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General Board / Creating a Navigation Cell from a Matrix Profile
« on: January 05, 2018, 02:03:12 am »
What is the correct way to generate a Navigation Cell for a matrix?

If I create a Navigation Cell from a diagram and and a Matrix hyperlink, I can then copy the link in the hyperlink onto the Navigation Cell so that the Navigation Cell opens the Matrix rather than the diagram. But... in doing so the nice image of the Navigation Cell disappears (and I shouldn't really have to copy the hyperlink!). There is a nice matrix image available in the Navigation Cell image library so hopefully there is a better way.

According to page 21, Block elements can display any number of compartments. A ValueType element should appear in a "values" compartment.

I have turned on everything I can find under the Diagram Properties and the element's Features & Properties dialogues but cannot get ValueTypes to appear in a "values" compartment. I can get the ports compartment to display (if I delete the port from the diagram after creation). I can create a new Port by right-clicking on the element and selecting New Child Element. Similarly flow properties that are created as a child and deleted from the diagram show in a "flow properties" compartment.

I can't create a ValueType as a child element from that menu, but having created a Value Type I have moved it manually to make it a child of my Block element, but even then it doesn't appear in a compartment. There might be a clue in not being able to create a ValueType from the right-click menu, but that then also contradicts the SysML Models Guide.

I am using SysML 1.4, but have tried 1.3 as well and that is no different.

General Board / Defining the paragraph indent level
« on: July 27, 2017, 06:45:08 pm »
I have copied and modified the Use Case Details template that is provided with EA.

Having modified it for my purposes, some of the tables have different indent levels. In the output I can edit the indent level in Word and some are 0.48cm and others 0.95cm. Even removing the indent (by selecting Align Left) and then using "indent left" under paragraph, I cannot get the indent levels that have been used.

I cannot find the equivalent to the Word paragraph dialog where the indent level can be typed in precisely, which would allow me to type the indent amount.

Does anyone know how to set the precise indent?

All the lines have the same style.

General Board / Time aware models and documentation output
« on: March 08, 2017, 07:51:53 pm »
Just thinking about using a time aware model, but how do I produce documentation output from the model including both unchanged and changed elements?
In my case I am modeling requirements. I have version 1 defined and generate a Word document for distribution. I have cloned the requirements package. In one diagram I have cloned and modified one requirement.
When I generate my document from the cloned package, the only output is the one modified requirement, because that is the only element within the package from which I am generating the document. Has anyone figured out how to generate a document output that includes unchanged elements (in this case requirements) from the original package where they have not changed and the updated elements from the cloned package where they have changed?

General Board / Configuring EA 13 to use OpenModelica
« on: February 27, 2017, 08:21:43 pm »
I have installed OpenModelica (the latest version - v1.11.0-64bit). As per the instructions in the EA guide I can locate the omc.exe file. However, in EA the option to configure the location of OpenModelica is greyed out - In the SysMLSim Configuration Manager only the "Select Artifact" option is available and all other options are greyed out, including the key "Configure Modelica Solver" so I cannot define where the OpenModelica EXE file is located.

Has anyone got any tips on why I cannot configure EA to use OpenModelica?

EA is the Corporate edition, with a floating licence and also have the SysML MDG Technology licence installed.

I can also run OpenModelica by itself (outside of EA).

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