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Sparx Systems Japan translates Enterprise Architect and the MDG series into Japanese for sale on the Japanese market. Presently there are 30,000+ Enterprise Architect users in Japan.

RaQuest Requirements Management Tool

Sparx Systems Japan also develops RaQuest requirements management tool. RaQuest enhances Enterprise Architect's requirements management and enables you to:

  • Show requirements both in Tree view and List view and it enable to manage requirements more effectively
  • Manage more properties of requirements
  • Manage relationship between requirements in Matrix view
  • Show relationship between requirements graphically
  • Generate UML elements (UseCase) from requirements

RaQuest can read/write Enterprise Architect' model files and offers perfect compatibility. You can check requirement properties from Enterprise Architect'.

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DBMode is an extension for Enterprise Architect that can be used for Database modeling. DBMode enables you to auto-generate MS-Excel documents, CRUD matrix, define and use Domains,etc.

By using DBMode and Enterprise Architect version 12, you can create and manage Data Models much more efficiently.

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Address: Garden Plaza Miyadai 2F, 1-17-22 Nakagawa, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 224-0001 Japan

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