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What sections have you enabled? Are you able to get other fields in the report? Do you have Diagram -> Elements turned on.

have you enabled notes in the Diagram- > Elements or Package -> elements?

Sharing some images of your template def could help.

All you need is enable Package -> Diagram -> element and insert name and notes in it. if you are reporting on diagrams.
or Package -> Element and insert name and notes if you are reporting on package contents

(there are zillion combinations inbetween, but this is the basic)

It could be ambiguous at times.
Once you've imported the MDG, remove your local scripts so that you'll only have the MDG script to choose from.

If you repackage after doing this, the mapping will (should) work as Geert mentioned.

Are you using the default 'admin' user, we've seen that failing lately. If yes, please try another user.

You can, just set the filename for all classes as same, and all classes will be generated into one (but why?)

General Board / Re: HasTag with Memo
« on: July 01, 2018, 11:29:50 am »
You can also try this in the else condition

Much needed capability indeed.
Facing a similar situation now, but for diagrams and connectors. (who created a new connector / who modified a diagram)
I was thinking if it would be possible to fetch this detail from the audit log (on demand)

But getting into something holistic like you've suggested sounds interesting. Hijacking the Author field, i'm afraid may be going against EA's native way, and a XMI export / import or other batch operations always runs a risk of overwriting it.

Tagged value seems to be a safer bet.  Will be interesting to see some perspectives on this.


General Board / Re: SQL failure message after "Get All Latest"
« on: June 29, 2018, 10:20:16 am »
Not sure if that is what Geert intended. Whilst we've used MS Sql in many deployments, One of the recent presentations in the London User Group mentioned MariaDB and MySQL as the most recommended (and optimized) DB choice for EA.

May be worth trying to resolve the DB connection before making a switch to other DB

please check the links below

Especially these settings
  • Return matched rows instead of affected rows ('Connection' or 'Cursors/Results' tab)
    Allow big result sets ('Connection' tab)

When cases where we've had limitations to maintain EA GUID in the other tools, we've added the Unique identifier from the other tool (CMDB in your case) into EA as a tagged value, and have done the lookup up based on that (slightly performance intensive, but is an option)

(If you have the flexibility to do some excel gimmicks, a vlookup could also give you a import worksheet).

Better to go with the FQ Name, and also take a note of the 'synchronize Stereotypes.' call

General Board / Re: How to distribute My Queries?
« on: June 28, 2018, 09:41:59 am »
Another alternative is to export/import the searches themselves, but in that case they are still stored in the user profile.

A point to note is that Searches cannot be exported as 'Export Reference Data' rather it must be done from the 'Search Utility (Find In Project)' -> Export Search / Import Search.

or just sharing the file %appdata%\Sparx Systems\EA\Search Data\EA_Search.xml also works.

I guess this is more like a feature request, AFAIK there isn't one.

You can add the MDG to a project resource (sql to add zipbin)
The below thread discusses a few options on dealing with MDG,39862.msg245358.html#msg245358

Element. Notes in the Element Section is probably what you are looking for. you might have to go through some basic template definition user guides.


General Board / Re: Search for *connections* ... ?
« on: June 25, 2018, 01:30:31 pm »

General Board / Re: Search for *connections* ... ?
« on: June 25, 2018, 11:44:52 am »
Just to clarify, i intended to mean, which way of using SQL queries ('cos there are zillion ways of using SQL queries in EA) as you were comparing this with Scripting (which is a tad more complex)

EA's Search functionality has been working with SQL queries for most use cases, however you can try requesting a predefined filter option for 'Connector' like we have for elements, attributes, etc.

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