagram, I created a "Cloud" shape (from the "Whiteboard" toolbox). I reused it (included as linked element) in several diagrams. Then, I define a default image for this element as any image from the Image Manager. Then I wanted to go back to the default appearance of the Cloud element, so I redefined the default image as --NONE-- in the Image Manager, but now, the Cloud is shown in all diagrams as a Class stereotyped as <<cloud>> instead of the cloud-shaped element. I don't find any way to make the shape looks like the original and it modified all diagrams where I was using this element.

How can I set the default element shape after setting-unsetting the default element image?

General Board / Re: Image Assets again and again
« on: March 29, 2017, 12:43:34 am »
Same issue, same scenary. The error message is clear and I'm afraid it is a "feature". Have you test it in a Oracle repository? I'm thinking in migrating to Oracle because it is a non-sense feature.

I have made a MDG technology which contains a Profile. The profile contains stereotypes extending UML objects (for example: "Proceso" extending "Activity") and some stereotypes extending non UML objects (for example: "Aplicacion" generalizating "Archimate3::Archimate_ApplicationComponent"). The Profile and MDG is packaged as usual.

When creating new elements from the profile toolbox, the "Proceso" is shown in the diagram as an "Activity" and you can show the stereotype "<<Proceso>>". But, when creating a "Aplicacion", the elementos is shown in the diagram as an "Application Component" but the stereotype is hidden in the diagram.

I need to be able to see the stereotype <<Aplicacion>> in the diagrams.

PD: Both stereotyped elements have defined the special attribute _metatype

If Pro Cloud Server is planned for 2017 Q2, do you (Sparx Systems) plan to release a beta version before the official release?

Suggestions and Requests / Audit create/delete linked documents
« on: September 24, 2016, 03:54:07 am »
Based on history told in,36989.0.html I suggest the Audit could log the creation or deletion of linked documents. Information could be lost easily and in a large group of users is not possible to find the responsible.

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