Current build and release notes of Enterprise Architect

Latest Release:

Enterprise Architect 14.0 Build 1422

Release History:

For a complete history of Enterprise Architect releases please see our history page.

Registered Download:

Registered users can access the latest installers from the Registered Users page.

Note: A current registered username and password is required. Please contact Sales if you need to confirm your details.

Trial Download:

Download Enterprise Architect 30 day Trial

Installing Enterprise Architect is easy: Simply download FREE 30-day Trial. Double-click the installer file and you'll be guided through a simple, fast install process.

Start working right away.

  • All of the great Enterprise Architect features included.
  • Trial models are fully compatible with the registered product.
  • Swap between Enterprise Architect editions to compare.

Note: When printing documents with the trial edition an Enterprise Architect watermark is visible. Purchasing the full product will remove this watermark.