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Anyone know why the classifier of the property is not in t_object classifier_guid?

Bugs and Issues / Re: SysML Item Flow with item property
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:06:13 pm »
Indeed. I have raised a bug report asking that Item Properties, as well as Classifiers, can be added via Advanced/Information Flows ...

Uml Process / Re: How to use IBD and properties
« on: August 15, 2017, 01:10:36 am »
Hi Helmut,

Sorry for the delayed reply. (Other forums notify of replies automatically and I forget that you have to ask for it on this one).

Thank you for your reply. That does indeed work.

Kind regards,


Hi Helmut,

I am still seeing my problem in 13.5. I have raised a bug report (#17076634). The Sparx response so far is:

"There are actually two "direction" tags with different values for each FlowProperty of the port. One belongs to itself and the another is inherited from the FlowProperty of Block1. You can see both using the docked Tagged Values window (Ctrl+Shift+6). You can delete the first tagged value in the Tagged Values window. We confirm that it is being created by mistake."

My issue is not with what is being shown for port direction on a diagram, that seems to be OK, it is that there are local copies of the FlowProperties for the port and they have their own "direction" tagged value, with default direction (inout), as well as the inherited tagged value for direction.

In my first post I missed a step 4:

4) Select port / Structural Elements / Show Owned/Inherited / Select all

Kind regards,


Bugs and Issues / Re: SysML Item Flow with item property
« on: August 14, 2017, 05:28:47 pm »
There is a relevant diagram in the SysML spec in Table 9.2. In the box for ItemFlow, two options for showing ItemFlow between eng and trns are shown. The left-hand side shows a "bare" item flow called Torque which is a classifier. The right-hand side shows torque: Torque which is an Item Flow with an Item Property, torque being the item property. EA seems to only support the Item Flow shown by a classifier (on the left hand side) and not the Item Flow with an Item Property (right-hand side).

There is some descriptive text in paragraph of the SysML spec.

Bugs and Issues / Re: SysML Item Flow with item property
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:37:48 pm »
This is still a problem in V13. I am trying to implement the Water Distiller example in Chapter 16 of the Practical Guide to SysML book (Iss 2 so SysML 1.3). This is a showstopper as you can't create an Item Flow item than can be allocated to from an object flow. I want to be able to map between logical model object flows and physical model items flows, e.g. a real-world value like temperature in the logical model is represented by a sensor voltage in the physical model.

In Build 1309 I am doing the following:

1) Creating an InterfaceBlock with FlowProperties;
2) Giving the FlowProperties directions (in or out);
3) Creating a Block with a port typed by InterfaceBlock;

The issue is that the port's FlowProperties' direction are set to inout (default) not the values specified in 2).

This is similar to,30594.msg222869.html#msg222869


Thank you KP. I fell into the trap of thinking the Preferences would be under the Configure ribbon along with Model options.

Just opened a diagram that has not been opened for a while. It seems throughout the model that the behavior is no longer showing on CallBehavior actions (those with a pitchfork).

I can't find an option or setting to control this. Has anyone else seen this and know what is going on? I am using EA 13.0.01309.


 |   actionname       |
 |   : CBname          |

now looks like (can't show pitchforks in bottom-right corner)

 |   actionname       |
 |                            |

Uml Process / Re: How to use IBD and properties
« on: May 04, 2017, 09:45:02 pm »

Connector Type on a ibd.
- Make a bdd with two blocks and a named association
- Make the associated ibd with the two parts derived from the two blocks of the bdd.
- Make a connector between parts
- Right Click on the connector, Advanced, Set Connector type
-- You can choose the name of the association of the bdd


I have been trying to do the above. However, when I right-click on a connector & select Advanced I do not see "Set Connector Type". Instead I see "Change Type ..." which just offers up UML connector types, not a means to navigate to an association type. I have carried out all the preceding steps. This is in EA13.

Am I missing something or has the UI changed in this respect?



Bugs and Issues / Re: EA13 crashing when saving diagrams
« on: April 28, 2017, 02:08:56 am »
On one project the Project Integrity repair seemed to delete all of the root package's baselines. The log of errors did not mention baseline and the _recovered_ package was empty.

Is that an expected behaviour? The help for Project Integrity doesn't mention baselines.

I baselined the root package on another project, ran Project Integrity repair and it didn't delete the baseline.

Bugs and Issues / Re: EA13 crashing when saving diagrams
« on: April 26, 2017, 11:56:37 pm »
Hi Simon,

That did the trick. Thank you very much.

Would there be any harm in running a Project Integity Check + Fix and a Reset Ids nightly after the backup?



Bugs and Issues / Re: EA13 crashing when saving diagrams
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:29:33 pm »
Thanks q. I have contacted Sparx directly too but hit-and-miss as to when/whether I get response, on past experience, so thought I'd try my luck here. I did search in here but couldn't find anything directly relevant. There was a posting where the cause was an add-in hence my trying that out.


Bugs and Issues / EA13 crashing when saving diagrams
« on: April 25, 2017, 07:45:54 pm »

I have been running a project for some time using EA1309 on a MySQL server. I have started getting duplicate entry messages when I save a number of diagrams:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider  for ODBC Drivers [-21472179001]

[MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver][mysqld-5 5.9]Duplicate entry'2147483647' for key 'PRIMARY'

and then EA crashes with a "Runtime Error!".

I have run a Project Integrity Check and it reports no errors. I have disabled all add-ins which made no difference.

I'm a bit of db newbie but I tried searching for 2147483647 in phpmyadmin but found only 1 match inside table t_diagramlinks. 2147483647 appeared as an Instance_ID on a diagram. I was able to trace down the diagram. I deleted it  in EA and the 2147483647 just appeared as an Instance_ID on the next diagram (in phymyadmin). At this point I decided I was out of my depth.

I'd really appreciate any tips on how to diagnose this further and, ideally, how to fix it. Restoring to a backup would be a last resort (although we do nightly backups) as a number of people have been working on the project for a few days since the problem appeared. I think I know the root package below which the problem manifests so I guess another option would be to xmi export that/delete it/xmi import it to clean things up. I'd lose a few baselines but that wouldn't be the end of the world.


Setting "Exclude image from Documentation" on a diagram's Properties/Diagram page does not seem to prevent the diagram from being included in an html report. Does anyone know if that is a feature or a bug? Also, is there a work-around?

Thank you, Mark

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