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Does anybody know how to add intellisense for Excel objects in VBscript?
Any type library that needs to be integrated?

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / _tagGroupStates in MDG
« on: May 24, 2016, 06:42:16 pm »
I have grouped tags in 2 MDGs as described here:

The grouping works fine but the resulting behaviour of the _tagGroupStates is random. When we click on any element, the groups open or closed do not comply with the specification of the _tagGroupStates in our MDGs.

Is there any workaround?



For a specific element or Connector stereotype that is defined in some MDG...

How can we iterate through the list of defined tagged value groups, names and value types
without having an instance of this type of element of connector?

I sent this today as a bug report as this is actually a bug.

And I give you five.

Thank you. Very good idea.

When including scripts in an MDG, how can I define the script group (diagram, project browser...) that each script belongs to?

This is to work around the following problem:
When an MDG is activated by an end user, the scripts contained in the MDG are all part of the Normal group.
I would expect that all deployed scripts would keep their original script group i.e. the script group defined in the MDG Technology model.

Is there a way to create, by script, a dictionary object that contains the Security groups that the current user belongs to?



In our repository, Auto Naming and Auto Counter are activated for the following classifiers:
- Requirements
- Use Cases
As a result, Auto Naming and Auto Counter also apply to any stereotype of these classifiers.
For example, a "UC" prefix is applied to new element that are stereotyped use cases though the stereotype is not meant to represent a use case.

Is there any way to get Auto Naming and Auto Counter settings that are specific to each stereotype?

Thank you Geert. As suggested, I will send a feature request.Then I will try to develop patience by concentrating on breathing.

Thank you very much! I guess you meant DocType and not ElementType.

DELETE FROM t_document WHERE DocType="Baseline"

How can we show a different value than element and package names in the Project browser.

Objective: Based on some parameter, we would like to show a tagged value or the alias instead of the element or project name.


What is the most effective way to delete all baselines from the repository in one go.

Is all baseline information stored ONLY in the t_document table (where t_document.ElementID = t_package.ea_guid) ?



Thank you Gunther.
That is already a good workaround.

I suppose Sparx is trying to avoid changes to the model database structure. And this is an obstacle to adding persistent model/diagram properties.
The cake and eat it...


Suggestions and Requests / Show relationships only of a certain type
« on: April 19, 2012, 03:51:36 am »
When adding a relationship between 2 elements, it is extremely annoying to see that all diagrams including the related elements now include that relationship as well, even when that diagram is not meant to show such releationship.
In very large models, this leads to numerous manual changes to each and every diagram to hide these relationships.

Let's says we create an information flow diagram that is supposed to include only Components and Information Flows.
When adding for example an association, a realization, a dependency or a generalization, we don't want these relationships to appear on the Information flow diagram.

Proposed solution
Ability to set a multi-valued property on diagrams to tell which types of relationship need to be visible or hidden.

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