Enterprise Architect 9.2

Visualize and Manage Complexity and Change

Sparx Systems is proud to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 9.2. Introducing support for Baseline Diagram Comparison, UML 2.4.1, simulation of BPMN 2.0, GDB Debugging, Trigger based simulation of State Machines, SysML 1.2 enhancements and much more. Download today to experience hundreds of productivity enhancements and join a Global Community of Successful Enterprise Architect Users. User Guide for Enterprise Architect version 9.2 available here.

Baseline Diagram Comparison

Baseline Diagram Comparisons

Quickly and easily compare the current diagram to an active Baseline. Identify any diagram elements that have been moved, created or deleted since establishing the baseline. Visualize differences with helpful color coding of changed elements. Visually assess the impact of rolling back a change, before committing to any action. Take control of your diagram change management process.

Trigger based simulation of State Machines

Enhanced Simulation Capabilities

Enterprise Architect 9.2 introduces support for Trigger based simulation of State Machines. Use triggers to stipulate when a system transitions from one state to the next. Use the new Simulation Events window to fire Triggers or save and load a set of Triggers.

Experience powerful new simulation support for Business Process diagrams with the Business & Software Engineering, Systems Engineering or Ultimate editions. This capability supports JavaScript evaluation of Sequence Flow expressions, Exclusive or Parallel Gateways, Called Activities and Composite Activities.

Debugging using GDB

Debugging with GDB

Enterprise Architect 9.2 supports debugging with the GNU Debugger (GDB). Easily record sequences and generate sequence diagrams. GDB is capable of debugging numerous languages including Ada, Java, C, C++ and Objective-C. Debug applications either locally or remotely.

Specifying Ontologies using ODM

The Ontology Definition Metamodel is a general purpose modeling language for representing knowledge and concepts, formal taxonomies and ontologies. Enterprise Archtiect 9.2 provides customized diagram types and toolboxes to model ontologies, including the Web Ontology Language (OWL) to represent formal vocabularies and semantics and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) to represent data resources and properties.

Activity Diagram Simulation

Enhanced Modeling for ArcGIS ™

(Beta 3.0)

Sparx Systems MDG Technology® for ArcGIS supports visual modeling of geodatabases in Enterprise Architect using open standards. Reverse engineer legacy geodatabases into a visual UML® model to communicate geospatial designs to a wider audience, facilitate traceability and leverage model driven architecture. Generate ArcGIS schemas as XML Workspace documents that can be utilized by ArcGIS 10.0.

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