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We're finding asymmetrical problems with link:<relationship type> QuickLinker entries.

Code: [Select]
// Everything can derive (by traversal) from anything else
link:Abstraction,,link:Abstraction,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Aggregation,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Association,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Composition,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:ControlFlow,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Dependency,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Generalization,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:InformationFlow,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Nesting,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:NoteLink,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Realisation,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Substitution,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
(we've n x n of these)

So in both directions, we should be able to derive one type from another.  However, it's not working under v14 (1405).  Sometimes it works in one direction but not in the reverse.  Sometimes in neither.  Information Flows seem to be the worst.

Works fine under 1352 (and prior versions).


We have decided that we want to attach details of the REST API endpoints to our Required or Provided Interfaces (as operations on the interface).

The problem comes when we want to render them.  Even if we create a shapescript which has both Rectangular and non-Rectangular notation forms, Required and Provided Interfaces are "special" - there is no Rectangular form as we usually know it (drawnativeshape() - ONLY draws a ball or socket).  In addition, the sizes are (pretty much) fixed. The scripts don't respond to defsize() requests (although, in typical EAUI fashion, Ports do!).

So my question is, is there a way to make an MDG item be defined as "attached" (aka embedded) directly in another item?  In that way, we could use some other form of item (which does support Rectangular notation) as the basis for our specific Required or Provided Interfaces?


You may need to set a package property to allow non-alphabetic sorting.  You need to do this manually in the browser, so maybe check how that works "under the covers".

Also, you don't seem to be updating the various collections (such as the Elements collection).

Finally, you may need to insert the elements, then re-iterate over the collection to reset the TreePos property.


General Board / Re: Problem with hyperlinks to EA models
« on: March 21, 2018, 01:36:16 pm »

I was hoping to find a way of creating a hyperlink in the EA model that tells EA to open an external EA model file directly at a specified package or diagram. It's a shame EA creates these proprietary shortcuts in EAP format, rather than normal Windows shortcuts containing a file URL.

EA creates them with the extension .eap,  but they aren't in EAP file format. 

We use shortcut files all the time, but trying to resolve the repository reference from them is PITA.

FWIW, we prefix ALL our shortcut files with the "@" symbol - so we know they aren't REAL .eap (MS_Access) files.


Bugs and Issues / Re: DB2 import: FK constraint connector target role
« on: March 21, 2018, 01:30:14 pm »
Hi Uffe,

I reported a bug with self-referential FK Constraints not being imported.  That was for SQL Server.



Also, I make it a policy to rather use a supplier's bad terms than make up my own good ones -- at least that way, explaining them isn't my problem.  ::)

That's OK when there's only one supplier.  In my "day job" there are several in many instances and they all tend to disagree. So, my experience is that it is better to use the correct term - with, of course, supplying the mapping.

Also, since I also have to create structured language and have now a reasonable idea of "how language needs to work" in order to communicate unambiguously, I get protective of terms.

"Composite Structure Diagram" makes sense, "Composite Diagram" actually doesn't.  The former means a diagram that is the composite structure (of something), the latter means a diagram of composites?


Hi Uffe,

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear enough.  I have no objection to the proposal, just the terminology.  "Composite Diagram" as a term (a contraction of Composite Structure Diagram) has a specific meaning.  EA can create such  (formal) Composite Diagrams and attach them to the item.  However, as I pointed out, not every attached diagram need be a Composite diagram (and in our repository the overwhelming majority aren't).  The chain link indicator hints at the difference between composition and linkage.

I've currently started working on our diagrammer to make it include the "embedded" items on our Neighborhood diagrams.  (Embedded is not quite the right term in my view, but I'll use it).  It's not rocket science, but it is a bit tedious.


Bugs and Issues / v14 Beta: Workspaces vs My Workspaces
« on: March 19, 2018, 05:12:41 pm »
It is an axiom of natural language processing that an unqualified noun includes all the subtypes.

Consequently, having two tabs on the Start | View | Workspace | Select a Workspace page named, Workspaces and My Workspaces is incorrect.

The Workspaces tab lists only workspaces, the My Workspaces tab lists my Custom workspaces and (in this case) the BABOK technology workspace - which is NOT one of my and smells more like a system than a personal workspace.

Perhaps General Workspaces and My Workspaces (with Technology Workspaces in General)?


Thanks, Nizam,

Just the shot!

As we say here in OZ:  "just like a bought one!"

Thanks again,

[EDIT: my experimentation suggests you can only set ONE _subtypeProperty (seems logical); but is that actually so?]

As I've mentioned, we "hand roll" our MDG.  Don't ask...  However, before I go down a spurious track (and waste a PILE of effort), I'd like to confirm that I can theoretically do the following...

We have a number of components that are very similar.  At present, each has it's own metatype (to make it easy for the modeller to select the one they want to drag off the toolbox).  But, in fact, they are pretty much the same metatype but with a specific property set to an enumerated value.  The property can be a tagged value.  What I'd like to be able to do is have one metatype on the toolbox and as the modeller drags it off the toolbox, it asks which "subtype" it is (using the hidden menu) and sets the tagged value appropriately.  I realise I can do it with scripts and events, but I'm after a declarative solution if possible.  Our shape script (for the metatype) can then respond to the tagged value.


General Board / Re: EA refuses to show diagrams
« on: March 14, 2018, 10:49:17 am »
Do you have any more details on your environment. I'm guessing you are using an eap file for the repository and maybe its on a shared drive that is accessed over the network. If that guess is correct you may be suffering from a delay/lag over the network. If its a local Hard Disk maybe the disk has some errors and slowing down access.
Just some thoughts there you could investigate.

FYI - I've got a SQL repository which I transfer to eap for snapshots for time to time for testing jscripts etc. I use the file on a local SSD drive and is 880Mb in size so significantly bigger than yours and I don't have those issues with diagrams.

Hope that helps in some way.
Same here. Our .eap (snapshot) is also in the 700+ Mb range (after compacting) and no major problem with diagrams - although as mentioned in another topic - we have UPGRADED to Jetv4.  Jet 3.x had problems with large files.  If you haven't already, try compacting the file.


Thanks Geert,

apologises for getting you name wrong the first time... I've yet to make them appear in my document am assuming there is a flag that needs to be set somewhere to ensure they are included?

Hi Al, you should still be able to go back and fix it with the [Modify] button at top right.


Bugs and Issues / Re: Slow import of large codebase
« on: March 13, 2018, 12:02:19 pm »
100k classes sounds like a monster. Alas, rather than using a Mickeymouse (aka MS Access) database for a monster you should use a real RDBMS instead.

While I agree with qwerty I don't think it will help all too much with the performance though.
My best bet would be to use a local instance of MySQL for optimal performance.

And if you can't do that, upgrade your EA to use Jet4 (See [Ctrl+F9] General Page) or SQL Server Express.


The bug has been confirmed by Sparx.

While we're here in Label land, the whole Label processing via shape scripts is broken.  The print function will wrap regardless; after some arbitrary length, not (apparently) related to the size of the containing shape.  The printwrapped function will wrap but not (apparently) related to the size of the containing shape!  You can resize the label so it wraps correctly, but the next reload of the diagram restores the arbitrary behaviour.

The definition of printwrapped is:
"Prints the specified text string, wrapped over multiple lines if the text is wider than its containing shape."
Nowhere does it say that the wrap has to be within the boundaries of its containing shape.  So I guess it works as intended on planet Sparx.

So MUCH time gets wasted trying to get around these weird and wonderful functionalities!


Until v14's row-level access has been confirmed as viable.  Then maybe you can "hide" those confidential portions of the repository using that.

It isn't, and you can't. The model introduced in v14 is strictly hierarchical, meaning you can't set one part of a project up to be visible to team A only, and another to team B only. If team A should not be able to read team B's area you can achieve that by giving team B higher privileges, but that means they will also be able to ream team A's area.

So that fell over right out of the gate, I'm sorry to say.

Now that you remind me I think I came to the same conclusion (on reading the proposal).  I'll need to do more checking.  I'm sure the V14 security model is useful for someone.  Perhaps they could raise their hand?


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