LieberLieber has a strong focus on customization and is a specialist developer of plug-ins for Enterprise Architect. Due to its close cooperation with SparxSystems Central Europe since 2005, LieberLieber has developed a unique expertise in UML Simulation and Execution, resulting in their flagship product LieberLieber AM|USE for Enterprise Architect.

LieberLieber is committed to delivering innovative solutions for their global customers in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Medical Products, Embedded Systems and all other industries which have already realized the power of Enterprise Architect and want to optimize their development toolchain.

VAR services include:

  • UML code generation for embedded systems
  • Consulting (Toolchain integration, UML simulation & execution)
  • Migration planning and support
  • Custom plug-ins
  • Customizing Enterprise Architect
  • Bespoke code generation templates
  • Free tools for Enterprise Architect customers like ENAR SPY, EA Presenter

Contact Details
Phone: +43 662 90600 2017
Business Address:
LieberLieber Software GmbH
Handelskai 340/5, A-1020 Vienna, Austria
Fax: +43 662 90333 3017



Bellekens IT was founded in 2004 by Geert Bellekens and has a strong focus on UML, modelling and analysis methodology. Geert Bellekens has helped several of the larger Belgian organizations to define and document their modelling method, train and coach the modelers, and develop supporting tools.

Geert Bellekens is an acknowledged Enterprise Architect expert and has written numerous add-ins for Enterprise Architect, including the free open source EA Navigator and the commercial EA-Matic.

He is also one of the founding members and a regular speaker on the EA User Group events.

VAR Services

  • Custom add-in development
    Enterprise Architect can easily be extended with your own custom tools.

  • Setup and deployment
    • Which Enterprise Architect configuration is best for us?
    • Should we use a central database or distributed .eap files?
    • How to setup security, and users?

  • Methodology
    In order to really benefit from a tool such as Enterprise Architect you also need a modelling method.

  • Maintenance and Upgrades
    Regular maintenance of your model and upgrades to the latest version.

Contact Details
Phone Business +32 (0) 497 83 44 10
Address: Weldadigheidsstraat 83, 2540 Hove, Belgium
Country(s) of Operation: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg


Expert-IT is a full service technology consulting company, located in both Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France). We provide, since 1996, e-solutions and web development, custom software and content management solutions, also new technologies training. Expert-IT delivers to its customers with reliable, highly innovative solutions through applied methodology, re engineered content management processes and automated systems development approaches.

Our services are:

IT Project Analysis, Development and Management
Support for design and development through our own software development process, derived from UP and fully integrated with Enterprise Architect
IT Training : OOAD/UML, Enterprise Architect, Unified Process, J2EE, .Net and Xml Technologies.
Content Management solutions
IT Consultancy, mentoring and coaching
Enterprise Architect Products (and Third-parties solutions) selling with configuration, support and services like:
UML / Development Process / Enterprise Architect presentation for management
Complete training about UML 2.0 supported by Enterprise Architect
Complete specific training of Enterprise Architect
Complete training about Lite UP (our own development process) supported by and integrated in Enterprise Architect (with templates, document, etc...)
Installation and configuration of EA Corporate and third-parties products
Coaching, mentoring and support (off-line and on-line)
Development and delivery of EA Add-on's

For further information about Expert-IT, please visit our web site,, or contact us at See also our listing under "France".

High Octane

High Octane SPRL was formed in 2000 by Ir Philippe Back. We specialize in Project management as well as Solution Delivery. Other specialist services include Specification writing (Use cases, other requirements), Software estimation, Java Technologies (blending J2EE, Swing, XML & SQL) and ATL/COM/VB.

We also provide expertise in the following areas:

Productizing software offerings
Requirements gathering and analysis for business applications
Independent audits and reviews of platform architecture
Mentoring software teams
Implementation high productivity development environments with adequate and affordable tooling
Recommending field proven software engineering related software packages, installing and customizing
Teaching software engineering disciplines and techniques
Teaching architecture of scalable applications and business tiers
Technical project manager or architecture on IT projects

High Octane offers EA specific services covering custom automation programming, reviews of models and updates for UML -compliance and integration of EA with Wikiweb specification writing.

For further information, please visit our web site at
rue cour Boisacq 101
1301 Bierges

High Octane Software and Design

Mobile: +32 (0) 478 650 140
Fax: +32 (0) 70 408 027

Info Support

Info Support is an ICT service provider with more than 230 employees in the Netherlands and more than 30 in Belgium. Since its start in 1986 it has always had a sound financial basis which has enabled continuing investment in ICT knowledge. The knowledge obtained is further refined and focused in our Knowledge Center, so that we are able not only to improve the capabilities of our own Info Support staff (who all have university or technical college degrees) as an on-going process, but also to provide courses for the staff of our clients.

The success of our varied and integrated services is based on our two essential qualities: infrastructure and custom-made software development. These include both Transaction Processing and Business Intelligence Systems, for which we use modern technologies such as Enterprise Java and Microsoft .NET. Our own Software Factory ensures high productivity and a controllable development process. Our department Managed IT Services supports and manages what we have developed and also offers various hosting services.

Info Support BV
Tél.: +31(0)318 552020
Fax: +31(0)318 552355


Info Support is een ICT dienstverlener met ruim 230 medewerkers in Nederland en ruim 30 in Belgie. Sinds de oprichting in 1986 dient onze gezonde financiële positie als basis voor voortdurende investering in kennis. Deze kennis waarborgen wij binnen een eigen Kenniscentrum, waar wij niet alleen onze HBO/TU geschoolde informatici verder trainen, maar ook de medewerkers van onze relaties.

De kern van onze brede en integrale dienstverlening draait om infrastructuur en maatwerksoftware. Het gaat hierbij om zowel transactieverwerkende als Business Intelligence systemen, waarbij we gebruik maken van moderne technologieën zoals Enterprise Java en Microsoft .NET. Een eigen software ontwikkelstraat staat garant voor hoge productiviteit en een beheersbaar ontwikkelproces. Onze afdeling Managed IT Services beheert wat wij bouwen en levert verschillende Hostingdiensten.

Info Support BV
Tél.: +31(0)318 552020
Fax: +31(0)318 552355


Bright Consulting

Bright Consulting is a leading IT consulting company with strong focus on IT and Business Service Management solutions. Its corporate mission is to close the gap between IT and the Business, thus helping businesses utilize their resources more effectively and maximize the return on IT investments.

Its clients are some of the largest multinational companies in Bulgaria and EMEA. Bright Consulting leverages experience in Telecom, Banking & Financial Services vertical markets.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting
  • Approach focused on identifying only those areas of world's best practices that will bring immediate improvements to the organization
Sparx Enterprise Architect- Consulting and Implementation services
  • Leverage project experience in the Telecom industry and large multinational organizations
Enterprise Architecture training
  • Customized trainings based on EA best practices and its relation to other industry standards
IT and Business Service Management Consulting
  • Cover all phases of the IT and business service life cycle: from the thorough analysis of business requirements to precise implementation and maintenance of the final solution;
  • Design solutions fully aligned with customer's goals and maturity level and provide quality delivery, integration and support services related to them;
  • ITSM process landscape design and implementation
BMC Software Consulting Services
  • Design and implementation of BMC ITSM solutions in EMEA
  • BMC Consulting Services Partner

Contact Details
Phone: +359 2 971 1117
Fax: +359 2 491 21 00

Czech Republic


Dataprojekt s.r.o. is focused on the Czech Republic and Slovakian markets. It specialises in software development, system integration, all forms of consultancy and also provides support in area of methodic, analytic and project management. The company uses Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect as a primary analytical tool and also runs a website in Czech Language providing support.

Dataprojekt s.r.o. provides support for all kinds of issues or activities related to "Enterprise Architect", including:

  • Technical issues including modules, large database repositories, versioning of models, optimisation etc.
  • Support for the implementation of Enterprise Architect into various companies.
  • Set-up methodology, best practices for using Enterprise Architect both for IT and business.
  • Development of various add-ins and extensions like deep analysis functionality or process simulation to solve particular requirements of our customers.
  • Provide analytical services and consultations

Contact Details
Phone: +420602161313


AppOnFly is bringing Enterprise Architect from the cloud, faster and easier than ever before. AppOnFly Instant Access and Collaboration Platform allows customers to use Enterprise Architect as well as other professional software rapidly while enjoying easy access and rich customer experience. Customers access applications easily through secure remote desktop in the Cloud from any device running Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android operating system.

VAR Services

  • Sparx Systems Authorized Reseller
  • AppOnFly for Enterprise Architect users
  • High-quality technical production and service team
  • ISO9000, ISO20000 and ISO27001 quality certificates
  • 24/7 online helpdesk and support
  • Online chat at

Additional Services / Information
You can trial Enterprise Architect for 30-days free. Please visit or contact us on

Contact Details
Phone: +420 606 036 067
Business Adddress: Na Sypkem 89/9, 180 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic
Country (s) of Operation: Worldwide


BPW Consulting

BPW Consulting is an IT-company based on private investments, headquartered in Estonia, Tallinn. Employing various software experts and continuously investing in improving the quality of its development process and technical training, BPW has proven capabilities in delivering solutions that meet customer expectations, on time and on budget. We specialize in business process modeling and re-engineering and the analysis and design of software systems. BPW Consulting has been on the market since 1999.

We provide expertise in following areas:

  • Installation and configuration of Enterprise Architect
  • Introducing the features of Enterprise Architect to mid-level management
  • UML training based on Enterprise Architect
  • Coach and mentoring Enterprise Architect usage
  • Develop and deliver add-ons and other customized features for Enterprise Architect
  • Business process mapping using BPMN and Enterprise Architect for developing SOA in organizations

Additional Services/Information
Consulting, complex software development and system integration in following areas:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • E-Government solutions based on Estonian leading examples
  • Call center quality monitoring
  • Case management systems

Contact Details
Phone: +372 6 645 100
Business Address: Varju road 9, 11912 Tallinn Estonia
Fax: -


Delthom Software Modeling

Founded in 2005, Delthom Software Modeling is a consulting and software engineering company. Its specialties are UML modeling with all its fields of application and Unified Process. Delthom Software Modeling is editor of ApplicationIQ, application knowledge management software, based on UML and Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Delthom Software Modeling helps companies to benefit from the advantages of the Model Driven Engineering, using Sparx Enterprise Architect, with in particular:

  • The assistance of the client at all stages of the project,
  • The support to engineering: software architecture, retro-engineering, retro- documentation, UML, Unified Process,
  • The capitalization of application knowledge and the sustainability of software investments.

Delthom Software Modeling is the editor of ApplicationIQ, application knowledge management software based on UML and building on Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Contact Details

Phone: +33 (0)1 34 94 93 80
Business Address: 16 rue Champ Lagarde - 78000 Versailles - France
Country(s) of Operation: France, Belgium and Suisse for consulting, Worldwide for ApplicationIQ.


Créée en 2005, Delthom Software Modeling est une Société de Conseil et d'Ingénierie logicielle. Ses spécialités sont la modélisation UML avec tous ses domaines d'application et le processus de développement Unified Process. Delthom Software Modeling est l'éditeur du logiciel de gestion des connaissances applicatives ApplicationIQ basé sur UML et Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Delthom Software Modeling aide les entreprises à bénéficier des avantages du Model Driven Engineering en utilisant Sparx Enterprise Architect, avec en particulier :

  • l'AMOA en assistant le demandeur d'un nouveau logiciel à toutes les étapes du projet,
  • le support à l'ingénierie : architecture logicielle, rétro-ingénierie, rétro- documentation, UML, Unified Process,
  • la capitalisation des connaissances applicatives et la pérennisation des investissements logiciels.

Delthom Software Modeling est l'éditeur de ApplicationIQ, logiciel de gestion des connaissances applicatives basé sur UML et s'appuyant sur Sparx Enterprise Architect.


Expert-IT, depuis 1996, est une société de service spécialisée dans le développement de solutions informatiques orientées omnimédia et gestion de contenu. Expert-IT assure des missions de conseil et de formation aux nouvelles technologies de l'information. Parce que les technologies de l'information doivent être au service du client, nous développons nos solutions en assurant la meilleure fusion entre la culture métier du client et les nouvelles technologies.
EXPERT-IT intervient sur les deux principales plate-formes de développement : J2EE et .NET, en utilisant les outils et technologies les plus pertinents.

Nos services sont :

Analyse, développement et gestion de projets informatiques sur mesure
Support pour le design et le développement à travers notre propre
processus de développement, dérivé de "Unified Process" et intégré dans Enterprise Architect
Formations IT : OOAD/UML, Enterprise Architect, Unified Process, J2EE,
.Net et Technologies Xml.
Solutions de gestion de contenu
Conseil, mentoring et coaching
Distribution d'Enterprise Architect (et solutions de tiers) avec
configuration, support et les services suivants :
  •présentation de UML, des processus de développement, d'Enterprise
Architect pour le management
  .formation UML 2.0 illustrée par Enterprise Architect
  .formation spécifique d'Enterprise Architect
  .formation à Lite UP (notre processus de développement "maison")
intégré dans Enterprise Architect (avec modèles, documents, etc...)
  .installation et configuration de EA Corporate et produits tiers
  .Coaching, mentoring et support (off-line et on-line)
  .Développement et livraison de compléments à Enterprise Architect

Pour plus d'information à propos d'Expert-IT, visitez notre site Web,, ou contactez-nous à See also our listing under "Belgium".


Offering IT consulting, services, and training solutions from 1200 software engineers and consultants, Viseo has developed an expertise in web and object-oriented architectures (Java, JEE, .Net), mobile applications (Android, iPhone, HTML5...), agile project management, and modelling languages / notations (UML, SysML, BPMN2, ArchiMate).

  • Consulting and expertise on Enterprise Architect
  • Helping clients in using Enterprise Architect for their modeling needs
  • Deploying Enterprise Architect and UML for the client projects
  • Consulting services in the transformation of client's project approach
  • Development of an Enterprise Architecture repository
  • Customization of Enterprise Architect via MDG, UML profiles, scripts and add'ins.
  • Training and coaching sessions.

Contact Details

Phone: + 33 (0) 1 56 56 71 00
Business Address: 27/33 Quai Alphonse Le Gallo 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
Country(s) of Operation: France


Viseo est une société de conseil, de services et de formation, experte dans les architectures objet (Java, JEE, .Net) et web, les applications mobiles (Android, iPhone, HTML5...), les méthodes agiles, la modélisation (UML, SysML, BPMN2, ArchiMate) et l'assistance à maitrise d'ouvrage (AMOA).

Viseo propose de nombreux services autour d'Enterprise Architect tels que :

  • le Conseil et l'expertise sur Enterprise Architect,
  • le déploiement d'Enterprise Architect et UML pour les projets client,
  • l'accompagnement dans la transformation de l'approche projet client,
  • le développement du référentiel de données d'Enterprise Architect,
  • la personnalisation d'Enterprise Architect aux besoins clients (MDG, profils UML, scripts add'ins.),
  • la formation et le coaching.
Aujourd'hui, Viseo c'est :



ZAC-IT GmbH is an IT consulting company based in Germany. At ZAC-IT we support our customers in a broad range of technical and business applications. Our objective is the success of our customers' projects, we ensure this by assisting with our experience and know-how from many different IT projects.

Our competencies are well established in the areas of:

  • Software development (off-shore and in-house)
  • Software engineering
  • Quality management
  • Business Applications
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Data warehousing, data mining
  • Rating advisory
  • Consulting
  • Integration of inhomogeneous systems
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Interims management

Our staff has over 15 years experience in software engineering. We can assist you introduce Enterprise Architect into your software development process. We also offering training for UML and OOA&D with Enterprise Architect. We have already successfully introduced Enterprise Architect for many of our customers' sites.

Please contact us for more information.

Phone: 0 91 90-9 27 10 10
Fax: 0 91 90-9 27 10 18



Within the Italian e-market Emerasoft provides collaboration solutions to facilitate team communication. Our aim is to provide support to our customers through intelligent and easy to use technologies.

Our company has a high ability to produce and select state of the art technologies. We also provide technical support of the highest standard.


  • High level consultancy for open-source products related to the development and maintenance of software according to quality standards.
  • UML training, consulting and mentoring together with Business Process Modeling.
  • Emerasoft is an authorized reseller of Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect and its associated products, and also provides training services for the use of Enterprise Architect.

Emerasoft fornisce “Solutions to Collaborate” all’e-market italiano.

La visione che ci ha ispirato in questi anni è che le persone debbano essere supportate nel loro lavoro da tecnologie intelligenti e facili da usare, ovunque esse siano e in qualsiasi momento.

Al centro della nostra attenzione è la soddisfazione del cliente nelle sue innumerevoli necessità di utente.
in questa ottica, la nostra società ha sviluppato un'eccellente capacità nel produrre e nel selezionare tecnologie allo stato dell'arte e nel fornire un supporto tecnico di qualità elevatissima.

  • Consulenza ad alto livello su prodotti open-source per lo sviluppo e il mantenimento del software secondo criteri di qualità
  • Training, consulenza e mentoring in ambito UML e consulenza BPM ad alto livello.
  • Emerasoft rivende in Italia Enterprise Architect di Sparx Systems.


Website URL:
Phone Number: +39 011 0120370
Fax Number: +39 011 3710 371

Epsilon Italia srl

Epsilon Italia srl is a fully independent private SME established in 1996 in Cosenza, southern Italy.

The main aim of the company is to provide innovative ICT solutions to the Geographic Information end-users. Thanks to the vast technical experience of its human resources, it carries out extensive Research & Development activities, either directly or in partnership with Universities and Research Centers, and participates in many European co-funded projects.

  • Design of spatial data models in the context of Geographic Information projects/activities.
  • Analysis of spatial data models in the frame of projects/activities related to EC INSPIRE Directive implementations.
  • Design, realisation and maintenance of SDIs (Spatial Data Infrastructures) according to the EC INSPIRE Directive.
  • Formalisation of use cases and user requirements.
  • Consultancy and training in INSPIRE implementation related projects/activities.
  • Consultancy and training in the GI (Geographic Information) domain.

Additional Services:

  • Integration of the state-of-the-art-webgis technologies with the most popular geographic visualisation interfaces.
  • Full assistance to the GI end-users, from the requirement definition to the integration of the tools/applications in the operational daily procedures, including maintenance and updating.

Further details can be found at


Info Support

See our listing under "Belgium"


The main goal of Solim is to manage the business analysis and specification phases in an innovative way. Based on longtime experience in ICT projects and in quality of specifications, Solim found a solution to Software Product Life Cycle management. Solim has developed the ARE (Analysis & Requirements Management) method which serves as a pipeline connecting most of the SW development disciplines and their tools. Projects using ARE reach an integration and transparency in their ICT processes making their business analysis and development efforts more efficient.

Requirements gathering and analysis for business applications:
  • Facilitation of requirements development process with ARE, Enterprise Architect and RavenProfessional
  • Independent audits of requirements development/management processes
  • Requirements Inspections
  • Coaching and mentoring of software teams in application of:
    • Business analysis techniques
    • Requirements development techniques
    • Requirements management practices
    • Enterprise Architect as the means to process improvement
  • Integration of Enterprise Architect with most known software development suites like Visual Studio TFS, Eclipse and Oracle
  • UML training (with Enterprise Architect) focused on requirements modeling and generation of requirements specification
  • RUP Op Maat training
  • Introduction to the ARE method (concept and practical application in projects)
  • Requirements Management with Enterprise Architect (hands-on)

For further information about Solim, please visit
Phone: +31 302982290
Mobile: +31 653400461



Inteca is a consulting, software development and IT training provider, specializing in :
  • Helping customers to establish and evolve their Enterprise Architecture practice by implementing best practices and standards, processes and supporting software that helps understand, plan and effectively manage change in the organization
  • Business process analysis, IT architecture design and implementation of Service Oriented solutions that involve complex system integration and business process automation in a large scale enterprise environments,
  • Delivering IT Trainings focusing on improving software delivery process

VAR Services

  • Enterprise Architecture consulting (process, practices & tools)
  • Software Development Process integration (SDLC processes, practices & toolchain integration)
  • Enterprise Architect setup and deployment (deployment strategy (central / distributed), security, roles, integration with other tools)
  • EA Plugins and MDGs for SOA, supporting business & software modelling , validation and generation of standardized implementation artifacts for Finance & Banking sectors (ISO20022, BIAN)
  • Development of custom plugins for EA
  • Helping customers leverage Enterprise Architect for establishing and maintaining Enterprise Architecture Repository (TOGAF® and ArchiMate®)

Additional Services / Information

  • Training services that focus on Modelling with Enterprise Architect in various notations including : BPMN 2.0, UML, SoaML, ArchiMate®
  • Analysis, planning, design & development of SOA solutions

Inteca is a member of The Open Group ArchiMate® Forum.

Contact Details

Phone +48 71 7156091
Fax +48 71 7156095
Business Adress: Kosciuszki 14, 50-038 Wroclaw, Poland
Country(s) of Operation: Poland


Modesto provides consulting, advice, training and outsourcing services in the field of software engineering. It is made up by a team of independent consultants, who use their specialized knowledge and experience to effectively support their customers.
Modesto provides support to companies from various sectors of the economy and assigns only experienced consultants with practical skills and knowledge applicable to the company’s projects.

Modesto offers the following consulting services:

Business process modeling
Development of IT systems’ architecture
Software integration
Development of techniques of effective application of Enterprise Architect in agile methodologies
Estimation of projects with the use case points’ method
Requirement management
Building tools supporting requirement management and reporting, which support Enterprise Architect
Implementation of Enterprise Architect as a tool supporting the software development process

Aside from consulting services company Modesto conducts trainings in the field of application of Enterprise Architect in modeling of business processes, requirements’ management and design of IT systems.

Contact Details
Phone: +48 22 727 80 00
Business Address: ul. Okrężna 21, 05-506 Magdalenka, Poland
Fax: +48 22 727 80 00
Country(s) of Operation: Poland, Middle East Europe


Critical Software

Critical Software S.A. is an international software engineering company founded in 1998 in Portugal. The company operates from Coimbra and Lisbon, Portugal and San Jose, California and delivers solutions for customers and partners worldwide.

Critical brings together the combined expertise of areas such as Enterprise Application Integration, Dependability, Networking, High Performance Computing and Millwide Information Systems, in order to engineer solutions for the most complex, demanding, and multidisciplinary problems. For every new challenge we commit our most appropriate and best competencies in the solution.

Critical defines, designs, develops, integrates and supports reliable solutions based on state-of-the-art and innovative technologies, enabling its customers to meet the challenges of the globally changing marketplace, and sharpen their competitive edge.

For more information email or visit

Critical Software S.A.
Parque Industrial de Taveiro,
Lote 49 3045-504 Coimbra,
Phone: +351 239 989 100
Fax: +351 239 989 119


Biner Consulting

Biner Consulting help their clients achieve business transformation through the use of change management and enterprise architecture. Biner Consulting’s key strengths are their highly skilled and experienced consultants and their relationships and cooperation within the enterprise architecture community. Biner Consulting provide high quality consultancy services and training for organizations that work towards developing effectiveness through enterprise architecture.

Biner Consulting provide mentoring and consultancy in the establishment and use of Enterprise Architect. Biner Consulting can tailor programs of training, developing client specific case studies and materials as appropriate.

Biner Consulting work with architecture teams as well as business employees who focus on project management, operations management and technical management.

Services include:
  • Installation and configuration of Enterprise Architect
  • Introduction of Enterprise Architect to management and end users
  • Practical Enterprise Architecture training with Enterprise Architect
  • Enterprise Architecture Strategy configuration and execution
  • Business Modeling
  • Requirements Modeling
  • Process definition and process modeling
  • Use Case Driven Requirements Development

Biner Consulting are the Zachman International representatives in Scandinavia, and are also accredited training providers of TOGAF 9.

For more information, please contact Biner Consulting:
+46 31 743 0780

Countries of business: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Baltics

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Ability Engineering

Ability Engineering (AE) is a Sparx Systems global partner that has been providing tools, skills and services to clients in the aerospace, telecoms, IT, health, utilities and finance industries since 1998. With years of experience delivering enterprise critical applications and developments, AE supports the full project lifecycle, delivering best practices and supporting teams with a flexible combination of tools and skills as your needs change.

Ability Engineering is the developer of two extensions for Enterprise Architect: eaDocX®, the online document generator and collaboration platform, and Model Expert™, the Enterprise Architect model management tool delivering data quality and consistency to everyone.

Through the Model Driven Delivery (MDD) Framework, Ability Engineering equips your team to maximise the benefits of your investment in Enterprise Architect. The MDD consists of 4 elements:

  • Information harvesting - Working with organisations to identify the types and sources of existing data and importing them into EA
  • Training courses and workshops - tailored on-site courses and case studies, covering UML, BPMN, Enterprise Architect for BAs, EA for Teams and Collaborating with eaDocX®
  • Building model consistency and quality using Model Expert™.
  • Consulting - providing occasional or embedded experts to support your projects and Mentoring - providing expert advice direct to your desktop 
  • Customisation of Enterprise Architect and eaDocX
  • Ongoing Enterprise Architect application support
  • Reaching out to stakeholders - designing and generating documents that support project delivery
  • Collaborating around EA content published to the web with interactive contributions, reviews and approvals
  • High Quality Information - business ready documents direct from Enterprise Architect.
  • Business Benefits - lower development costs, reduced timescales and better quality products.

For more information about how Ability Engineering can help you, visit or email:

Ability Engineering Ltd.
The New Inn Business Centre,
527 Moseley Road,
Balsall Heath
Birmingham, UK
B12 9BU
T: +(44) 121 448 1916
F: +(44) 870 706 4585
Countries of Operation: UK (but remote mentoring = worldwide!)

Dunstan Thomas Consulting

The Dunstan Thomas Consulting portfolio of Application Lifecycle Management solutions provides consulting, training services and tools that help deliver fast-to-market, high quality software that align development lifecycles with business requirements and objectives.


Dunstan Thomas has been providing technology services since 1986. Today DT Professional Services provide a set of consulting and development services for business. DT can provide mentoring and consulting with experienced practitioners to work as a full time resource on your project, or to dip in and out as is needed. Dunstan Thomas's Consultants have developed a range of add-ins and add-on's for Enterprise Architect.


"Improving software development" is the key message of Dunstan Thomas. We help our clients improve the delivery of technology solutions through software design, software architecture and the software development process. The service includes building, documenting, managing and testing based upon the requirements and defined deliverables of the project.


Dunstan Thomas have been Sparx Systems global training partners for the last ten years and over that time have been instrumental in delivering solutions to a variety of industries. Dunstan Thomas' clients range from those within the telecommunications industry to the automotive industry and those within the public sector.

All Enterprise Architect courses are in line with the latest versions of UML and Enterprise Architect. These courses are delivered as public courses in the UK or as custom on-site courses at the request of clients.

For more information visit or email

Dunstan Thomas Consulting
Rawlings Suite,
Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth,

Hippo Software

Hippo Software provides consulting, mentoring and training in Enterprise Architect, UML, SysML, BPMN and ArchiMate. Hippo Software is a Sparx Systems value added reseller and authorised global training partner. Hippo Software’s consultants assist in a wide variety of assignments on customer sites throughout the UK and Europe. They help customers to setup, establish and obtain best practice with Enterprise Architect and its related technologies.

Consulting and mentoring services include:

  • Assisting with the setup of an Enterprise Architect database
  • Defining a suitable project structure and diagram navigation
  • Devising and documenting company standards and guidelines
  • Helping to develop and review UML, SysML, BPMN and ArchiMate models
  • Facilitating workshops to capture requirements and business processes
  • Creating custom RTF templates to extract documentation from Enterprise Architect
  • Establishing best practice and governance mechanisms
  • Conducting technical reviews and quality audits

Hippo Software also provides formal Enterprise Architect training courses and workshops. These can be delivered on-site or by webinar. Training materials are modular and can be tailored to specific customer needs. Flexible pricing allows cost-effective training for any number of delegates.

Phone: +44 (0)1506 202164
Countries of Operation: UK and Europe (on-site), Worldwide (webinar)


ObjektDev is a specialist consulting, development and training provider, focused on improving efficiency throughout the software development lifecycle for organisations in the UK and central Europe.

Consulting & Development

As a Sparx Systems VAR, ObjektDev provides Enterprise Architect-specific consulting and plug-in development to assist clients in maximising their investment in Enterprise Architect. By drawing on its unrivalled Enterprise Architect expertise and many years of software development experience within the Defence, Telecoms, Media and Financial sectors, ObjektDev is able to smoothly integrate Enterprise Architect into your organisation.

ObjektDev’s consultants assist clients in:

  • Getting started with Enterprise Architect
  • Integrating Enterprise Architect into your project
  • Exploiting Enterprise Architect’s features to improve ALM efficiency
  • Facilitating workshops, e.g. use case or design pattern application

ObjektDev also offers a bespoke Enterprise Architect plug-in development service:

  • Integrate Enterprise Architect with project-specific tools
  • Enterprise Architect Code Generation
  • Enterprise Architect Object Relational Mapping

ObjektDev has worked with organisations such as BAE Systems, Virgin Group, BBC, BBned, Capita and GAM to assist in adopting Enterprise Architect to manage and trace requirements, develop software analysis and design best practise, generate code, tests and persistency schemas through training, consultancy, mentoring and bespoke plug-ins.

ObjektDev also offers tailored Enterprise Architect-specific training for BAs, Requirements Writers, Subject Matter Experts, Architects, Developers and Testers.

ObjektDev peut également procurer de la consultation, de la formation et du développement en français.