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Autosize Elements

You can autosize an element or group of elements in a diagram to the default size for the element type (for a Class, 90 x 70 pixels at 100% zoom). However, if the element contains more information than the default size can show (such as a long name, long attributes or additional compartments) the autosize option resizes the element to the minimum size for revealing the information.

The size change effectively operates around the mid point of each element, so the layout and size of the diagram do not change. Automatically changing the layout of a diagram is a different process.

How to

To autosize elements



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Select the elements to resize; (press ( Ctrl+A ) to select all).





Right-click on any of the elements and, on the context menu, select the Autosize menu option, or
Press ( Alt+Z ).




Not all elements resize: elements such as Events remain the same; Timing and Sequence diagrams (where position is crucial) are unchanged; and elements added from a profile or Shape Script maintain any size definitions imposed by the profile
With an element image created with a Shape Script that contains a defSize command, Autosize returns the element to the defSize value and not the element default size

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