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General Board / Find usage of triggers in state machines
« on: March 02, 2017, 01:24:26 am »
Does anyone know a build in feature to answer the following question.

In which state machine transitions a certain trigger is used?

Suggestions and Requests / Search/Browse Diagram; Make Dockable, flowtable
« on: February 08, 2017, 09:06:45 pm »
I have some users only interested in looking on diagrams (more or less). These “no EA power users” have problems to find the diagrams, they are invested in, due to the other stuff they see in the Project Bowser.

The Browse Diagram feature serves good for the need of those users, but instead of opening each time the Browse Diagram dialog it would be better to keep that dialog open and having the possibility to arrange it on the workbench as all the other “view”.

Suggestions and Requests / Search/Browse Diagram; Visible Diagram Types
« on: February 08, 2017, 09:05:14 pm »
Visible Diagram Types allow filtering to diagram types, but only ALL, InteractionOverview, Sequence, Communication and Timing.

Not idea why to these diagram types only, but allowing filtering to other diagram types would be a good new feature.

As any other element diagrams are capable to hold notes. These notes can e.g. hold information, providing some information what the content of the diagram is, background information or any other information which is regarded as useful.
The Specification Manager is a good feature to edit and view notes of several elements, however diagrams are filtered out.
Please allow to show and use diagrams in the Specification Manager as well.

As any other element packages are capable to hold notes. These notes can e.g. hold information, providing some information what the content of the package is, background information or any other information which is regarded as useful.
The Specification Manager is a good feature to edit and view notes of several elements, however packages are filtered out.
Please allow to show and use packages in the Specification Manager as well.

The initial problem came when I tried to force a project to move from V12 to V13.

Within that project there are some stereotypes defined in “UML Types” with some default colors. After using V13 some elements did not show those colors.

After looking on that I realized that this happens on elements using stereotype names defined twice. Once in a MDG technology and once in “UML Types”.

So it seem that in V12 layout defined in “UML Types” wins but in V13 the MDG wins.

My idea was to use a script having in my script library to remove the MDG stereotype from the elements, but according sterotypeEx the element has got one stereotype only, but when looking in the element properties dialoged on such an element two stereotypes are checked (stName and MDGName::stName).

Any idea how to get rid of  MDGName::stName by script or at least to make stName color win again?

Bugs and Issues / SysML port size changes unmotivated
« on: December 22, 2016, 01:58:42 am »
When you have a port within a block and you assign a stereotype to it AND the stereotype changes the color appearance (in my case defined in a MDG) the default port size changes from 5mm x 5 mm to roundabout 20 mm x 30 mm.
A stereotype only defining change in color should not change the size! :'(

When first started with reusable assets, it was ok for me to overwrite the old version.

After the assets got more mature I managed to hold different versions of an asset within the same storage. But now I have overwritten an old version by mistake, and by that I realized that it is not really clear to me what I have to do to over right a version and how to create a new version.

I have done both already but honestly I have no glue how.

Having properties under Activities stereotyped with <<adjunct>> (should be may be <<AdjunctProperty>>) contain a tagged value principal according to SysML spec. However it cannot be set to a suitable item like Connector, CallAction, ObjectNode, Variable, Parameter, submachine State, or InteractionUse

From my understanding of the sysml specification the stereotype should be <<adjunct>> rather than <<AdjunctProperty>>. Further on I would expect, when calling “Synchronize Structural Elements” on the owning activity that the created Activity properties are stereotyped by <<AdjunctProperty>> or maybe by <<adjunct>> (specification not absolutely clear to me).
But the properties are without a stereotype.

I did some modelling in the “mystic EA area” by refining some properties (structural elements).

By doing so I got an error message “ Unrecognized database format xyz.eap”. When opening the model anew this error remains.
So my database I corrupted by modelling. Any idea to fix that?

On a SysML BDD or an IBD you can add properties to a block with some but not all allowed stereotypes (just prop, connector prop, distributed prop, flow prop,…). However you can set the right stereotype afterwards.
On the process browser you can only add a flow prop. But again you can change the stereotype afterwards again.

A more consistent solution would be, to allow adding the same subset of stereotyped properties or even just an “unstereotyped” property for both diagrams and project browser.

Even trickier e.g. it goes, when you want to have a “ClassifierBeaviourProperty” classified with a State Machine. If you have already a property and you want to classify it with a state machine you are not able to, because StateMachines are not shown as possible Property Types (presumably a bug). The only way by achieving that is by dragging and dropping the state machine to the block in the diagram and by selection “Property” in the dialog.

In atomic actions, EA allows to insert text to an Effect property.
This text can be shown in a diagram “Show Effect in Diagram".

The text editor allows you to insert in that Effect property e.g. some kind of pseudocode (with line breaks) to describe the effect.

However in the diagram the effect is shown as a single line and the width of the action is expanded to fit to that effect text line.

Please keep the line breaks when the effect is shown in the diagram!!!!

Bugs and Issues / V13 State Machine Fork/Join Z-Order problem
« on: October 11, 2016, 02:50:31 am »
I have a state machine created with V12.

Within that state machine I have a state ( top level state) containing concurrent sub states. Within the top level state I have Forks/Joins.

These Forks/Joins are visible in V12 but not visible in V13.

Moving the Z-order of the top level state to bottom makes the Forks/Joins visible in V13 as those are visible in V12.

However when closing and opening the diagram the  Fork/Joins are not visible again.

Bugs and Issues / State Machine State Actions “burned in” Behavior
« on: September 29, 2016, 10:30:16 pm »
Once I entered a UML <behavior-type-label> or in EA wording added an "Operation" to a State and add a <behavior-expression> by selecting a Model Element on the Behavior Tab.

This behavior is “burned in”!
In other word to get rid of this behavior in my “Operation” I have to delete the whole Operation.

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