Upcoming Webinar — December 2016

Installing & Using Enterprise Architect in Non-Windows Environments

Ben Constable
Ben Constable
Webinar presenter

Given that Enterprise Architect was developed as a native Windows application, you may have wondered whether it can be used in your favorite Linux or macOS environment.

This session is dedicated to helping you unlock the power of Enterprise Architect's high-performance visual modeling tools in non-Windows environments.

In this webinar, we'll show you how to:

  • Download and deploy the necessary software components
  • Install Enterprise Architect within a sample Linux environment using Wine
  • Create and explore your first Enterprise Architect model in Linux

We are trialling a new webinar technology based on YouTube Live streaming.
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Los Angeles 2 PM, Tue Dec 13
New York 5 PM, Tue Dec 13
London 10 PM, Tue Dec 13
Paris 11 PM, Tue Dec 13
Tokyo 7 AM, Wed Dec 14
Melbourne 9 AM, Wed Dec 14
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