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I have a working profile based on ArchiMate v2.1 and am trying to update to v3.0. I am using EA v12.1 and the MDG from v13. I can model With ArchiMtae v3. No problem. I went through my MDG and replaced all occurances of '2' With '3' and it look find.

Problem is that I can only model with the elements I have extended. The Archimate3 elements in the toolbox are just grey boxes.

Any suggestions?

Eamonn J.


Anyone know where I can find information on how to Upgrade from 12.1 to 13? We are using Cloud Services and Oracle database. Is it just the Client that needs to be upgraded?

Eamonn J.

I downloaded the latest v13 Beat and found it in the MDG Technologies directory. You can import the ArchiMate v3 MDG that comes withe the beta into v12.1 and the migrate script is in the MDG. Gets imported into the TOOLS -> Scripts. Called "Migrate ArchiMate 2 to ArchiMate 3" funnily enough  ;D

On the subject: has anyone tried to upgrade a modified/custom MDG from a previous Version. We have extended ArchiMate 2.1 and would like to update the extension to use v3.0. Is there a recipe somewhere?

Thanks Paolo,
That worked a charm! Can't wait to run it on our main repository with thousands of diagrams!
Eamonn J.

I am sure it is the same  ;D
Thinking to extending some of the elements, adding some tags/enumerations and toolboxes.
Anything to get me started would be greaylt appreaciated.
I tried following the documentation without any joy.
Eamonn J.

I am working to create an extension to the ArchiMate v3.0 MDG in Enterprise Architect v13. Can't seem to get it to work as expected. Does anyone know where I can get an example?
Eamonn J.

General Board / Re: EA 12.1 keeps asking for password on startup
« on: July 28, 2016, 11:52:49 pm »
Found the real problem and the solution.

I retried the password until EA reached its retry limit. Then an Oracle message popped up saying that the TNS Listener refused the connection. Turns out that the database was not started!!!  ::) One call to the DBA to spin up my database and problem solved.  ;D

I have extended ArchiMate v2.1 and would now like to use ArchiMate v3.0 MDG Technology. Is there any recipe or advice ???

Thanks in advance,
Eamonn J.

General Board / EA 12.1 keeps asking for password on startup
« on: July 25, 2016, 08:02:02 pm »

I am having a problem which was working before. I have enabled security on a repository and before vacation I could log in. During summer they restarted the server. Now EA 12.1 keeps asking for a passord whtn it starts up.
I have alot of other respitories which work fine using Windows Authentication.

Is there a default password or other workaround?

Eamonn J. Casey

Bugs and Issues / Adding new values to enumeration does not update
« on: June 28, 2016, 10:11:42 pm »
I am using Enterprise Architect 12.1.1225. I have create my own MDG based on Archimate 2.1. I want to add a New value to one of the enumerations I am using. But the New value does not seem to deploy. I can see it in the XMI export file. But I can't choose it in the drop-down list for my tagged value.
I have been all over the need and no matter what I try, the New value does not appear.
I have deployed the two XMI files and the MDG Technology file.
I have also tryedunloading and reloading the MDG without success.

Any suggestions?
Eamonn J.

General Board / AS-IS and TO-BE Modelling
« on: June 23, 2016, 08:16:26 pm »

I am trying to model an existing Version of a system but at the same time trying to model the changes that must be made to the next version.
In Version n+1 I add a new relationship between elements that exist in Version n. I really do not want that new relationship appearing in Version n. Only in Version n+1 models.

Is there some way in EA v12.1 ArchiMate MDG to do this?

Eamonn J.

Are there any plans to remove the need to develop a Windows Service wrapper as outlined here:

I would very much like if someone has created this and Open Sourced it or something!

We use EA unattended to generate HTML portals so People can integrate diagrams directly into documentation in Confluence. Maybe there is a Plug-in for Confluence that goes direct to EA.

Thanks for any help or advice,
Eamonn J.

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