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Yes, you are right. I need to change color of "Notes" dockable window.

Can I edit a theme to do it? or any other way?

No, I don't think you can do that.

General Board / Re: BPMN2
« Last post by Geert Bellekens on Today at 05:10:34 pm »
Hi Dang,

The proper way should be to convert you "invocations" to Activities with the callProcessActivity tagged value set to the GUID of the business process you are calling.

For me it works setting the stereotype to Activity, because EA will try to resolve the stereotype to one of the know stereotypes in a profile or a local stereotype. In my setup "Activity" will only resolve to the BPMN 2.0 stereotype.

You should make sure you don't have any other versions of the BPMN MDG active. Also check the local/ad hoc stereotypes to make sure there's no "Activity" there.

Alternatively you could use the qualified "BPMN2.0::Activity" (or "BPMN 2.0::Activity"?) and set that to StereotypeEx.

Lastly you can also execute the "synchronize stereotype" in batch from a script. See


PS. EA v14 has changed the drag-n-drop behavior for BPMN Business Processes and Global tasks to create the correct type of Activity calling the Business Process or Task, almost eliminating the need for my Synchronize script.
General Board / Re: How to change the "Notes" window background color?
« Last post by purplex88 on Today at 04:28:03 pm »
Yes, you are right. I need to change color of "Notes" dockable window.

Can I edit a theme to do it? or any other way?
General Board / Re: Our question
« Last post by Nizam on Today at 02:18:32 pm »
Defining extended stereotypes and shapescripts is the optimal way to achieve this.  this is a a one-off effort  and can be packaged as a MDG Technology and distributed to the wider team.
Defining a MDG standardizes the modelling efforts and helps in establishing consistency.

Whilst there are other ways to achieve this (defining local stereotypes , UML Types)  I've done MDG definition for many clients and have found that to be quite useful in the longer run.
General Board / Our question
« Last post by nokiaemars on Today at 02:07:03 pm »
Hello, I need your help here. We want to change the appearance of connectors and elements within our diagrams in ways not available in the 'Default Appearance' dialog. For instance, we would like to make an Information Flow a solid line rather than dashed and make a standard UML component element have rounded corners (like the Archimate::ApplicationComponent elements), among several other changes. I've tried using Shape Script to accomplish this, but it seems pretty heavy handed for these seemingly simple changes (plus our systems engineers don't know how to code their way out of a paper bag). Is there a way to accomplish these types of appearance changes?
Thanks for any responce.
General Board / Re: How to change the "Notes" window background color?
« Last post by Takeshi K on Today at 11:32:34 am »
I guess that purplex88 are not after Notes element but Notes dockable window.

AFAIK, we can not change background (and also default font) color of the window.
Bugs and Issues / Re: EA 14.0.1419 Exclude Package from Report missing
« Last post by RoyC on Today at 11:31:54 am »
The Help for this has been corrected; until the corrected edition is released, use the ribbon access pathway provided by Arshad.
You are using a REFGUID Tagged value, and the RefGUID stores the GUID of the referenced item as its value. which then requires another step to get the actual item.

When I used to work on this I used to have a addin which will return me the actual item (element, or attriabute or operation) based on the GUID i get from this, and use that in my code templates.

PS - Have to check if there is any other way that allows me to get the value from code templates
General Board / Re: How to change the "Notes" window background color?
« Last post by Nizam on Today at 10:15:50 am »
You can consider 'Template Package' to achieve this.
General Board / Re: BPMN2
« Last post by Nizam on Today at 10:12:54 am »
Given some idea of the right way to do this, scripting it would probably be much easier - Geert's script converts an invocation to a BusinessProcess (but not BPMN2.0, so it doesn't register as a Flow Node, and I'm damned if I can change it make it do that!) and the results are therefore unlinkable.

If the script converts to Business Process (Type = Activity; Stereotype = BPMN2.0::BusinessProcess) it must be BPMN 2.0. if you have BPMN 2.0 enabled (other BPMN tech disabled) and run the script, you should be able to do the 'Synchronize Stereotypes' and get all your activities become proper BPMN 2.0 Business Processes.
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