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As per the post in the 'General' folder:

When we created the beta release of the SDK, we copied material from the EA User Guide and added to it. We intended to have the SDK as a separate document, and once it was finished we would have cleared out the duplication from the EA User Guide.

However, we established that having a separate SDK would create problems with access to and use of the material in both documents, so we restructured the User Guide to contain the SDK as a discrete section.

For beta review, the SDK was still in a rough form and the additional material was not available to the full EA user population. It has now been cleaned up and structured properly. As a component of the User Guide, it is now available in 'production' status through the software and the website. We will continue to review the whole User Guide - including the SDK - and make improvements and additions as the need arises.



The documentation for this is in the EA Software Developers Kit, which is in Beta release at  

We are in the process of moving extension material out of the EA User Guide and into the SDK, which already contains some useful additional information. For a time there will be duplication between the two documents, but (we hope) we will cover everything in one or other of the documents.

Roy Chester (Sparx Systems Technical Documentation Specialist)

Pages: 1 ... 76 77 [78]