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Bugs and Issues / Saving long urls
« Last post by costa2 on Today at 06:58:47 am »
I created a mind map and I wanted to associate some http urls pointing to OneNote files stored in SharePoint. I selected Type = Web Address but when I try to save I get the message below. The url has 318 characters. You should allow for 512 or 1024 chars .

DAO.Field [3163]
The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data.

If I try to paste less data the url won't work.

Bugs and Issues / Re: EA 14 Import DB fails
« Last post by costa2 on Today at 06:49:48 am »
The user account I am using to reverse engineer the data is dbo in the database.

 Any other tool I have (Toad Data Modeler, Power Designer Data Architect) works fine when it comes to reverse engineering tables.
Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Import DDS IDL file
« Last post by rsferru on Today at 05:58:48 am »
Looks like that only works on typedef cases and then it adds the bracketed size into the multiplicity.  So I still haven't identified a working solution yet...
General Board / SQL query for connections with name="External Reference"
« Last post by ngong on Today at 03:55:49 am »
Dear SQL specialist,
I would appreciate some help on creating a query. I am missing some very first steps.
I did SQL some decades ago, read some examples from Geert, scanned "enterprise-architect-object-model.pdf". I can do a query like

select c.Connector_ID as id, from t_connector c where"External Reference"

and get two columns. What I need is, for each row the name and type of ClientEnd and SupplierEnd.
A benefit would be the containing package name for each.
But if I add anything to my query I always get "Runtim error 3061. Too few parameters. Expected 1."
(e.g. the pdf says t_connector has a column Alias and ClientID, but c.Alias or c.ClientID leads to the error)

What did I miss?
Yup. That was me.  Thanks lol
Bugs and Issues / Re: Unable to move Interface on a Port, on a Class
« Last post by WalterN on Today at 12:52:51 am »
Not sure if it is better to reply on this old topic or create a new one  ::)

I am struggling with the same problem: cannot move a ExposedInterface in a diagram within a port of a component :-(
Is is still not possible ? Are there any workarounds (like use other element types or SysML or whatever ?)

Thanks in advance
for code generation, I've created Custom Language Templates (following these instructions:
Now generating code is working fine, but it always generates .java files. Does anyone know how I can change the file type of the generated file?
Thanks in advance!  :)
Not really. Report the bug and wait for Sparx to fix it.
What you could try is the new method that centers the selected object to make it visible. Maybe that works better.

A long shot, but who knows...

My model is stored in version control (SCC connected PTC) as XML files. I used to reconstruct the .eap file from that version control in case of failure messages from EA, Windows, DOA, ... that I do not understand, in favor of repairing the .eap file.

Sometimes after I do a "Get All Latest" I can find diagrams with connections labeled as "External Reference" - by chance. When I do a "Get Latest" to the contributing packages EA tells me "package is up to date". However, I check "force reload" and - unbelievable - the connections turn to the expected ones, while the label "External Reference" disappears.

Sometimes a known connections is simply missing in the diagram. "Force Reload" on one of the packages hosting the start or the end brings it back - without checking anything out or doing any other change.

When I did not check all diagrams for "External References" I may loose the connections from the model when I check-out a contributing package and check it back in again after some changes. So I have to be sure all(!) connections are there.

Can you imagine a reason and a workaround for this behavior of EA/SCC? Would it be a safe recommendation always to do a "Get All Latest" with "Always import" a second time after the first "Get All Latest"?
Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Refresh of Tagged-Values Window
« Last post by chrissO on June 20, 2018, 09:03:23 pm »
Any idea of a workaround?
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