Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


The Window menu provides a range of options for controlling how currently-open system windows and views are displayed and used.

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Window Control options




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Full Screen

Reset the display to full screen so that only the work area and main menu are shown - no toolbars or windows.

To return to your normal working display, either click on the Full Screen option again or click on the Close Full Screen pop-up menu option.

You can also restore individual menus and toolbars using the View menu options.






View Submenus

Manage Workspace Layout


Save All Modified

Save all changes that you have made.




Reload Current View

Refresh the current view.



Refresh View of Shared Project


Set Focus to Current View


Make the current view the active one, so that key strokes immediately act on that view.



Float Current View

Switch the current view into a floating window that you can move around your screen(s) and dock in any convenient location.

This option is very useful for displaying two or more diagrams or views at the same time, which makes it easier to copy or drag and drop elements between them. Other points to consider are:

The view windows are not affected by the Full Screen option (above); other window management options do apply to them
A working set that includes floating or docked views will, when activated, re-open the views at their most recent location
Floating or docked diagrams display the Caption Bar, but not the Format toolbar that is attached to the tabbed diagrams in the Diagram View

You can also make a tabbed view into a floating view by simply clicking on the tab and dragging it off the row of Diagram Tabs.

To restore a floating view to a tab in the Diagram View, right-click on its Caption Bar and select the Tabbed Document option.









Working Sets



Diagram View

Close Current View

Close the current view.




Close All Except Current


Close all views except the currently selected view.



Close All

Close all opened windows in the main tab view.




Auto Hide Active Window


Autohide the window that currently has focus.


Autohide Windows

Auto Hide All Docked Windows


Autohide all windows that are docked.


Autohide Windows

Close Active Window


Close the window that currently has focus.



Show Start Page

Show or hide the Start Page.

The setting of this option persists through shut down and restart, until you specifically change the option again.



The Start Page

Always on Top

Force the main Enterprise Architect window to be on top of all other windows.