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Link Reference Data to a Shared Repository

If you have a number of projects that use the same sets of reference data, you can use a central project containing that common data as a Shared Repository. The common data includes System Resources such as as 'Security Users and Groups', 'Glossary' terms or 'Data Types'.  Shared repositories make it possible for teams working on multiple projects to leverage a common and consistent set of system resources. Common standards and definitions can be applied across all projects using this repository. Any time a new project is started, that project can automatically inherit some or all of these common resources from the repository; there is no need to establish these resources anew for each project.

Shared repositories apply to Database Management System (DBMS) based Enterprise Architect projects and can link all projects residing within one DBMS. This feature does not apply to Enterprise Architect Projects that are based on local (*.eap) project files.

A new DBMS based project in Enterprise Architect is initially created with its own stand-alone repository.  A single step process then allows that new project to be linked to the Shared Repository residing on its DBMS. Any older or pre-existing Enterprise Architect projects can also be linked to the Shared Repository, merging their resource data into the master version. This then allows for centralized management of the contents of the repository, promoting or enforcing common usage and standards.

Any changes to the shared repository are automatically available to every participating project.

Access     Tools | Data Management | Shared Repository

Set up a Shared Repository



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Type in or browse to the location for the Script File to be generated.




Type in the name of the database to be used as a Shared Repository.




In the Table Groups list, tick the groups which are to be linked.

While a table group is highlighted, a list of database tables relating to the currently selected group will be shown in the Tables in each group field. All of the tables in the selected table group will be available through the Shared Repository.




Click the Generate button.




Click the View Script button to display the generated script file.

The SQL script is opened in the Code Editor.


Editing Source Code


Execute the generated SQL script using a third-party tool.



Select Repository Tables to Share dialog



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Script File


Path for the .SQL script file to be generated by this dialog.


Shared Repository


Name of the database to be used as the Shared Repository.


Table Groups

List of Tables Groups which can be linked to the Shared Repository.  Select one or more table groups from this list to be linked.



Tables in each group

(Read only) List of database tables related to the current selection in the Table Groups list.




Generate the SQL script to link the tables of the current repository to the tables of the specified Shared Repository.  The script is generated into the file referenced by the Script File field based upon selections in the Table Groups list.



View Script

Open the file referenced by the Script File field in the default Code Editor and close the dialog.


Editing Source Code



Close the current dialog.