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Time travel is beyond my skillset

Don't under estimate yourself. You are travelling forward into the future one second at a time.

Try this:

  • Modify the "DDL" Template (Design -> Tools -> Transform -> Transform Templates)
  • Replace: type=%qt%%CONVERT_DB_TYPE(genOptDefaultDatabase, attType)%%qt%
        type = %qt%varchar%qt%
        length = %255%qt%

And see if works.
Wouldn't that make ALL columns of type varchar(255)?

Your right Geert. There needs to be some kind of %if ...% statement. However looking at the MySQL DDL transform it looks like
modification of a few lines DDL Data Type (lines 24 to 26) might be the answer as that looks like it sets the length to 0 there.
Code: [Select]
%elseIf $Type=="varchar" or $Type=="nvarchar" or $Type=="varbinary" %
However isn't the point of varchar is that it has a variable length otherwise just use char and fix the length.
General Board / Re: Performance problem or what?
« Last post by Sunshine on August 18, 2018, 08:21:28 am »
If everything is the same bar the AD then it kind of points to that. Maybe AD is involved in authorising each request to the DB and one AD is slower at responding. Not sure how it all works under the hood but may be AD is involved in validating security tokens on each request to the DB.  You might be able to find out some kind of message sequence diagram via google to help understand how DB requests and AD interact for authorisation.

Networks can also be set up to give different qualities of services and that might be dependent on which AD users are on.

If you want an approach to problem solving look up Kepner Tregoe. It helps to work through the logic and isolate root cause. I've used it a lot over the last 25 years and it was really useful.
General Board / Re: Requirements to ERD Entities, Attributes and Relationships
« Last post by qwerty on August 18, 2018, 12:42:48 am »
Yes, I agree. It's just dating those two instruments where you use the wrong order.

General Board / Re: Best way to model REST web services?
« Last post by csudres on August 18, 2018, 12:13:44 am »
Someone developed something to do this: ...
General Board / Re: Performance problem or what?
« Last post by Geert Bellekens on August 17, 2018, 09:57:20 pm »
I haven't seen any differences with regards to a separate AD group, but in almost all such cases the culprit was the network.

In one particular case we had users that were still connected tot he database using their Wifi instead the the network cable.
Disabling Wifi when plugged in via the cable resolved their performance issues.

General Board / Performance problem or what?
« Last post by on August 17, 2018, 09:14:59 pm »
We have about 25 users of Sparx EA 13.52 with MS-SQL repository and Windows 7 workstations.
Some users within the company have a separate Active Directory then the rest of the users for Windows Domain logon.

Within same network, users from the secondary AD have much slower responses for EA actions.
Primary users have <1 sek response when moving an object in a diagram.
Secoondare user (Separate AD) have about 5 sek delay for same action (Same, network, object, diagram and repository)

We are using EA Security with SQL user & Pw (No sync or connection to Active Directory för EA autentication)

Any one out there having seen this before??
Bugs and Issues / Re: EA Connector for JIRA and quotation marks.
« Last post by Geert Bellekens on August 17, 2018, 08:46:20 pm »
I don't think EA does something like that automagically.

Whenever i need them I use Alt+174 for « and Alt+175 for »

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Archimate 3.0 Open Exchange
« Last post by keviny on August 17, 2018, 08:37:41 pm »
Might I suggest it is actually introduced in v13.5 see history ... under the Archimate section.

I've not tested that it is definitely introduced in that specific version, but it might help others with v13.0 that are able to model v3 but not able to export.
A ERD is simply a class diagram with a specific profile (Crow's foot notation, stereotypes for primary/foreign keys, triggers and constraints are represented as operations etc.)  Anything you can do with a ERD you can also do with a class diagram (there's whole books on this subject on Amazon).
That's not quite true. ERD is elder than UML (at least the UML we use now). But UML can mimic ERD by means of a profile.


Hi qwerty, so seems like you agree with what I posted, and do I sense a bit of impedance today?
General Board / Executable StateMachine Artifact Macro List?
« Last post by NikoWenz on August 17, 2018, 08:24:19 pm »

is there any table of macros for the executable statemachine?

I know:

%SEND_EVENT("EventName", CONTEXT_REF(ConnectorName))%

I search for the right macro to send Parameter information from one state machine to another.
I think it works with Signal with attributes.

But I dont know how to use the parameter of the signal in the state machine.

Something like: SignalName.SignalParameter


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