EA's Revision History Version 3.x

This section is intended to provide a history of the revisions of EA version 3.60, 3.51, 3.5, 3.1 and 3.0.

For information relating to the history of other versions, select a version below.

Enterprise Architect Version 3.60

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 662

Fixed ordering of Glossary in HTML documentation such that its sorted by Item and Type
Corrected context menu behavior which prevented embedded elements from being correctly inserted in a diagram
Corrected XMI import behavior for files with mixed single/multi byte characters which prevented non-western characters from being imported correctly
Removed "list of" on two strings on Export Reference data
Added "Model Authors", "Constraint Status Types" to Export Reference Data
Corrected XML import/export problem which prevented dates and float values from being imported correctly when using non-english regional settings
Corrected possible XMI import problem when multi-byte characters used on Sequence Message names (length limitation)
Fixed HTML report problem when deep package nesting repeats package names in a branch

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 661

Fix Glossary export bug which prevented glossaries from being imported into a model.
Fix Glossary dialog bug which wrongly cleared user edits on change of glossary list view.
Added <<process>> (Applied to activity) stereotype to list of default stereotypes (as per help documentation).
Fixed issue with connector label direction arrow pointing wrong way when connector ends are moved.
Fixed import from XML of Composite Elements which are exported as ClassifierRoles (eg. Requirements).

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 660

Small change to XMI importer to preserve external relationships between packages being imported and exported
Modified EA to prevent opening of version 4.0 DBMS based model files

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 659

Fixed default test run date being entered when test not yet run.
Fixed issue with package code generation, which prevented some classes from appearing in the list
Fixed problem with Operation dialog and some other properties dialog which prevented Save button enabling under certain circumstances
Fixed issue with selection of Hyperlinks and states when embedded on top of another state or element

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 658

Corrected issue with Unicode build that prevented use of JET 4.0 to access models or import MS Access 2000 or higher database schemas
Fixed VBNet function identifier behaviour which prevented keyword function identifiers to be properly imported.
Fixed UML Profile import process to correct an issue where SPEM profile images were not being properly imported.
Fixed XMI import error when reloading new XMI controlled packages.
Fixed issue with saving of decimal values in requirements types dialog when locale uses , for decimal point
Fixed problem with automation interface when reading IsStatic,IsSynchronized and IsAbstract properties of Method

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 657

Modified UI to use Shift+Control+Tab as the key combination for moving between tabs in major dialogs - allows use of Control+Tab combination to enter tabs in note fields
Corrected problem with saved image rectangle in XMI sometimes not reflecting absolute diagram offsets
Allowed use of code Synchronize command from Project main menu when multiple selection is enabled
Modified HTML report generation to use ", " instead of "," in some instance, to allow browser to wrap long "See Also" lists
Modified XMI import/export to correct issue with diagrams containing instances of the root export package losing image of package on import
Fixed attributes dialog issue where the user would be mistakenly prompted to save changes when using the keyboard accelerator key to access the dialog.
Fixed issue with batch code generation and readonly files, causing the dialogue to lock.
Fixed issue with batch code generation and inner classes.
Corrected display and updating of Diagram Note Created and Updated dates.
Fixed saving object efforts, risks and metrics where Notes is empty string.
Fixed bug in synchronization of foreign keys during DDL ODBC import.
Fixed missing DB2 Data Type display in table attributes dialog.

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 656

Added search results count to the Search dialog.
Fixed Delphi import issue where statically defined functions would prevent a Delphi class to import correctly.
Fixed Delphi synchonization issue which prevented operation implementation signatures from being properly synchronised with that in the class body.
Excluded DDL Import of SQL Server 2000 dtproperties table.
Added option to show table owner on diagram - set option on Diagram Properties Dialog.
Fixed syntax of DDL table generated for PostgreSQL.
Added create sequence statement when DDL generating an autonumber attribute for PostgreSQL.
Fix deletion of association notes link during ODBC table import.
Fixed MSAccess Memo datatype specification for DDL generation.
Fixed missing guid when creating table owner.
DDL Generation - fixed default comment tag when none selected.
Foreign keys - fixed corruption of FK information when changing name of non-FK operaton.
Corrected error in object search when Scenarios, Tags, etc checked.
Fixed missing column comments and corrected foreign key syntax when generating MySQL DDL.
Fixed display error when 'Classes Honor Analysis Stereotypes' unchecked in options dialog (affected Class elements only)
Fixed display problem with connector labels sometimes displaying black background for Print Preview and Print
Modified XMI import/export to include message conditional
Added Entity element to Custom page of UML toolbox
Fixed error on code synchronization of C# and Java function names which could result in missing bracket
Fixed case sensitivity issue in class names, when reverse engineering nested classes.
Updated C++ import feature to include support for "typename" keyword in operation return and parameter types.

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 655

Fixed problem with notes linked to element features or diagram note
Reverse engineering a locked file no longers disables UI
Removed the "Lock Package" menu option from all Project Root Nodes
CSV specification is checked for completeness before import

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 654

Modified the image generation code to allow creation of larger in memory bitmaps for drawing. This avoids having larger images scaled down when saved to file in PNG, JPG, etc. format. This affects the Save Image to File and HTML/RTF generated images. WMF and EMF format are not changed.
Added option in Tools/Options dialog - Diagram page to set the maximum amount of memory to allocate when creating memory bitmaps for images. This can be increased from the default where sufficient ram and pagefile space exist.
Fixed error with XMI package round tripping and "Virtual Documents" losing package identifiers
Instances of EA COM objects started from automation are now marked as single use to prevent inadvertent re-use of the same COM object when running multiple automation clients.
Fixed error with some toolbar images when Zicom Mentor add-in is active.
Modified algorithm to determine font sizing when zooming in and out. Corrects issue with some blank space appearing at the end of diagram elements with many attributes and/or operations. Element appearance is now more consistent at all zoom levels.
Modified Zoom procedure to retain current diagram centre when zooming in or out, rather than retaining the upper left corner position. Generally only noteiceable when diagram exceeds size of visible window.
Fixed issue with Package "Note" of root package not being retained thru XMI round trip.
Fixed bug in Integrity Check when checking Object Features.
Change PostgreSQL auto increment DDL script to lower case.
Fixed bug in Foreign Key Dialog allowing duplicate names.
Updated C++ Import feature to accept inheritances as "virtual public"-previously only "public virtual" was accepted.
Fixed bug in C++ Synch, which caused implementation notes to lose a carriage return during synchronize.
Fixed bug which could prevent classifier type being saved properly, when retyped manually into combobox.
Code Generation for custom languages now excecutes only the "File" template- previously hardwired to execute the "Class" template.
Updated Java Parameter template use "final" keyword for fixed parameters.
Updated Java Class Inherits template to handle sub-interfaces.
Updated Java Operation Declaration template to correct the "throws" specification.
Updated C++ Operation Declaration templates to correct the "throws" specification and "const" stereotype.
Group permissions now flow through other members of the group.
Modified LockPackage dialog to prevent repeated display of warning message when locking on behalf of another group
Fixed bug in Code generation which prevented VBNet namespace Import statements from being automatically generated.
Fixed bug in C# import feature which could prevent enums from being imported correctly.
Fixed bug in Code generation feature to allow Delphi export paths to be saved in the registry.
Updated the Image Manager Dialog for elements that causes the currently-selected alternate image to be selected in the list by default.
Updated the UML Profile Save/Import features to selectively save and import additional UML Profile options including:
  - Element Size fields (cx, cy)
  - Color and Appearance fields (bgcolor, fontcolor, bordercolor, borderwidth)
  - Alternate Image (metafile, or <Image/> Element, if there is an alternate metafile image defined for the element)
  - Code Templates (<Template /> Element, if there is a code template defined for the stereotype in the Profile)

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 653

Fixed problem opening foreign key dialog for some earlier EA model files
Fixed display of default foreign key name when creating new foreign key
Modified saving of long foreign key names
Fixed support for importing and exporting multiple class/attribute/operation attributes in CSharp and VBNet
Added Support for generating the system issues and system tasks in the HTML Documentation
Added check to Foreign Key dialog to ensure target columns are Primary Keys.
Fixed problem with modifying PrimaryKey columns for a table class

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 652

Modifed version control option dialog to allow disconnecting from version control even when packages in the model are under VC (useful when changing project location etc)
Modified behavior of main menu and context menu handler to correct a deficiency in a 3rd party library when using EA with Unicode on non-Englsih platforms
Allowed Version COntrolled packages to have relative paths specified instead of a single path (eg. source\java\classes.xml instead of just classes.xml. This applies to the Package Configuration dialog
Updated import of C++ operation parameters: array based parameters and more complex template-based parameters can be imported
Updated C++ Operation Declaration templates: removed redundant %opReturnArray% macro
Updated Linked Attribute templates: fixed problem with collection classes, when multiplicity set to "1"
Updated UML profile import - now includes support for "constraint" stereotypes
Fixed issue that could cause DAO error on package generation
Added Support for generating the glossary in the HTML Documentation
Fixed problem with selection of Use Cases in metrics dialog based on Keyword Like or Not Like search value
Fixed some errors with preservation of Package stereotype value for root nodes and views when round tripping using EA XMI export/import
Fixed search error when using SQL server in the find dialog and setting certain tagged value criteria
Auto element naming dialog now picks up changes in object type when using keyboard input only
Fix for problem with length limit on Foreign Key Names
Some changes to the Docked Element Browser window to ensure it is updated when tree and diagram changes occur
Changed drawing routine on composite element diagram icon
Default package behaviour in diagrams has been changed to automatically open the target rather than show properties (Ctrl+K behavior)
Correction to file writing routine that impacts CSV export
Some modifications to item selection in Attribute and Operations dialogs
Modified drawing code when saving images to file - better support for Win98/95/ME and improvements for XP/NT/2000 also. Impacts maximimum size of diagram that can be saved without scaling of image
Modified drawing code to redraw diagram when feature visibility dialog invoked to update display immediately
Modified mouse selection pf elements in diagram to prevent moving and sizing when Ctrl key is held down during mouse move. Helps prevent inadvertent moving of elements when adding to selected list using Ctrl+Click
Foreign Keys...
  - Improved saving of association details, loading of Source and Destination roles.
   - Fixed association link to display source and destination roles as well as foreign key attributes
  - Fixed inconsistencies on deletion of association where there are multiple or composite foreign keys.
  - Fixed Foreign Key dialog to improve handling of multiple and composite foreign keys.
  - Fixed import of multiple and composite foreign keys.
DDL Generation...
  - Fixed lock up when DDL generation file path not valid.
  - Restricted Oracle trigger and sequence name lengths to max 30 characters when generating DDL.
  - Fixed generation of table and column multiline comments.
Allowed for longer table/column/operation names.
Fixed saving Tablespace in Table Properties/Class Detail when Tablespace is deleted.
Fixed saving of primary key name changes in association.
Fixed saving of attribute name changes in association.
Fixed updating of attribute from project tree where attribute is part of primary key.

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 651

Support for PHP code generation and reverse engineering (beta release)
  - Code generation templates to support the PHP language
   - Importable standard datatypes package
   - Reverse engineering of PHP
   - Synchronization of PHP source code and syntax highlighting for source editor
Improved transaction handling around XMI import/export and version control check-in and check-out
Modified modality of dialog boxes shown when checking in and out packages to version control to prevent inadvertent interruption of the process
Improved speed of XMI import- especially in removing existing packages from model prior to import
Fixed issue with object Maintenance dialogs which treated name as key value. Also allowed multi-delete in docked list.
Fixed issue in C++ reverse engineering parameterized operation arguments
Fixed Synchronize options for package-level source code generation. Previously, class-level synchronize options were used
Modified RTF export to allow user entered line breaks in operation paramters to appear in documents
Modified behaviour of several dialogs in EA to better handle "Save" operation when initiated by pressing Enter key
Fixed issue with diagram icon in browser not changing immediately a diagram type is changed
Fixed diagram not saving Page Setup when invoked and set from the File menu
Corrected Status Types dialog query definitions for MySQL - problem with case sensitivity
Some minimisation of queries generated when moving diagram elements around to assist those using EA over a slower link
Fixed problem with Add-In menu when switching between user defined visual layouts
Fixed issue with Oracle and Implementation/Dependency report
Updated Scenario dialog behaviour to preserve list selection when a scenario is saved
Changed the default value of the "Show Stereotypes" option in the Options->General page to true
Fixed a gui issue with the attributes dialog that wrongly enabled the property checkbox after clicking the new button to add an attribute.

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 650

Fixed problem with Auto-Layout diagram feature causing exception in some cases in non-unicode build of EA
Added initial supports for Ports to EA
Modified the Save as Profile function to support the more standard UML Profile modeling syntax
Modified calculation of bounding rectangle for Decision elements (text could be truncated in saved images in some conditions)

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 649

Extended support for Composite Elements to Class, Object, Use Case etc.
- Can be set from context menu option on diagram element
- Automatically adds a child diagram to the Composite Element
- Adds a small icon to the lower right corner indicating Composite
- Double click on Composite Element will open the child default diagram
Added automation support for composite elements - Element now has an Elements and a Diagrams collection
Added App object to EA automation interface
Also added ability to retrieve App Object from the "Running Objects" table using constructs such as VB's GetObject() function. (see Help file for more information)
Added ability to add and work with Nested Version Control packages in the Project Browser (ie. children of Version Controlled packages may now be Version Controlled as well.
Added Constraint Status Types Dialog & support code to provide user-customisable constraint status types.
Fixed problem with loss of Keyboard mappings when switching between Visual Layouts
Fixed problem with sequence diagrams when "New" message is preceded by a Return message to an other object
Fixed problem with diagram not being marked dirty when relation suppressed thru docked relations window
Re-worked Project/Issues dialog to be more in keeping with the System/Issues dialog
Fixed issue with Source Editor when using Local Paths as part of the filename
Allowed diagrams to be placed under Root node in project browser
Fixed error when deleting tablespace names
Added support for color and border style using the Format toolbar when editing Note elements
Modified System Issue dialog to replace "Save" with "Apply" and retain current record after saving
Corrected a couple of minor XSD generation issues
Disabled Version Control "Change User" button for Jalinda Igloo, which does not support the function.
Changed route behaviour for Association classes so that it routes in the user-specified default mode.
Added default property operation note values to new property creations (attribute notes)
Fixed diagram draw behaviour logic that refreshes a lollipop name of a realised interface when the interface's name is modified
Fixed Issue Dialog problem that did not set edit fields as dirty when user entered white space (space).
Fixed Property checkbox behaviour for Attribute Edit dialog that erroneously showed properties as unchecked
Linked display of Delphi Tagged Values for Properties to visibility of Operations (hiding one hides the other)

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 648

Added Sub-Activity and Sub-Machine elements to the UML Toolbar. Each automatically creates a new child diagram on creation.
Added ability to show a Use Case using 'rectangle' notation - displaying attributes, operations, constraints etc. in the same way as a Class
Added ability to drop an Operation from the Project View onto an Activity diagram and have it automatically create an Activity element
Added Artifact model element to the Deployment compartment of the UML Toolbar. Displays using artifact keyword and 'doc' icon in top right corner
Added ability to 'Show Realized Interfaces' to Class and Component (toggle on/off using element context menu. When enabled:
- EA will show a lollipop style interface node for each Interface the class or component directly realizes
- Connectors may be directly attached to the lollipop circle - inidcating usage of the interface part of the class or component
Fixed problem with focus of control in Sequence diagrams on messages set as "New" (ie. create new instance)
Added ability to generate a complete directory structure of code from a model package and subpackage in one step using default values
Modified sort order of some collections in the automation interface to match the sequence shown in project browser
Fixed some issues with adding child diagrams to elements in the project browser
Fixed issue with locking packages using Group locking
Fixed issue with context menu display in UML Toolbar
Fixed issue with associations between objects being deleted in collaboration diagrams when one object removed from diagram
Modified Issue dialog to set status to closed when issue resolved
Corrected case sensitivity issue of class scope in XMI import/export
Fixed issue with Association Class elements showing dotted link in images derived from only currently selected items
Added context menu option to single elements to include "Copy Selected Image to Clipboard)
Fixed import of XMLDoc <exception/> comment tags for languages not having explicit throws clauses
Fixed ExportXML dtd file copy problem for XMI 1.0 export

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 647

Added Multi-Object appearance for sequence elements
Added context menu option to Connector "Hide in Other Diagrams" - allows batch Hiding/Showing of a connector in all but the current diagram
Unlocked "Launch" button on Files tab of Object Properties dialog when Object is locked - assume launching files is still OK when object is locked
Modified Project Tree to show package stereotypes when appropriate
Fixed error in Sequence diagram - Object could be displayed with circle notation
Fixed error in image generating code which could cause an error when creating large HTML documentation sets
Fixed issue with Add-Ins menu causing interference with standard menus in rare circumstances
Modified Add-In template (Addn_Templ.TLB) to include "Disconnect()" method (destructor).
- Used to allow Add-Ins to disconnect gracefully (see Help File)
- Solves problem of .NET based Add-Ins locking EA from exiting normally
- see Help file for more information
Modified XSD generator to ensure nested model groups generate correctly
Modified standard C# Operation Body code generation templates to exclude curly braces for interface methods
Fixed issue with Version control settings when using Replicated .EAP files (settings could not be saved)

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 646

Added additional highlight for context element in diagrams - when selected has hatch border.
. Context element is one used for alignment operations not using mouse
. Can be turned off on the Diagram/Behavior page of Options dialog
Modified Project Browser to improve context menu behavior and added warning before reloading model when changes by other user detected
Added option to Tools/Option dialog to not expand drop target packages when doing a node trasnfer in project browser
Fixed VBNet Comment parser behavior - XMLDoc, JavaDoc & standard comment
Fixed VB & VBNet processFunction arguments (multiple lines)
Various Code Generation Template updates
Modified CreateProperty dialog behavior on Attributes dialog (to improve property creation & modification)
Modified diagram alignment behavior to use last selected element in group selection when aligning via main menu
Fixed issue with conditions on Collaboration messages caused when re-sequencing the collaboration messages
Corrected possible problem when printing or saving images with 'Display Watermark' ticked, but not text set to display
Modified some string resources to correct displayed tooltips
Modified RTF Report dialog to allow creation of new Template when started from <<Model Document>> class
Limited Extended Properties on Operations for Tables to Indexes and Foreign Keys
Improved Boundary, Text and Note behavior to retain font and color settings when pasting as new copy
Modified RTF format of Requirements/Linked Requirements to make them match
Modified RTF format of Requirements/Linked Requirements to hide status and advanced information when "Object Detail" unchecked
Corrected problem with Code Generation toolbar - which could cause exception when showing context menu under certain circumstances (affects XP and Win3K only)
Modified .EAP file repair functions to be grayed out when no EAP file loaded.
Modified XMI import/export to move connector end stereotypes from the attribute to tagged value level. Issue with DTD
Extended behavior of locking on View and Project roots to allow deletion of View or root when "Require User Lock to Edit" is the security mode
Fixed option for auto-generating interface methods
Updated C# operation templates: removed invalid modifiers on interface operations
Updated C++ FileImpl template: uses %fileNameImpl% instead of %fileName% in comment section
Added ability to bookmark (red triangle) alternate images and stereotyped metafiles
Fixed issue with automation interface that could prevent "CreateObject" working in some instances

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 645

Inclusion of first release of EA Add-Ins capability (see Help file under Automation/Scripting)
- Ability to define ActiveX add-ins to appear in EA main menu
- Allows creation of one menu branch (including submenus) per Add-In
- Receive and respond to user menu selection
- Interact with the EA Repository elements active within the current open Model

Fix for problem with CVS Source Code Control using Igloo bridge
Modifications to SCC interface to support PVCS SCC
Fix for relative names from Source Code Editor
Modified user interface to retain current User Tools when changing visual layouts
Added support for business process stereotypes such as "business worker" "business entity" "business actor" "business use case" etc.
Modified Space Evenly - Horizontal function to accomodate some elements which may have external text (eg. Actor)

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 644

Modified Workspace Views toolbar to allow toggling of docked windows (on-off)
Added Configure Appearance menu option to element context menu
Fixed problem with some docked windows first appearing with no "X" cloce button in the top right corner
Fixed issue where Rolenames on association between two tables were being suppressed, even when Foreign Keys were not defined
Modified VB parser to treat Enums in .cls files as inner classes
Modified VB.Net parser to allow _ in op declaration
Added code in Override Implementation dialog to support VB implemented interfaces.
Fixed issue with Vb, VBNet operation implementation for inherited interfaces
Corrected problem with element properties dialog appearing offscreen in some instances
Modifed foreign key dialog to only show FK's associated with current association
Fixed problem with Print List function in several places causing exception in Unicode version
Released first version of SPEM UML Profile (see /spem_profile.htm)
Fixed problem in automation interfce with Aggregation property on ConnectorEnd Object
Fixed problem in automation interface when deleting a Connector from a Collection
Changes to XMI 1.0 imort/export to pick up EA tags when round tripping
Modified use of XMI local path setting for use with Version Control
Added "Parameter Impl" code generation template to allow for correct generation of operations having parameters with default values

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 643

Generate namespace option is used in default templates
Packages set as root namespaces, now generate classes at file scope
The %synchNamespaceBodyIndent% is available for specifying namespace-level indentation during code synchronisation.
Updates to the XML Schema generator and to the associated UML Profile which may be obtained from our website
Fixed error when re-ordering Collaboration messages
Fixed error in XMI import/export to SQL Server - missing diagram hyperlinks
Improved some aspects of XMI import/export when linking back to internal elements
Added support for User Images in custom toolbars. Supplied some default icons in UserImages.bmp, which may be modified or replaced by end user
Fixed issue with importing Metafiles for Stereotypes, both in Stereotype dialog and in importing UML Profiles
Modifications to Code Templates to fix error with C# Public keyword
Added support for <<label>> stereotype on GUIElements - creates a transparent text field
Some fixes in the Delphi code generator
Fixed display of combined foreign and primary keys.
Fixed display of multiple primary keys.
Fixed bug on delete connector on MySQL.
Removed restrictions on creation of foreign keys.

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 642

Fixed problem with import of WMF and EMF files for stereotypes in Unicode build
Modified self-reference sonnectors to allow moving down the full height of extended elements
Fixed error in Implementation report under Oracle
Modified behavior of Requirement elements when resizing using "auto-size"
Modified Configure Default Appearance to allow setting more than one element at a time
Fixed error in Save Diagram as Profile function which could cause incorrect XML
Modified code generation template for C++
Added ability to sort UML Profile elements in resource tree in different ways (context menu option)
Fixed error that could occur when closing Element property dialog using Alt+C

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 641

Fixed C++ Rev Eng : Incorrectly parsed attributes with nested template types
Modified Use Case drawing to hide extension points when diagram option "Hide Attributes" is checked
Removed namspace blank line in DDL generation for Oracle
Fixed missing attribute name on associations with multiple primary keys
Fixed error in import of tables where more than one foreign key relationship existed between two tables
Fixed bug that could cause Operations and Attributes dialog to abort when Alt+C pressed
Fixed problem with buttons to move method params up and down being disabled
Fixed issue with UI when changing visual layouts that have docked tear-off menus showing
Modified use of stereotype colors to work when base class type is not matched in target element
Fixed caption display of sequence diagram so that when diagram is scrolled, element captions in title are correctly positioned

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 640

Added additional Attribute details to RTF reports
Fixed error in System docked window that could cause exception when no project loaded
Fixed C++ Rev Eng : Incorrectly parsed parents, if namespace resolved.
Added support for namespace of parent in C++ inheritance declaration
Fixed bug in Foreign Key Dialog allowing Update Cascade checkbox to show for Oracle tables
Improved DDL Import and DDL script generation.
Namespace Declaration fix for VBNet,
Generation options Dialog fix when using Japanese version of EA
Remove Comment style from VBNet Generation options,
Add advanced checkbox & supporting code to Template Editor ("Namespace *" "Class Base" "Class Interface" "Import Section" moved to advanced),
Template edits (added warning comments to advanced templates),
Fixed problem with Virtual Inherited parents not showing in 'Inherits' section of class caption when appropriate
Added some checks on Version Control before allowing changes to configuration
Tightened up some security items related to version control
Fixed C++ Rev Eng : Incorrectly parsed complex template-based attributes eg. vector< const TestType& > listConst
Modified Actor to allow use of Rectangle notation from Actor context menu - rather than from a single stereotype (<<system>>) as previously

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 639

Added Configure Version Control and Use Version control permission types to Security Model in Coporate version of EA
Modified Apply Pattern function to allow setting both Rename and Link check boxes - and have EA only apply one
Modified apply pattern function to prevent doubling up of applied operations in some cases
Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down shortcut keys added to Project Browser (move elements up and down)
Fixed context menu on element properties dialog - Link page to be non-modal
Sub-Activities now handled correctly in XMI import/export
Fixed error in stereotype dialog which only allowed a stereotype for one base type instead of many
Fixed element search dialog to handle particular Japanese character(s) that were causing SQL errors.
Added a new check to Integrity dialog to update Foreign Key definitions to new mode in EA 3,60
Added 'Advanced' check box to Code Templates dialog to show all templates
Some minor fixes in VB.Net code generation and templates
Some additional code template macros for handling Parameterized and Instantiated classes

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 638

Added ability to Save specially set-up diagrams as UML Profiles (see Help file)
Fixed issue with object font color set from Format Toolbar
Fixed error with multiple extension points being defined in Use Cases
Modified XMI importer to correct possible import error when importing a full model
Fixed problem with EA always opening maximized even with local option - Open Maximized - unchecked
Fixed issue with use of refernce character when defining properties
Fixed issues with import of VB.Net nested classes
Fixed problem with multiple copies of operation pre- and post- conditions appearing in RTF documents

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 637

Fixed problem of Local Paths dialog not saving paths
Fixed issue with saving scenarios and some reference types when regional settings use , (comma) as the decimal separator
Fixed issue with not being able to modify namespace root when Require User Lock to Edit enabled
Fixed error in MySQL when changing Locking Mode in Corporate version of EA
Fixed error in RTF output in Unicode version of EA - document could be corrupt when Scenarios included in output

Changes and fixes for Version 3.60 - build 636

Fixed problem with useage of Apply/Release User lock in Corporate version of EA
Added Select Classifier dialog to Operations dialog for Return Type
Fixed problem with Operations Return Type combo losing contents after dialog canceled
Fixed problem with importing indexed properties in VB.Net

Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 635

User Interface Changes

Major changes to docked windows...
Upgraded docking behavior - pull out and redock tabbed windows (eg. Notes docked window)
Flexible docking algorithm allows a number of new docking methods
Dock windows in a larger variety of places
Autohide (slide away) enabled on all major docked windows
Main menu reworked to include new functions and makes many features more accessible
Addition of Element menu to handle Element functions on currently selected element
Context menus for elements, diagram etc. reworked to limit complexity
Toolbar added to docked property window
Added syntax highlighting source code editor as dockable window within EA
Quick customization menu on toolbars (add/remove buttons)
Improved graphical indication of version controlled and package controlled packages in browser
Added scope icons to method and attribute nodes in browser
Ability to display text below toolbar icons
Keyboard accelerator map added to Help menu
Added ability to save and load screen layouts (up to 5)
Improved keyboard access to all windows. Ctrl+F4 hotkey to close current docked window
Improved Hierarchy view to show more information
Added ability to Select elements in a diagram by type (Edit menu)
Improved Snap to Grid and Grid display function (now in View Menu)
Made a selection of submenus 'tear off' - so they can be detached and docked like toolbars
Clean up of many graphical elements within EA

Code Generation Changes:

Code generation templates for C#, C++, Delphi, Java, VB and VB.Net
Ability to generate code for user languages using templates
Inbuilt Source Code Editor with syntax highlighting
Ability to synchronize and generate from the source editor
Code template editor with syntax highlighting for template macros
Extensive Code Template language for modifying all aspects of code generation
Bug fixes and improvements to Parser

Version Control:

Enabled SCC cmpatible version control
Currently tested with Visual Source Safe and CVS (using Igloo). Generic support for SCC compliant providers
Uses a local 'virtual repository' to store XMI text files from EA, which integrate with the SCC provider
Project/Version Control menu option to configure.
Context menu option on package in Browser to use
Improved XMI import/export for version control - relinking and control of cross package references
Improved XMI export/import speed

Unicode Edition:

A Unicode edition of EA is now available for users wishing to mix languages
Unicode version enabled for WIn98/ME as well as NT, 2000 and XP

Database Engineering Changes:

Added Dialog to streamline creation/editing of foreign keys.
Added option to write a log file for Data Transfer errors and Remove Replication transfer errors.
Specified a direction for the link between tables linked by a foreign key.
Added foreign key details to table link.
Fixed adding and removal of Foreign Key link.
Fixed deleting foreign key operations when association deleted.
Fixed DDL import of table default values from Oracle using Microsoft ODBC Oracle driver.
Fixed missing header comments in DDL generation of Data Model package.
Fixed sp_addextendedproperty DDL generation for SQL Server.
Fixed syntax of drop table statement.
Fixed creation of Primary Key operation where attribute allowed nulls.
Fixed primary key in t_seclocks table in Oracle9i script.
Fixed truncation of requirement type name.
Fixed adding of extra columns to Primary Key.
Fixed crash when saving operation on databases built with SQL Server 7 script.
Fixed crash when cancelling data transfer.
Reversed sort order of reference data types
Display default DDL filename in file dialog when browsing to location to save DDL script.
Warning against deleteing foreign key using Operations dialog.
Additional fixes and updates

Document Generator:

Added ability to create a 'Virtual Document' from s Class stereotyped as a <<Model Document>> (ie. 'Model Document' - case sensisitive)
Drag packages from the Browser onto the virtual document to add packages as 'attributes'
Sort the package order using the Attribute dialog
Generate using the Element/Documentation dialog. EA will detect the <<document>> stereotype and generate the full document
Added ability to generate RTF for a single element (Element/Documentation)

New Example Mode:

A new example model is now distributed with the base EA application. This provides a more 'worked example' than the previous example


Modified function that applies a UML Pattern to the model. Provides ability to add pattern features to targets pattern is applied to
Updated Help System. An extensive reworking, reformatting and tidy up of the Help system has been started.
Fixed problem with Message dialog when classifier of target had circular Realization graph
Fixed display of Interface and Stereotyped elements in Sequence diagrams
Elements retain selection status between generation and synchronization
Imrpoved locking semantics and detection of locked elements when security is enabled
Added function to export linked files in RTF as RTF Hyperlins
Fixed some problems with Printing - especially a problem that caused a crash when page dialog accessed repeatedly
Fixed some docked windows which were not being kept up to date when they were not visible.
Default page size now set when EA first runs on a machine - detects Letter/A4 and printer resolution etc.
Added a function to reset tagged values for intances of a class (to match the class tagged values)
Modified Collaboration message arrows to match Sequence style
Added ability to number collaboration messages in indented groups (eg., ... etc)
Option to show sequence message numbers in Sequence diagram

Numerous other bug fixes and tune-ups

Enterprise Architect Version 3.51

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 618

Fixed problem introduced in 617 with Conditions and Constraints on Sequence messages not showing correctly
Fixed error in CSV import with delimiter specification not showing correctly in dialog
Added Collaboration diagrams to possible sub-activity types
Fixed problem with node elements having Tagged values causing drawing error when tag name wider than node body

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 617

Fixed problem with Nodes rendering Tagged Values twice when diagram dialog option to show tagged value compartment checked
Fixed error with C++ import of pointer variables (eg. A* pA;)
Added Sequence and State diagrams to those that appear as sub-activities in Activity diagrams
Fixed error with saving element Template Package in projects with replication enabled

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 616

Fixed error with import of source code directory when resolving generalizations. In some rare circumstances could cause an exception
Fixed error with import of Sequence diagrams from XMI causing intermittent problems with saving message positions in Sequence diagrams
Fixed error with Options dialog pages being offset to far to the left for uses using 'Large Fonts' in windows
Fixed C++ import error of typed operators : eg. TCHAR operator[] () ;
Modified XMI exporter for Rose. Adding <<subsystem>> stereotype to a package will cause that model branch to be exported as a Component Model for Rose
Modified base .EAP file (EABase.EAP distributed with EA) to improve replication support.
Added 'compartment' support in diagrams for states and nodes.
Prevented EA prompting for 'Save' when exiting secure model with no user lock on current diagram
Modified order of word replacements in RTF language adjustment to prevent inadvertent overwrites
Improvements to DDL generation of:
Column defaults, check constraints,
Table and column comments,
Referential integrity and check constraints,
Added option to select referential integrity constraints to table operations.
Added option to skip all rows of a table if an error occurs during data transfer of a model, and during removal of replication.
Fixed saving of association link names greater than 50 characters.
Fixed error on save of Local Options dialog when using .EAP files with replication enabled
Modified XMI export to write log file when requested
Fixed GUI ELements to show text even when stereotype not applied
Modified XMI importer to handle XMI 1.2 files where possible (some work still required)
Modified ECF and TCF dialogs to handle , as a decimal separator where regional settings are configured that way

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 615

Added support for picking up initializer lists in .CPP file and correctly re-synching the same on code generation
Fixed bug with pointer reference being reversed in C++ (*& becomes &*)
Fixed bug in parser where many macros are defined in Refrence/Language Macros. Caused incorrect parsing of some tokens.
Fixed problem with output of Tagged Value notes in RTF
Fixed issue with import/synchronization of attributes delared as arrays eg. int x[100]; in C++
Added support for "volatile" keyword in Java and C++
Fixed issue with "unsigned long" data type in CPP imlpementation file paramter list
Added ability to define a system wide "Watermark" for diagrams when printed or output to image. See View/Options dialog - Diagram page
Fixed problem with Collaboration graphic element printing with solid border instead of dashed. Also cured similar problem when zoomed in on Collaboration
Added or improved support for ODBC import and DDL generation of:
    Interbase 6,
    PostgreSQL, and
    Sybase tables,
    including index and foreign key constraints (where supported).
Added and modified existing Database Datatypes. See file ddl_datatypes.xml in EA install directory. Import using the Reference/Import Reference Datatypes dialog
Set index sort radio button to default to ascending in operation extended properties dialog.

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 614

Elements with parent names specified graphically now resize if name is longer than class name
Fixed error with UML:Diagram XMI being written out during export when Diagrams set to non-export
Added support for C# event keyword (field declaration and accessor) to C# parser.
Added ability for ordinary user to 'View Current Locks' when security enabled. View Locks is a new Permission.
Fixed problem with Java parser misinterpreting default values of attributes when the default is a scoped name
Fixed error in automation interface which could cause Models collection to throw an exception
Change to XSD Schema generator - for complexTypes which contain an attributeGroup and are derived from another complexType by extension or restriction, the attributeGroup is placed within the extension element.
Duplicated objects now created with User Lock applied where 'Require User Lock to Edit' is enabled in security
Fixed problem in adding items to Glossary
Links page of Object Properties dialog now works with Locate Object when the target is a package type
Fixed some instances of case sensitive SQL which could cause issues on UNIX based version of MySQL
Added ability to define a default user diagram for corporate edition when security is enabled.
    User may set any diagram to be their own default
    Function is available from the diagram context menu - when user security is turned on
Made 'New' button on Requirements page of Object Properties dialog always enabled - even when a linked requirement is selected

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 613

Added new diagram layout options:
   - Set from Diagram Dialog: see Set Layout button
   - Applies to current diagram only
   - Can be set as Project Default layout
   - Includes option to layout to left, right, up or down
   - Includes settings to control spacing and layout performance options
   - Also includes auto 'bending' of line links where possible to achieve a clean layout
Fixed 'Undo' of moved boundary where subelements are also moved
Fixed Undo of diagram layout - Ctrl+Z will now reverse a layout
Added Connectors collection to Package element in Automation Interface
Added TreePos property to Element in Automation interface
Fixed error in options dialog default value for wrap long comments option
Fixed spelling errors in Generate DDL dialog
Fixed C++ parser error when importing some inline functions from header file
Added Alias property to Package element in ActiveX interface
Fixed 'Locate Object' behavior in Implementation Report dialog
Fixed error with code generation progress dialog that could result in dialog been left open when a bad filename was encountered in output
Modified Instance State behavior to remove merged name when this option is unchecked and to not show [state] in instance graphically when name is merged
Changed 'hit test' on sequence elements to only include the 'head' of the element and 7 pixels either side of the lifeline. This is to improve element selection in sequence diagrams
Fixed error with arbitrary packages being opened when EA first loads a project (bug in 612 only)

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 612

Addition of support for using ORACLE 9i or greater as the repository for an EA project
   - Required scripts are located on Corporate resource pages
   - Data transfer functions also modified to work with Oracle
Added check box to Set Instance State dialog to "Merge State with Instance Name" - will append [State] to instance name
Added menu option on Connector for Association Class link to automatically add the Association Class if it is not currently in the selected diagram
Fixed issue with RTF language substitution function - "Figure" was not being handled correctly
Added option (in View/Options Diagram page) to allow changing diagram created date. If checked, created date is editable on diagram dialog
Fixed problem with importing packages in XMI format to DBMS repositories. In some cases diagrams did not appear in Project Browser
Fixed problem with importing Delphi source code where class with many implemented interfaces could be imported without all interfaces
Fixed issue with Instance Classifier dialog not showing caption under certain circumstances
Fixed issue with Diagram Hyperlink not working when the default was not to generate pages for notes or text
Fixed duplication of mnemonic on Operations dialog (Const and Cancel)
Added option in RTF diagram to use 'Simple Names' for elements. This removes the scope and modifiers from the element name in the final document
Added option to add initializers to output source code in C++ implementation file. A tagged value of "initializer" will result in EA appending ":" + the initializer value to the source
Fixed autocounters for element task, issue, change etc.
Removed some autocounters in the list which were not relevant
Added drop list of 'owned states' to "Set Instance State" dialog. An owned state is one which appears under an element in the project browser
Modified local option 'Sequence message Vertical Gap" to now be saved on a per project basis - rather than a per person basis
Fixed error in generation of Package notes in RTF when using the <Basic> style
Fixed problem with package Alias always being used in RTF output when set, and not when explicitly asked for only
Changes to the XSD Schema generator
   - Import elements are generated for each referenced package whose targetNamespace tagged value differs from the target package's targetNamespace.
   - Include elements are generated for each referenced package sharing the targetPackage's namespace.
   - Added "schemaLocation" as a tagged value for the XSDschema stereotype. It is generated in the include and import elements.
   - TargetNamespace prefix gets included in the schema element, if targetNamespacePrefix tagged value is specified for an XSDschema package.
   - The Encoding value in the processing instruction is omitted if the encoding field in the GenXSD dialogue is empty.
   - TargetNamespace prefixes are used in ref elements for external types.
Fixed problem when generating VB6 source    - class specific Advanced Options were being overridden by the global equivalents at run time
Added automation method to GetCurrentDiagram() from the open model
Added ability to hide or show 'Package' scoped features in a diagram to the Diagram Dialog
Fixed error in picking up project default language when showing the Import Source Directory dialog
Moving a Collaboration message now marks the current diagram as dirty
Fixed error with RTF Report dialog when saving template with all options and filters set. Length of opetions style string was too long.
Added ability to mark a collaboration message as 'Return' and have it show with 'dashed' line appearance
Length of Collaboration 'tails' increased and some small adjustments made to position of associated text
Changing a text font will now mark diagram as dirty
From search dialog, Locate Related Element in Browser now works for Package as well as other elements
Added Automation method to Repository to GetConnectorByID(long ConnectorID)
Added 'Apply' button to Diagram Properties dialog
Fixed problem with data transfer between MySQL and SQL Server (NULL able columns)
Fixed problem with Association Class - link to association was not draw if Association Class was off screen - but association was on screen

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 611

Fixed bug in EA running under Windows 2000 that could result in program termination when adding a new Project Root node
Fixed problem with UML Patterns when adding sequence objects and messages to an existing diagram - could result in duplicate messages being created
Fixed problem with Classifier dialog not showing correct classifiers for some intance types
Added option to View/Options/Diagram/Behaviour dialog to turn off Automatic Sub-Activities from dropped diagrams
Fixed issue with new Sub-Activities created from dropped diagrams not appearing in Project Browser until a reload occurred
Fixed issue with import of XMI - attribute and element contraints could cause an error if constraint type was not set in XML file
Modified export of 'position' tagged value in XMI 1.0 for attributes - used tag name ea_position instead to avoid conflict with XSD position tagged value
Modified RTF generator to sort connectors by connector type first, thereby grouping like connectors
Modified RTF generator to fix issue with line breaks in Test notes
Fixed issue with glossary dialog not warning if pending changes exist when moving between records or closing the dialog

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 610

Automation interface re-written to support both IDispatch and Type Library access to automation objects.
  - TypeLibrary automatically registered on install of EA (Enterprise Architect Object Library 2.0)
  - Automation error handling improved to provide simpler and more convenient error messages
  - Intellisense for EA object model now supported thru type library reference
  - Code samples added to EA install directory (Sample Code)
  - AutomationInterface.PDF updated
  - Automation Interface ReadMe.PDF added to Program Group ... highlights recent changes

Added new behaviour on Ctrl+Drag of element from Project Browser to diagram. Source element may be dropped as Link, as Instance and as new Child (generalizes)
Added new options to UML Pattern function (from diagram 'Save as UML Pattern' option)
  - Option to link an object to an existing classifier at pattern instantiation time
  - Option to replace a pattern element with an existing model element of the same type at pattern instantiation time

3 more Properties added to the Connector automation element:
  - TransitionEvent
  - TransitionGuard
  - TransitionAction

Added an option to the HTML Generation dialog to optionally not generate separate pages for notes and text elements
Modifed Attributes and Operations dialogs pages - improved keyboard navigation and added additional mnemonics for each field
Modified Project Borwser so that F9 and F10 shortcut keys to Attributes and Operations now work correctly in tree
Updated EA installer to new version. Added code samples directory to install and included registration of type library as part of install
Added support for SubActivity State.
  - Dragging an Activity Diagram from the Project Browser onto an Activity diagram will create a SubActivity State node
  - The SubActivity node will behave in the same fashion as a Diagram Hyperlink - ie. double click to go to target diagram

Added ability to bookmark results in Search Dialog (places a red triangle above bookmarked elements in diagrams)

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 609

Added support for showing element and feature stereotypes in Project Browser (option is on View/Options dialog first page)

Made a number of modifications to the source code importer (including):
   Improved support for importing hundreds or thousands of files in the same directory.
   Improved support for synchronising existing classes - rather than re-importing

Added support for 'default element templates' :
  Use the Project Main Menu - "Set Element Template Package" option to cofigure or change the template directory
  Place elements you wish to be the default templates for new elements in the package
  Configure the template size, appearance, notes, version etc.
  Add new elements from the toolbox - EA will check the templates directory first and if a template is found, will copy from there

Improved handling of drag and drop from the Project Browser:
  Cursor reverted to default explorer arrow
  When moving in tree, drag source is gived 'cut' appearance to indicate possibility of moving element within model
  When cursor is moved outside tree and over diagram, drag source is focused and drawn normal - inidcating it will be added to the current diagram

Added "Cancel Import/Generation" button to batch source import/generate dialog
Fixed problem with CreateProperty dialog. In some cases could revert to default language instead of element language.
Added display of table column number, scale and precision to HTML output
Fixed problem with XMI import/export and package scope of AssociationEnd's
Prevented EA from overwriting custom parameters in sequence messages when the underlying method was updated
Added support for Object State (context menu option on object element) allows setting of a single state for a class instance
Made the Matrix cells uneditable if user does not have permission to edit source and target objects
Fixed issue with applying user locks and element locks in tree. Lock applied immediately now.
Packages created in tree are created with user permissions
When moving a Boundary element, all contained custom line points for contained elements will be moved as well as the contained elements
Fixed error with newly created elements being moved between packages.
Added option to diagram dialog to suppress qualifiers (scope markers +-#~ etc) in a diagram
Fixed problem with report view of diagram scrolling to top after each edit
Made docked property window display object properties when selected in diagram Report View, and reflect changes to both
Added Methods and Interfaces to the list of replaceable word in RTF language customization
Dotted namespaces in C# and VB.Net now imported correctly
Fixed problem with import of VB.Net interfaces when each realised interface listed on a separate line
Added option (in Viuew/Options dialog) to have 'free sorting' of elements in project tree - so that element type is ignored
Collaboration diagram type added to context menu in project browser where appropriate
Fixed font dialog of Diagram Link element - not picking up underline correctly
Modified DataTypes dialog so that a product could be deleted when the last datatype it supported was deleted
Association-Class now suppressed in RTF when you suppress the Class type for the document
Fixed problem in CSV import - elements not appearing in import package when no current diagram is open
Changed text item minimum size to be 16x16 - the same as an icon with no text
Changed diagram link type so that element can have no text but background will still not show if it has iconic form
Ensured EA prompts to save any changes before changing projects
Fixed problem with setting link label alignment
Fixed error with getting default code generation language when flipping between projects which have different defaults
Changed EA default behavior to stop force loading of Association Classes in diagrams. Now the Association Class may be suppressed if desired
Added support for deleting multiple test cases in the Test Casew list in one action
Modified Java code generation - stopped writing out name of Namespace Root where class resided in that namespace (ie. a global class)

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 608

Added 'Autosize Element' context menu option to single selected element
Fixed problme in Java generation of extends clause
Added notes section of linked requirement to RTF output - similar to notes for internal requirements
Prevented notes being modified and content lost when element is locked
Fixed cursor problem when connector type and then element type selected in toolbox - correct cursor shape now shown
Modified parameter type combo to mark record as dirty when type modified using arrow keys only
Checked size of run-state information when drawing elements and ensure element is wide enough to contain text
Fixed problem when adding additional Project Root nodes - sort order was reset to alphabetic instead of user configurable
Fixed problem where the 'constraint' field on a sequence message was not being written out to XMI
Fixed problem with print outs where Scale Image to One Page was selected. Often the font was being overly reduced.
Fixed display erro with Operation behaviour in class diagrams - behaviour notes now displayed correctly wrapped and next operation moved down a suitable amount
Fixed problem with NewElement Dialog (from Package contrext menu) being set invisible in some situations
Changed Diagram Hyperlink element so that it may have no text and the bounding box does not show - only the link icon
Changed wording of connector type in Connector dialog - now drop list contain Auto Routing as the second option instead of Routed
Schema generator modified:
      * EA now generates a complexType wrapper for attributes which are generated as elements and have a non-simple type.
      * The default model group is now "sequence", instead of "all"

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 607

Addition of XML Schema generation to Professional and Corporate versions of EA
- Provides ability to generate complex XSD schema from UML models
- Use in conjunction with the XSD Profile that can be imported into EA
- Also added XSD Datatypes XMI package for use with XSD generator
- see: www.sparxsystems.com/resources/xml_schema_generation.html

Changed docked Property Grid component
Fixed bug in Auto-counters for new diagrams which sometimes displayed wrong counter
Fixed bug that resulted in prompt to save modified diagram after diagram had already been deleted
Added option to View/Options/XML Specifications dialog to toggle timestamps in XMI on or off. This is useful when you wish to ensure two exports from a controlled package create identical files when there are no model changes
Fixed problem with Open Project menu and toolbar items not working after application has lost and regained focus
Fixed code import (C++) error in eg. Func1(Foo<Msg&> prm1); The & was being lost.
Modified diagram 'Deep Copy' function such that a new CreateDate is created on copy
Fixed error with Components which could result in elements with a long (wrapped?) being drawn too large
Limited length of Requirement short description to 254 characters
Added ability to add RunState to Node Instances
New Packages created under User Lock will inherit the lock state
Added option to not generate/reverse code notes and comments
- Added two check boxes to the View/Options/Code Generation dialog page. They are in a section called comments:

  1. Generate: default = true. Uncheck this to not generate any notes in code
  2. Reverse: default = true. Uncheck this to not pull in any notes from code.

C++ generator now uses initial value of attribute in enum definitions
Fixed error where pressing ESC in docked Notes window could cause notes window to de-activate
Fixed problem in C# parser which could result when certain combination of commented out { and } characters occurred
Added current EA.tlb (type library) for those wishing to register EA automation interface in tools with Intellisense etc.
Fixed error in XMI generation where EA duplicated diagram notes in tagged value.
Fixed problem in Java parser - not importing multiply inherited interfaces
Added ability for Node to display attributes and operations - and for Node features to be exported to XMI
Added 'Sort Axes' method to Matrix Options menu. When disable, axes are displayed in package order, recursively ... rather than alphabetically

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 606

Modified ODBC import to correctly capture 'Currency' type in MS JET databases
Multiple changes to the XMI import facility when importing UML 1.3/XMI 1.1 from the Rose Unisys toolset
-Improved diagram import and layout
-Handles notes and notelinks better
-Some changes to display of rrot/leaf indicators
-Default cardinality changed to clarify diagrams
-Notelinks to connectors
-Association Classes

Improved print preview and printing to better match printed output with screen output (font sizing problem)
Fixed problem with import from SQL Server to .EAP format of binary data (metafiles, images)
Fixed problem with default code language in View/Options dialog not always being saved
Added option in View/Options Code Generation to toggle auto diagram layout on and off when importing
Fixed error when closinf one model and opening another with pending changes and security enabled
Added ability for EA to autogenerate Foreign Key operations when using datamodeling capability:

  1. You create parent and child tables as normal
  2. Create attribute (columns) in both
  3. Set a target attribute to be the PK or <<unique>>
  4. Create an Association from the child to the parent
  5. Set the target role to the required PK (will be in drop list)
  6. Set the source role to a column name in the Source Role (will be in drop list)
  7. Press OK

EA will generate the new <<FK>> operation automatically and convert the Source Role name to the generated <<FK>> name. I think this makes things a lot simpler as both the FK and PK operations are now being automatically generated from the column name.

Fixed problem when reversing interface operations from C# code
Added ability to move in Attribute and Operations lists with arrow keys
Fixed bug in Issues dialog when modifying an existing item, a duplicate record could be created

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 605

Modified Operations and Attribute dialog to mark dirty when information pasted into notes field
Added Connector detail Heading and Row RTF to the RTF Style templates
Added a number of additional words to the 'Adjust Language' function in the RTF Documentation dialog
Fixed issue with saving comments in VB.NET where a ' was embedded in the text
XML Export option setting in View/Options dialog to make not exporting diagram details in XMI the default
Fixed issue with XMI export/import that could result in missing package in rare circumstances
Modified XMI 1.0 importer to better handle import of Model and Subsystem packages
Source and Target Role names added to RTF report on Connector Detail
Added Association start and end tagged values to XMI export using EA/XMI 1.1 style.
Fixed problem in Glossary dialog when using MySQL
Fixed problem in MySQL when invoking "convert linked element to local copy"
Fixed issue where imported property names in VB.Net always used "m_" , and not option configured in View/Options Attributes/Operations
Fixed issue with Actor element causing problem when Attribute dialog invoked
Updated name wrapping routine to handle class names with embedded spaces
Updated Create New Project dialog to avoid resetting model filename after setting new filename
Stereotype dialog now re-sorts list on reload when a custom sort is in place
Modified code import to better handle use of Realization link to interfaces
Modified security subsystem to prevent one user viewing/altering another user's 'user locks'
Added "Exclude from RTF" option on Diagram Options Dialog to selectivey not show a diagram in and RTF export
Fixed problem that could result in sequence messages being re-wrapped to more than one line in Print Preview mode

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 604

Fixed problem in label sizing code that resulted in diagram being set dirty after opening
Fixed problem in label sizing code that could result in distortion of containing rectangle after zooming
Added ability to reset code type for elements in Package Code Gen update dialog to
Modified default auto-tidy gap in options from 25 to 12 to allow finer control of custom lines in default mode
Modified drawing code to calculate bounding rectangle better where connector labels extended beyond bounds of objects and connectors

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 603

Fixed error in C# parser that could occur where unmatched strings in summary comments occurred
Fixed error in removal of classifier from Boundary still showing name of previous classifier
Modifed drawing code in sequence diagrams to underline full name of instances
Modified drawing code to force resize of connection labels to best fit of text
Modified C++ parser to correct problem with importing file with complex template definitions
Modified Delphi parser to correct problem with handling of quoted strings in certain comments
Fixed problem with EA on SQL Server when running test report and selecting "Passed, Failed, or Not Run" option
Included attribute tag notes in RTF documentation
Added new interface to EA.Repository object "OpenFile2(Variant Filename, Variant Username, Variant Password)" - use to open a password protected model from automation
Fixed issue with handling of .EMF files which have been saved with .WMF extension

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 602

Fixed problem with drop menus for code gen and RTF reports in Workspace toolbar not being always enabled
Fixed problem with label on generic input dialog box being empty in some cases
Added support in Delphi for reintroduce keyword
Fixed problem with Association Class connector not being displayed after class edit
Added 'Stop' cutton to spell check dialog to allow cancel of spell check during execution
Fixed loss of open project name in caption bar after print preview
Added View menu option for animated menus - None, Slide, Unfold or Fade
Added XP style 'faded icons' for toolbars and menus
Fixed bug in Search dialog that caused problem when no search type was defined
Task dialog, percent complete 'spinner' direction reversed to Windows standard
New UseCase diagram from context menu was defaulting to Class in dialog - fixed
Using keys to manually resize an element now marks diagram as dirty
AssignedTo: field in Tas Detail dialog now correctly includes drop list of project resources/authors
Fixed problem with Zicom Mentor Add-In registration menu item (in Help) not always being avaiable in Desktop version of EA
Modified drawing code to correct slight increase in vertical gap between operations and attributes introduced in build 589
Modified C++ parser to prefer CPP comments for operations over .H ones if C++ options "Comments in Header" unchecked

Changes and fixes for Version 3.51 Build 601

Fixed bug with project workspace button on workspace views toolbar
Fixed error that prevented cancelling a database compact
Added delete constraint and delete requirements from docked properties window using "Delete" key
Modified RTF to better format Attribute constraints
Attribute constraints now use drop list defined in Reference/Types/Constraint Types
Add check box on diagram dialog to hide element stereotype names in current diagram
Fixed bug that caused model upgraded directly from 3.10 to 3.51 being marked as too recent for version 3.51
Fixed problem with label editing that caused difficulty on Right mouse click
Scenario Type dialog - details edit box now wraps multiline text
Fixed bug in Print Preview that renamed EA caption window to -EA (missing current project name)
Fixed bug with changing user login name - EA previously ignored changes
Fixed problem that could occur when security menu item accessed - but no model open
SQL Server now prompts for password when opening model if no password in connect string and login fails
Matrix profiles now accept names > 12 characters

Changes and Fixes for Build 600 (Release 3.51)

Main UML toolbox modified to be dockable
Main UML toolbox folders and contents modified to better reflect UML naming conventions and process
Addition of context menu submenu on dependency added to support easy selection of dependency stereotypes
Ability to "click, place and drop" elements from the new toolbox (as well as drag and place as usual)
Addition of ability to select an object in docked property window/relations page and place on current diagram (context menu option)
Addition of ability to 'pin' start and end points on a connector line between elements (connector context menu option)
Editable tree labels
Active objects support. Objects which have an Active Class as their classifier now are draw with thick borders
Concurrent messages in sequence diagram. Allow setting of messages at same height to inidcate concurrency
User tools menu. Allows addition of custom user tools - supports additional paramters for current diagram, element and package
Customizable toolbars. Includes ability to place main menu items onto toolbars - including submenus as toolbar drop menu button
Open project dialog set to foreground on open - and EA application workspace loaded before open dialog shows
Additional detail in connector documentation (RTF) for connector source role and connector end role
Fixed some issues with case-sensitive tablenames in MySQL
Addition of 'Scenario' tab to docked properties window. Support quick addition and editing of element scenarios
Element position (x,y co-ordinates) missing in locked diagrams. Fixed.
Addition of extra complexity types (Extreme and Unknown) which can be activated in the View Options dialog. Affects Use Case estimation
Allow open project to be compacted using the Admin/Compact Project facility. Current project suggested by default
Additional menu icons
Additional Toolbar for turning on/off dockable windows such as project browser, properties, tests etc.
Changed a few 'Cancel' buttons to read 'Close' where meaning was confusing
Collaboration messages now drawn with arrow stem as well as arrow head. Also, arrow head now treated as 'hit point' when selecting message.
Plus other minor bug fixes

Enterprise Architect Version 3.50

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 589

- Added CSV import/export capability for elements (basic properties only)
  * Set CSV Specifications in Project/CSV Specification
  * Import/Export from/to CSV on project browser, package right click menu - Import&Export/CSV Import-Export
  * Use GUID field to export / modify element in CSV file / re-import and update exisiting classes (round trip with other tools)

- Modified diagram layout and autosize routines to avoid problem of overlapping elements in large diagrams
- Modified Diagram layout function in automation interface to avoid overlapping elements
- Modified UML Pattern function to ensure all pasted elements appear in project tree immediately (reload not required)
- Modified 'Drop From Tree' function for sequence diagrams, so that pasted elements appear where dropped, not in the leftmost position
- Fixed bug which prevented Sceanrio notes being updated from the automation interface (Scenario object)
- Modified RTF Style function to correctly include customized "Basic Style" when available and selected
- Added underlining to Node and Component instance names
- Modified Tagged Value drop list in Object, Attribute and Operation dialogs to allow scrolling of Value content
- Modified Column Name edit box in Attribute dialog for tables to allow names up to 255
- Added check when creating Generalization to take IsRoot and IsLeaf attributes into account
- Added support for Windows XP Themes. EA dialogs etc. now adopt theme specified in Windows XP Appearance dialog. (XP only)

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 588

- Modifed C# parser to handle @ symbol when used as a indicator of a literal string (ignore escaped characters sequences)
- Fixed problem that could cause exception on closing EA when project browser was undocked
- Check for dirty attribute data before changing current record in Attribute dialog
- Modified generation of 'legacy' style bookmarks for RTF documents.
- Modified the way connectors are joined to Decision nodes - now the four points of the Decision are considered the only legal anchor points
- Modified behaviour of Ctrl+Del key in diagram - now performs delete selected object(s) from diagram instead of deep delete of selected item in tree
- Model Issues, Model Glossary and Model Tasks docked lists now support multiple delete of all currently selected items
- Ctrl+Del in Model Issues, Model Tasks and Glossary lists now acts as shortcut to Delete selected item(s)
- Modified handling of function parameter types declared as pointers eg. "double *" & "double*"
- Added ability to drag a top level view from one Project Root Folder to another Project Root Folder
- Added 'Version' as an updatable option in the 'Update Package Status Dialog' available from the Project Tree context menu on a package
- Fixed problem that occurred with display of attributes when View/Options/Diagram/'Zoom to Best Scale' options was unchecked.
- Added check for modified element notes on exit and perform save if required
- Added File/Save Menu option to be consistent with Windows UI guidelines. Function saves current diagram
- Added Element Issues and Element To Do list to the docked Maintenance bar for a single element
- Modified RTF document generator to include check boxes for new element issues and element to do lists
- Modified key stroke handler to exclude some keystrokes from those that cause a record to become 'dirty' (eg. Alt-S)

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 587

- Added 'Apply' button to standard element properties dialog
- Modified View/Options/CodeGeneration dialog to support user defined language types
- Fixed bug in VB.Net parser that caused multiple interfaces in a file to be read as single interface
- Fixed bug in Shallow Copy of diagram that could cause multiple instances of an association
- Added integrity check for connectors associated with specific diagrams - eg. Sequence messages
- Added fix for Shallow copy of sequence diagrams where messages could be duplicated under certain circumstances
- Some improvements to import of XMI elements from XMI 1.0
- Fixed problem in RTF document generation that could prevent details of package being displayed when 'Document Packages' ticked
- Fixed problem with drop list for tagged values in Object Properties dialog

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 586

- Modified way method behaviour was returned in the automation interface to cope with very large strings
- Fixed bug in properties dialog of some objects which could cause a DAO error on open

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 585

- Fixed bug in RTF generator that caused child elements of another element to not document correctly
- Modified code generator and parser to better handle directed associations and aggregations when generating and synchronizing code
- Fix for automation interface that resulted in error when refreshing newly created package
- Added method to automation Project interface - BOOL LayoutDiagram(VARIANT DiagramGUID, LONG Style) - allows layout of diagram from automation
- Added Stereotype field to Source and Target role tab pages of Association link
- Modified UML Profile to populate Association End Role Stereotype when Appropriate
- Modified XMI 1.0 generator-parser to handle association end role stereotypes
- Modified C# code generator to create C# Attributes when set as a tagged value of Attribute for the UML attribute or UML operation
- Modified copy diagram routines to:
  1. Copy swimlanes on shallow and deep copy
  2. Copy and resolve links between owned elements (eg. notes) and linked elements (eg. classes) when doing a shallow copy
- Modified routine to save Scenario text. Presence of a '|' character could cause and error in MySQL
- Added 'Select Classifier Type' button on Attribute dialog to allow finer selection of attribute type than supported in drop list
- Added check box to Batch XMI Import dialog to prevent import from files that have the same file date as the previous import
- Modified Controlled package dialog to support "Generic XMI 1.0" as an export format type (generally should only be used for export to other tools)

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 584

- Modified behaviour of code generator to take into account association direction when generating member variables
- Modified C# parser to handle 'attributed' public variables in C# structs
- Added option to View/Options/CodeGeneration - "Do not generate members where association direction is 'Unspecififed'" - false by default
- Modified XMI 1.0 generator to place AssociationEnd Tags in global tag area instead of under AssociationEnd. EA will still read in both positions
- Several modifications to XMI 1.0 import/export. Mainly concerned with Packages, Dependencies and tagged values.
- Modified call made when clicking on Hyperlink and making other OS calls in EA - calls Default handler instead of default 'open' command.
- Modified JDoc parser to include last character in comment - sometimes dropped.
- Added routine to auto-name new elements with a numeric suffix to ensure unique names at creation time. Applies to all element types.

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 583

- Modified Collection Class source code generation from association end roles
- Added Tagged Value support to Association and Aggregation Source and Target Roles, including XMI 1.0 and 1.1 import/export support

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 582

- Changes to XMI 1.0 importer/exporter
- Modified SQL Server date formatting for languages other than english
- Modified Relationship Matrix: added TestCase as an option - differentiated UseCase and TestCase
- Modified Relationship Matrix: added classifier name for instance variables
- Modified way collection classes are used on association roles with multiplicity > 1
   1. Project level settings for each language in View/Options for each language
   2. Class level setting on Class Detail page of class property dialog
   3. Association level setting on Role page of link dialog
   For level one and two, you can set a default collection class, a class to use when the multiplicity is ordered and one to use when it is qualified.
    When generating code, the precedence is 3,2,1
    Search the help file for "Collection Classes" for more information

- Modified the docked property 'requirements and constraints' property page - now allows ading, modifying and deleting of requirements and constraints directly from the context menu
- Modified HTML generator to produce hyperlinks to cross referenced model elements
- Added 'Is Linked From' section in Docked Property dialog 'Hierarchy' view
- Added option to diagram dialog to suppress attribute compartment on a per diagram basis
- Added option to diagram dialog to suppress operation compartment on a per diagram basis
- Added option to diagram dialog to suppress stereotype name on attributes and operations on a per diagram basis
- Added global option to View/Options/Diagram to suppress constraints on Association links

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 581

- Fixed problem with toggling line point on custom line with connector lines at some angles
- Fixed problem when dragging element from tree onto diagram with modified connector positions, state. Connector state now retained after drop operation
- Modified handling of dates in SQL Server for some non-English formats
- Modifed deletion of connectors in SQL Server ... problem with association classes in some instances
- Fixed problem with generation of collaboration message documentation when using MySQL
- Fixed problem with line continuation characters in VB parameter lists
- Added support for indexers to C# code parser and generator
- Added support for operator overloading to C# code parser and generator
- Added support for 'dotted' method names in C#
- Fixed problem with color toolbar 'style drop list' not working correctly
- Fixed problem with backspace and \ key not navigating thru 'locked' diagrams
- Fixed problem where note and text elements could show & as _
- Added check before locking diagram .. if diagram is 'dirty' message box pops up with chance to save or cancel before locking

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 580

- Added support for TestCases in HTML and RTF documentation
- Added support for Resource allocation in HTML and RTF documentation
- Added support for element changes and defects in HTML report
- Fixed bug in XMI 1.0 importer ... not picking up multiplicity
- Fixed bug in XMI 1.0 importer ... not picking up nested classes
- Fixed bug in auto counter for test scenarios
- Added * indicator on Not Null table columns in diagram view
- Fixed error when doing data transfer from MySQL to another destination (EA reports version conflict)

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 579

- Added support for VB.Net 'Attributes'
- Added function to conver a linked class (from another package) into a local copy (linked class context menu). Any connectors in curent diagram will be assigned to new copy.
- Fixed bug in assigning Default Database using View/Options dialog
- Modified copy diagram function to provide improved handling of messages in sequence diagrams when 'shallow copying'
- Fixed bug that could cause Speller to display evaluation message
- Modifed the way RTF bookmarks are generated and handled. Copy RTF Bookmark to clipboard function (context menu in browser) now returns correct bookmark string.
- Added "List Header" to the list of customizable RTF style (Resource Tab/Templates/RTF Style Templates)
- Fixed bug in selection of inbuilt RTF >Basic< style when generating RTF reports
- Some modifications to the Undo function when editing diagrams
- Modified 'Set Aggregation Strength' to be right click menu option on aggregation link (instead of dialog)
- Fixed bug in deleting diagrams using Automation Interface
- Modified XMI 1.0 importer to handle attribute classifier types correctly
- Modified diagram zoom in and zoom out functions to provide a more consistent scaling effect of text and element details
- Modified drag/drop handler for diagrams when dropping from tree to correctly place elements at large zoom levels and scroll offsets
- Modified diagram drawing code to prevent packages becoming distorted in size after zooming out to very high levels
- Modified snap to grid function to account for new zoom functions

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 578

- Ability to disconnect an association class into association and class
- Ability to import Constraints and Requirements and Scenarios into all Test Types for an element
- Fixed bug when dropping requirement from tree onto another element, when diagram scrolled down or right
- Added support for TestCase Icon (use case with black cross drawn internally)
- Modified XMI importer to handle some specific data type import issues
- Added support for batch XMI import
- Added second Security Mode - 'Require User Lock to Edit' (see Admin/Security menu) - marks all elements as readonly until a lock acquired
- Modified security to prevent applying package locks on top of exisiting locks
- Modified security to prevent deletion of model elements from browser if locked by another user or group

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 577

- Fixed bug in Desktop version that could cause exception when upgrading project file
- Modified Aggregation to show Multiplicity values
- Fixed error that prevented use of the File/Save As function in some situations

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 576

- Added "ClassifierID" property to Element interface for automation
- Modified sequence diagrams to include 'Continue Activation' feature (right click menu on Sequence message)
- Modified sequence diagrams to include 'Stop Activation' feature (right click menu on Sequence message) terminates Forced Activation above
- Modified VB.Net parser to handle Events with default scope in Interfaces especially). Same for Properties.
- Modified Sequence diagram to allow messages from object after receiving delete message and before terminating X
- Added dialog to allow setting of locks on package elements and diagrams - right click package in Browser
- Check to ensure RTF - Save as Document feature returns an error if no RTF Template set up in RTF DOcument dialog
- Fixed bug in VB Parser - missing parameters if ByRef or ByVal keyword used on some parameters
- Hierarchy view modified to put association link in separate node (Is Linked To)
- Added ability to update stereotyped elements with tagged values and constraints from asociated UML Profile item
- Fixed bug in UML PRofile function that didnt insert Constraints when Constraint type not specified in Porifle XML (made Invariant the default)
- Added list of shortcut keys to Help file
- Disabled ability to resize Test Dialog access from the docked Test toolbar
- Added Object Files to the list of related elements searched in Search Dialog when 'Scenario, Tags etc. ticked (does not apply to MySQL)
- Where user ticks 'Remember ID in Login dialog, focus automatically set to password when Login dialog opens
- Fixed error in Manage User Locks dialog that prvented limiting list display to only User or only Group locks working correctly
- Modified default behaviour of Element toolbar to use 3D shadow colour for background instead of a specific colour
- Modified Code Engineering "Import Source Directory"
    * checking for duplicate classes improved (check done on package not diagram content)
    * ability to import source directory without generating diagrams improved
    * Local path replacements now update Package "Code Generation" path as well as object's
- Added support for UML Qualifiers graphically displayed as rectangle attached to one side of class or object.
    * Qualifiers are set in the Associaiton source and target role dialogs
    * Qualifier rectangles may be suppressed for those wishing to continue using the current text based Qualifiers (see View/Options/Diagram)
    * Qualifers mays be highlighted with some shading (see View/Options/Diagram)
- Fixed bugs in Associaton Class handling - Association class itself may now appear in other diagrams without the Association link
- Fixed bug in drawing of connector end that had Aggreagtion diamond and arrowhead - arrowhead and diamond are now draw one after the other - instead of on top of each other

Changes and Fixes for Version 3.50 Build 575

- Parser modified to handle identifiers with extended characters (diacritical marks etc)
- Installation modified to fix problem with registration of DAO350.DLL in some instances
- Some minor changes to allow EA to 'degrade gracefully' if DAO library missing on start up

New features, bug fixes and changes in Enterprise Architect 3.50

- Clean new XP Look and Feel
- Ability to customize main menu shortcuts and hot keys
- Connectivity to MySQL and SQL Server (Corporate edition) with other DBMS products to follow
- User security (Corporate edition)
- UML Pattern support
- Data transfer capability - between .EAP files and DBMS servers
- Data compare dialog - compare the number of rows in two models
- Project health dialog - check and correct data integrity
- Ability to set default phase and version for new objects
- Changes to C# and VB.Net code generator
- New toolbars on Project workspace
- Changes to RTF and HTML document generators
- Batch XMI Export capability
- Added 'Override Operations' function to allow easy implementing of parent Interfaces and Operations
- Additional fields in Model Tasks and Model Issues tables
- Added Print List capability to System Tasks, Issues and Glossary
- Added save XMI interface to Automation interface
- Added ability to Locate Object Classifier in Browser from element context menu
- Added 'Upgrade License Key' facility to allow Desktop and Professional licenses to be upgraded
- Modifications to C# and VB.Net code generation to handle overriden methods
- Added support for additional language dictionaries ...
    Requires download of additional dictionaries from Sparx Systems Registered User area.
- Modified text element such that left, centre and right aligning is possible (from context menu)
- Modified Note element sych that double spaced lines are now possible.

And much much more ...

Release 3.50

Enterprise Architect 3.50 Released October 28, 2002

New in Version 3.50
Connectivity to MySQL and SQL Server (Corporate edition) with other DBMS products to follow soon
User security (Corporate edition)
Clean new XP Look and Feel
Ability to customize main menu shortcuts and hot keys
UML Pattern support
Data transfer capability - between .EAP files and DBMS servers
Data compare dialog - compare the number of rows in two models
Project health dialog - check and correct data integrity
Ability to set default phase and version for new objects
Changes to C# and VB.Net code generator
New toolbars on Project workspace
Changes to RTF and HTML document generators
Batch XMI Export capability
Added 'Override Operations' function to allow easy implementing of parent Interfaces and Operations
Additional fields in Model Tasks and Model Issues tables
Added Print List capability to System Tasks, Issues and Glossary
Added save XMI interface to Automation interface
Added ability to Locate Object Classifier in Browser from element context menu
Added 'Upgrade License Key' facility to allow Desktop and Professional licenses to be upgraded
Modifications to C# and VB.Net code generation to handle overriden methods
Added support for additional language dictionaries ...    
Requires download of additional dictionaries from Sparx Systems Registered User area.
Modified text element such that left, centre and right aligning is possible (from context menu)
Modified Note element sych that double spaced lines are now possible.
And much much more ...

Release 3.10
Release 3.10 is a minor version update which rolls up all the patches and refinements since the 3.00 release.

New to Version 3.10
much improved 'Office Style' GUI with dockable windows, new look and feel and smooth performance
Addition of a dockable 'tab bar' to provide easy access to testing scripts for an element
Addition of a dockable 'tab bar' to provide easy access to system tasks, project issues and glossary
Addition of a dockable 'tab bar' to to provide easy access to maintenance items (changes and defects) for and element
Addition of 'Hyperlink' element for creating links to other documents and webpages and placing on diagram (element toolbar)
RTF documents can now have heading levels up to 9 deep
Provide ability to rename or delete the pre-defined model views (Use Case, Logical, Dynamic etc.)
Ability to place 'diagram properties' in a text element on a diagram (freely moveable and formattable)
VB.Net support
Support for Association Classes (UML connection type)
More UML support
Property windows disabled when no valid element selected
Registry hive for version 3.10 now separate from 2.50 and 3.00 (some quirky behaviour caused by shared registry settings)
Attribute multiplicity now shown in diagrams
Attribute initial value now shown in diagrams
Simple RTF report for ReportView
Ability to set the Default Diagram for a project (EA opens to this if available)
Last RTF template loaded is recalled when accessing RTF dialog
Support for Changes and Defects in RTF documents
Improved Focus of Control on sequence diagrams
Transitions may have Event, Guard and Action attributes
Associations now directed by default
Fixed bug which caused GPF when deleting certain kinds of elements and trying to undo
Support for JET 4.0 data access (Access 2000/XP) - requires Jet 4.0 already installed on client - user must configure local option first
Interface attributes required to be declared 'static'
Updated type Generalisation to Generalization (spelling correction)
Improved import of ODBC facility
...Plus bug fixes and general tidy ups

Release 3.00

New to Version 3.00
much improved 'Office Style' GUI with dockable windows, new look and feel and smooth performance
dockable propeties browser and project browser windows
improved reverse engineering of ODBC data sources
foreign key information is now included DDL import/export
ability to copy entire diagram with ease - either as shallow (linked objects) or deep (duplicate objects)
tweaks and improvement to XMI import/export facility
space objects evenly on a diagram, vertically or horizontally
customize how the tree view responds to mouse clicks-
new 'appearance formatter' toolbar - with saveable styles - colorize multiple objects with a single click
relationship matrix for managing requirements traceability and other uses. CSV export for Excel compatibility
hot keys improved and added
added 'Set Connector' function, allows existing connector to be moved to other objects
added Tagged Values to attributes and operations
added Tagged Values to class objects
ability to set custom position of elements in the project browser (custom sorting)
addition of structured 'issue' and 'change' elements for help in managing projects
addition of 'hierarchy' page to requirement dialog to visualize composition and implmentation of requirements
property dialog now supports internal and external responsobilities (requirements)
ability to move internal responsibilities to external requirements with a button push - makes working with system requirements much simpler
ability to suppress collaboration numbering
ability to customize toolbars (hide and show buttons)
set the visibility of element features (attributes and operations) on a per diagram basis
Active X (read only) interface - based on XMI
ability to copy an attribute or operation from one element to another using drag and drop from the project browser to an element in a diagram
ability to auto create a requirement/realization link by dropping a requirement from the browser on an element in a diagram
addition of a 'diagram only' RTF report
ability to link a note element in a diagram to an internal feature (attribute/operation etc) of another element - and auto display the feature notes etc.
support for defining C++ Macros that will be ignored during reverse engineering
highlight operation parameters and return types that are passed by reference - set the highlighting character as an option (eg. & or *)
support for History states, Concurrent states and Synch states
additional settings to customize overall behaviour
some tweaks to the code engineering components
...Plus bug fixes, tweaks and much more