EA's Revision History Version 5

This section provides a history of the features of EA version 5.0, for the following builds:

For information relating to the history of other versions, select a version below.

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 772

Fix for issue when loading diagrams from EAP file with user security enabled
Added Field Element.Complexity to the RTF Generator

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 771

Improved performance when loading models/diagrams with security enabled.
Fixed issue with displaying inherited features in diagrams and in automation
Fixed display of inherited attibutes and operations on diagram objects
Fixed handling of apostrophe characters in RTF Template names
Changed CVS version of File History dialog, to use "cvs log" instead of "cvs history".
Changed CVS version of File History dialog, to highlight the current revision.
Fixed problem with double quote characters placed in CVS check-in message.
Fixed CVS check-out to handle the CVS "checksum failure" error message.
Fixed CVS "Get Package" to handle packages in sub-directories correctly.
Added support to delete connectors from model by pressing Ctrl+Delete key combination.
Renamed the diagram option "Hide Qualifiers", to "Hide Visibility Indicators".
Added support to hide the visibility indicators for connectors' roles.
Fixed bug where directory import prompted multiple times to set package as namespace root.
Fixed C# importer to handle a casting operator.
Fixed C# importer to correctly import C# struct interfaces.
Added round trip support for variable length parameter lists in C#.
Added round trip support for constructor initializers to C#.
Changed the way Java 1.5 enum members arguments are round tripped.
Corrected errors in creating properties from associations in Java and C# transformations.
Corrected errors with rendering Element RTF Bookmarks using the new RTF Document Generator
Fixed "String literal too long" error on Oracle repository when saving diagram.

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 770

Fixed Automation Interface issue (introduced in 769), that caused EA.Connector interface to be incompatible with previous builds.
Note : Automation clients compiled against build 769 need to be recompiled against build 770.
Fixed error that occured when reverse synchronising a class with an existing association.
Fixed RTF Report Bookmarks to cover the selection range for the section bookmarked.
Added Field Attribute.Length to the RTF Generator.
Added support for Model Document and Single-element document generation using the revised RTF Generator.
Corrected issue with invalid compare status for Test Acceptance Criteria field in Acceptance Test.
Minor corrections to floating-point results compared by the compare Utility
Fix to prevent EA Crashing when cancelling Code Package Imports
Fix to correct item ordering in the Element.TaggedValeuesEx Interface method

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 769

Fixed issues regarding exporting of tagged-values of type <memo> in XMI 1.2
Modified the (CVS) version control File History dialog, making it resizable.
Made Delphi parser delete property tags not found in code.
Added support for array types in Delphi.
Fixed conditional lists of parameters in code template framework.
Fixed the classComplexity code template macro.
Added support for Nested annotations to Java parser.
Generate DDL - add option to place terminator on same line as statement or on new line following statement.
Fixed type field in Auto Counters dialog for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 platforms
Fixed opening properties for stereotyped attributes from Project Browser
Fixed calculation of Use Case Metrics report "Total Use Cases" field
Fixed retrieval of float values from repository (fixed incorrect decimal values in Use Case Metrics report)
Added automation property: Connector.StateFlags
Copying of table 'column' attributes no longer copies PK/FK flag
Tab characters in Notes elements now get expanded when rendering
Fixed bug when Deleting items from Database Datatypes dialog when multiple items have same name
Removed Duplicate Att.Notes field in "(basic template)" RTF Document Template
Corrected issue whereby profile tags would not save when invoking "Save Package as Profile" from the project View.
Corrected issue where Diagram content would incorrectly render using the RTF Document Generator.
Fixed issue whereby Sequence lifeline occurences would incorrectly draw when "Assume Return" was enabled.
Added support to persist the View->Field Names option in the RTF template editor.
Corrected issue where element substates would incorrectly render to the RTF Document Generator
Added Element.Abstract, Element.GUID, Diagram.GUID, Package.Abstract, Package.GUID, Attribute.GUID, Method.GUID, Connector.GUID, Element.FullName Fields to the RTF Document Generator
Corrected various rendering issues with the Child Package RTF Document Section
Fixed issues with Element, Package and diagram ordering when Generating RTF Documents.
Fixed "Write Always" checkbox option to not generate intermediary file on Transformations after file name has been set.
Added support for custom Codepage and Languages with the revised RTF Generator.
Fixed inserting object scenarios greater than 4000 chars on Oracle repository.
Fixed Generation of Single DDL file from multi-select when including elements not of "table" stereotype.
Fixed sorting on Date column in System window, Model Issues tab.
Allow multiple users may to use shared keys on one machine (including Terminal Server users).
Allow shared keys to be used on installations where user install directory is locked down.
Corrected issue with default Document Section ordering in the RTF Template editor.

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 768

Significantly improved rendering time of RTF documents for Unicode EA documents with extended character sets
No longer allow multiple licence key checkout from same machine.
Modified docked relationships window to allow multi-selection when adding related elements to current diagram
Added auto-count feature for aliases.
Corrected direction of connectors created using Create Link dialog.
Fixed issue that prevented stereotype information being included in the OnPreNewConnector addin event
Fixed issue that prevented profile stereotypes based on certain meta-classes from being applied.
Fixed issue where images drawn in the built-in RTF editor/viewer we're incorrectly flipped.
Fixed issue where actors with alternate images were incorrectly drawn to clipboard.
Fixed issue of slow model loading when using certain Versions of CVS for version control.
Modified version control functionality to detect loss of connection to CVS server & alert user.
Fixed bug importing xmi with association names > 255 characters.
Fixed bug in syntax of generated DDL involving table owner and delimiteres ([[dbo].TableName] to [dbo].[TableName]).
Fixed DDL import of multiple indexes from MySQL.
Fixed DDL import of multiple indexes from SQL Server.
Fixed problem where Scenarios attached to locked elements could still be edited through the dockable Scenarios dialog
Fixed problem of CVS not working when the specified path to cvs.exe contains spaces.
Fixed problem where the "Document Each Contained Element in RTF" diagram property option is ignored when generating documents with the new RTF Generator.
Fixed problem where Version Control configs that failed to connect to VC system, where left in the list of available configs.
Fixed problem where "Exclude Details for" option in the new RTF Generator would not work correctly for Activity Initial/Final and State Initial/Final elements.
Fixed issues with synchronising Java enumerations and methods with array parameters
Updated handling of tagged values in inherited and derived ports/parts
Added support for generating XML-based logs of the DiffMerge command.
Added support in the new RTF Generator for outputting RTF Bookmarks for Diagrams, Elements and Packages.
Code Template Updates:
- Updated Java Class Body template for enumerations to improve formatting.
- Update Java Parameter template to remove check for tagged value containing array information.
In Relationship Matrix, right-clicking outside of existing extended selection, replaces the existing selection with the clicked cell.
Fixed ODBC import of table owner for SQL Server.
Fixed ODBC import of MySQL auto_increment columns.
Fixed bug in CreateProperty dialog with updating a name.
Fixed problems transforming connectors to nested elements.
Fixed bug with java enumerations.
New substitution macros available in transform templates:
- %connectorEffect%
- %connectorGuard%
- %connectorTrigger%
- %connectorWeight%
Fixed context menu to observe user's permissions to lock elements in project tree.
Auto-checkin facility for shared keys.
Added automation method: Repository.GetDiagramByGuid
Fixed ImportTechnology to import tagged values, images, transforms.
Keystore now works under Wine and Novell client environments.
Added automation method: Repository.GetSelectedTreeObject.

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 767

Fixed generation of methods from multiple realised interfaces.
Fixed VB.Net parser to allow Shadows keyword on inner classes.
Made the source editor save using the "Output files use both CR & LF" option.
Corrected issue where the RTF Generator would incorrectly generate noteless elements when the "Hide Noteless Elements" option was turned on.
Added External Requirements as a document section in the new RTF generator
Updated RTF (basic template) to include external requirements
Corrected issue where the "Exclude image from RTF document" option was ignored in the new RTF Document generator.
Fixed issue where images of GIF/PNG/WMF file types were unable to be imported or viewed in the RTF Template editor and Internal Viewer.
Fix issue generating Implementation Report on MySQL repositories.
Fixed issue where documents generated with the new RTF generator would incorrectly generate root packages when the Skip Root Package option was enabled.
Fixed issue where Paste Appearance wasn't marking diagram dirty.
In HTML documentation, made hyperlinks clickable even when not "selectable" in original diagram.

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 766

Added support for moving connector end to new source or target using mouse (Shift+ Left Mouse click on end to move - then click on new target)
Modified sequence diagram behavior to automatically move elements below a moved, deleted or added message up or down as required to preserve diagram format
Modified sequence diagrams to show Use Cases as ellipses where appropriate
Fixed bug when adding Port or Part to sequence diagram (could cause crash)
Modified sequence diagram to correctly show names of all lifelines in caption bar - previously some (such as Use Case) were not shown
Added support for moving from one selected connector to another using the arrow keys
Fixed issue with Enter key not invoking Property dialog for connectors
Modified EA to not reset main menu every time it runs - supports additional user customization of menus. Note: adding or modifying license keys will revert menu to default
Added "BatchAppend" property to automation interface. Use when adding large numbers of elements, attributes, operations or parameters to a model. Provides significant performance boost. Note: you must set BatchAppend to false when complete
Fixed relative file paths when EA is on a repository.
Added option to draw aggregations and compositions from target to source.
Fixed incorrect DDL of PostgreSQL primary key if the PK operation was not the first in the operations list.
Fixed issue where RTF documents viewed with the internal viewer would incorrectly print and print preview.
Fixed buffer overrun in Image Manager when performing an update.
Fixed automation method Attribute.IsOrdered to record True value correctly.
Corrected output of the legacy RTF generator to output object aliases.
Fixed consistency issue with Collaboration message links when deleting the association they are attached to.
Fixed automation Repository.OpenFile() to deal gracefully with non-string values.
Slight modification of label drawing on Transitions to better format Trigger\Guard\Effect details, including source code on multiple lines
Fixed RTF generator issue where diagrams were incorrectly being duplicated.
Fixed issue with slow performance clicking in large diagrams with many visible Attributes
Fixed Automation issue with broadcast events that could cause a crash if diagram was reloaded by add-in.

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 765

Fixed problem with package locking when dragging & dropping items between version controlled packages.
Fixed problems with switching between the code and transform template editors.
Fixed issue with forward synchronising to some Visual Basic files.
Fixed problem where a C# file wouldn't parse if any namespace had any attributes.
Fixed problem where Oracle wasn't displaying a unique index and a unique constraint having the same name.
Removed newline character when importing from Oracle tables where column has a default value.
Fixed issue generating InterBase DDL for table having multiple primary key.
Fixed issue with Insert Related Elements: can now be run on locked elements
Corrected problem where RTF Document Generation, invoked with user-defined Phase values in the Generate Options dialog, would cause EA to abort.
Corrected basic template to remove duplicate Att.Notes field.
Added support to preserve RTF output filename when switching between RTF Generators where possible.
Fixed ddl generation of Access primary keys.
Modified code synchronization to preserve user stereotypes on some elements where appropriate.
Added support for xUML style identifier and relation tag visibility in diagrams. Defining a tag of type xUML for an attribute will display value in diagram.
Code Template Updates:
- Added support for partial classes to the C# Class Declaration template.

Changes and fixes for Version 5.0 - build 764

Compare to latest version control XMI file from repository
Compare to stored baseline (Coporate version only)

New Baseline function (Corporate version only)
Store complete package branch in compressed XMI format within the current model
Perform compare on current package to stored Baseline
Maintain multiple baselines for any package
Use compare to determine changes, additions, deletions from the Baseline to current state

Version control changes:
Substantially improved support for version control of nested packages.
Nested VC packages are now not overwritten by import of parent VC package
VC packages now only write out nested package stubs instead of full details
Support to retrieve version control status of many files with a single query to the version control provider, improves load time of large models
Improved support of AccuRev version control.
Improved support of Perforce version control.
General bug fixes and enhancements
Perform check of all open diagrams when model subtree is refreshed after import of version control XMI

Model Consistency in shared environment (particularly where version control is employed)
Modified Project Browser to check status of selected element when right clicked or focused.
Detect when underlying element has been deleted or imported using XMI (including version control)
Reload model sub tree when inconsistency detected.

Modifications and improvements to Hierarchy window.
Includes dependency relationships
Include nested elements as dependency type

Added support for the import of binary modules such as Jar files, and .Net assemblies.
.NET binary import supported through reflection and/or decompilation to IL format

Data modeling changes:
Added support for reverse engineering of stored procedures for SQL Server and Oracle.
Fixed engineering of check constraints for Oracle and SQL Server tables.

Code Engineering:
Updated Property dialog to check for existing property that isn't linked when creating methods.
Fixed property dialog to check for property let functions in visual basic.
Added functionality to remove generalization and realisation connectors not found in code when reverse synchronising.
Added option to remove associations representing attributes not found in code when reverse synchronising.
Fixed bug where attribute/operation positions were set incorrectly after reverse synchronising.
Added fix to support C++ operator() correctly
Addition of OCL type for element, attribute and operation constraints. Simple syntax checking included.

Automation changes:
Support for Add-in menu on connector and diagram
Added function to get selected connector
Added function to activate an Add-In tabbed window and give it focus
Modified EA to prevent closing Add-in tabbed view when user closes current model and opens another
Other functions added - see help file

Added additional accelerator key strokes to facilitate using EA by keyboard only
To ensure new accelerators available, go to Tools/Customise Keyboard tab - and press Reset All
Modified use of Arrow keys in a diagram to allow easier navigation and movement (see help)

Modified handling of UML Profile and UML Patterns in Toolbox
Show each UML Profile in separate toolbox tab
Modify behaviour to be more like standard toolbox items (drag drop support, toolbox color etc.)

Some small changes to element menu to group advanced settings on separate sub-menu
Added option to prompt user on deleting connectors, "Hide in diagram" or "Delete from model".
Clean up of toolbar images and UI drawing
Improved user messages when shared key expires.
Fixed issue where nested element positions were lost in project view
Fixed issue with EA Lite opening models from certain repositories.
Disabled various menu items in EA Lite.
Fixed bug where new properties created in EA didn't get their positions set.
Added option to accept Windows authentication instead of logging on to models with security enabled.
Fixed bug where tagged values didn't show in diagram frames
Fixed issue with tagged values on sterotyped operations.
Fixed bug attaching a note to an element feature whose name includes an apostrophe.
Added functionality to allow changable colours for status types
Enabled context-sensitive help on Add Licence dialog
Fix import of "timestamp" datatype from SQL Server 2000.
Fix DDL generation of Oracle inline column comments.
Added support in the UML Profile export facility to customize the order of profile stereotypes in the resource tree and toolbox.
Fixed issue with GUI layout occassionally being broken after running EA from automation client with main window hidden
Fixed issue with automation collections not clearing between "CloseFile" and "OpenFile" calls from client