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And today without importing the mdg anew both work.
So it seem to be a kind of ghost.
I just ignore this issue.

Referring to,36071.msg232266.html#msg232266

I think that the Matrix Specification Artifact not allowing to use Model Search is just a kind of inconsistency.
However to have those feature for the Matrix Specification Artifact would be helpful.

Some news on that. I got one horizonal swimlane and one not!!!!

Lanes=2;Orientation=Horizontal;Lane1=Input Baseline;Lane2=Reviewer (works not)
Lanes=2;Orientation=Horizontal;Lane1=Reviewed Work Product;Lane2=Review Sessions (works)


Hi Geert,
I did it manually, just because I did not find a way to do that with the profile helper.

Hi Qwerty
Magic beats mystery.
Magnus qwerty is right: Putting <memo> as default value works, but putting time works neither as type nor as default value <time> and date works in both ways.

For sure V14 will provide more consistency! ;)

According user documentation Step 6 here:

It should be possible to set a swimlane to horizontal by this: Orientation=Horizontal
But EA ignores at least in build 1310.

Thank you for sharing that information!

If have stereotypes define in my MDG technology profile having some tags. Most of those are just text, enums or structures. I also use Date as defined here:
what works fine for me.

To do that, I add to my stereotype definition in the profile an attribute and type in as Type of that attribute “Date”.

By doing so, an element using that stereotype get a tag that shows a calendar to select a date. All fine!

However when I try the same e.g. with Memo or Time my tag is just a pure String (neither a memo, nor a time).

Is it a bug that Memo, Time, … does not work?
Or is it a bug that Date works?
What is the right way to do such thing within UML Profiles (not Reference Data )?

Bugs and Issues / Re: EA clear the file. Now 's empty 0Ko
« on: October 10, 2017, 03:52:49 am »
eap files in fact are MS Access mdb files.

So, more or less what .doc is/was for Word.
So if you have lost this file you have lost your model.

The .ldb is a MS Access temporary file that exist if a mdb/eap is open only. For you as a user it is more or less useless. To see what .ldb is intended for, see here:

If your eap has size 0, nothing but a backup could help you.
I personally have never seen such a problem and I would assume it has something to do with your environment rather than with MS Access or EA on top of it.

I would try to proceed as follows.

Create a template fragment for your feature elements (root of the tree = root of the document) ensuring that the feature name becomes a headline (what you seem to need)

Include a custom section in that template to call a custom script returning your test cases by hopping over the requirements. (I am not absolutely sure if there is a way to provide the identification of the current processed feature to the script)

Make this template fragment above selectable with a template selector fragment

Write a document template that ignores your packages but calls the template selector which fires to feature elements only.

Go to the package containing all you feature, to create the document

Another possibility would be, doing that outside of EA by SQL Queries and reporting featured provided by MS Access or something even better. (in fact a) from Sunshine).

Yes qwerty, you are right.
But some of those things could be useful even with a lightweight implementation.

What I see, is that effort is spent to limit things which should not be limited. A review topic is obviously editable and to have in not editable later needs some extra code (ok not much).

The same happens with packages, those get on several places some limitation treatment, just reducing the benefit of EA. ::)

Currently I am investigation, if the new formal review feature is suitable for our “formal reviews.

However I realized that it is implemented more as a chat or discussion. From our needs it is quiet unhandy to not be able to correct a topic once it was left be the editor.

Personally I think the edit blocking of discussion topics or posts is also not helpful but unhandy.

Can anyone illuminate me, why not allow later editing of that stuff is helpful/needed?

General Board / Re: Versionhandling?
« on: September 26, 2017, 11:59:23 pm »
Well, we do it in the other direction.
If something need to be changed within the RAS we change the RAS only (a model that contains nothing but RAS stuff and nothing project related).
Once the changes are done, we do the RAS update procedure withing the project as described above.

By doing so we are sure that the RAS stuff does not depend on any project specific stuff.

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Model Search: More than one Search Term?
« on: September 22, 2017, 05:32:04 pm »

General Board / Re: Dynamic list of dependencies
« on: September 21, 2017, 08:33:09 pm »
Hi MaXyM,
I only have a rough idea what you want to achieve.

As far as I understood you have one component instance that communicates with lots of db servers instances and if there is a new db server instance it communicates with that as well, right?
And you want to have some kind of connection between you application/db instances representing the communication.

So, one thing you could do is writing a script that connect new db instances to you application instance.
However only in cases where you add more than one db instance at one time, you get some benefit of that script, just because calling the script and adding one link only is more or less the same.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Help page Guidebooks currently contains no books
« on: September 19, 2017, 09:26:48 pm »
Ok, I opened this issue because when I was on page
I expected to see what is on page:
Now I realized that link 1 is just a html representation of link 2 with an UI I personally was not able to use.

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