Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Package Options in the Project Browser

Access     Project Browser, right-click on Package or View





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List the scripts enabled for execution directly from the Project Browser.

(This option does not display if no Project Browser scripts exist.)



Script Group Properties


Display the Properties dialog for the Package element.



Properties Dialog

Package Control

Submit packages to package control and version control.


Controlled Package Menu

Package Version Control Menu


Package Browser

Display the Package Browser in one of two modes:

Standard View - Display the Package Browser, showing the elements contained in the selected package in List View mode.
Gantt View - Display the Package Browser; showing  the elements contained in the selected package in Gantt View mode.



Package Browser


Add a new diagram, element or another package to the current package.



Add sub menu

Paste Diagram

If you have copied a diagram from another package, paste the diagram into the currently-selected package.




Lock Package

Apply a lock on the selected package.  (Option only displayed when user security is enabled in User/Group locking mode)



Lock Package

Apply/Release User Lock

Apply or release a user lock on the selected package.  (Option only displayed when user security is enabled in Require User Lock to Edit locking mode)



Apply a User Lock

Find in All Diagrams

List all diagrams in which this package is depicted, in the Element Usage dialog.



Show Element Use

Apply Auto Naming to Elements

Apply configured auto naming conventions to existing elements in the selected package.



Apply Auto Naming to Existing Elements

Turn On Level Numbering

(Turn Off Level Numbering)

Add a sequence number to each element in the package, based on the element's position in the package hierarchy.

For nested elements, the numbering indicates level; that is:




This option is only available for packages, and the numbering only applies to the elements in the package, not diagrams.

If elements are added, moved or deleted from the package, the numbering automatically adjusts.



Model Requirements

Linked Document

Create or display a linked document for the package or view.



Linked documents

Delete Linked Document

Delete the linked document attached to the package.

The system prompts you to confirm the deletion.





Produce a variety of reports and documentation in RTF format.



Documentation Sub-menu

Code Engineering

Perform Code Engineering functions.



Code Engineering Options

Execution Analyzer

Display the Execution Analyzer window, with the Analyzer Scripts for the selected package expanded.

If no Analyzer Scripts have been configured you are given the opportunity to create one.



Execution Analyzer


Import and export using XMI text files.



Import/Export Sub-menu

Transform Current Package


Perform a model transformation on the selected package.


Transform Elements


Reorganize the package contents after making changes.



Contents Sub-menu


Bookmark all elements in the selected folder.



Manage Bookmarks

Find in Project Browser

Search the Project Browser for specific elements (identified using the Find in Project Browser dialog).




Copy Reference

Copy a reference to the package to the Enterprise Architect clipboard; select the appropriate sub-option to copy the:

Selected package hierarchy structure (node path) or





Remove the selected package from its parent package, to be pasted under another package. The selected package remains  where it is until the Paste operation is invoked.



Move Elements Between Packages


Paste a cut package under the selected package. If the selected package is not a valid target, the Paste option is grayed out.

(This option is not available for copied packages - use the Package | Paste Package from Clipboard context menu option.)





Copy Package to Clipboard

Copy the selected package to the clipboard, to be copied into another package in the same .eap file or a different .eap file.



Copy a Package

Paste Package from Clipboard


Paste a package from the clipboard into the selected package.


Copy a Package

Paste Element(s) from Clipboard

Paste elements copied to the clipboard into the selected package.



Copy Elements Between  Packages

Save Package as UML Profile


Save the selected package as a Profile.


Using UML Profiles

Set View Icon

Change the display icon for the selected package (View level packages only).




Move up

Move the package up in the list.




Move down

Move the package down the list.




Delete <packagename>


Delete the selected package and its contents.




Display the Help topic for the Project Browser.