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The following text is derived from the extensive Wikipedia entry on Service Oriented Modeling:

The Service-Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF) has been proposed by author Michael Bell as a holistic and anthropomorphic modeling language for software development that employs disciplines and a universal language to provide tactical and strategic solutions to enterprise problems. The term "holistic language" pertains to a modeling language that can be employed to design any application, business and technological environment, either local or distributed. This universality may include design of application-level and enterprise-level solutions, including SOA landscapes or Cloud Computing environments. The term "anthropomorphic", on the other hand, affiliates the SOMF language with intuitiveness of implementation and simplicity of usage.

The service-oriented modeling framework (SOMF) is a service-oriented development life cycle methodology. It offers a number of modeling practices and disciplines that contribute to a successful service-oriented life cycle management and modeling. ... It illustrates the major elements that identify the "what to do" aspects of a service development scheme. These are the modeling pillars that will enable practitioners to craft an effective project plan and to identify the milestones of a service-oriented initiative-either a small or large-scale business or a technological venture.

For further information on the concepts of SOMF, see the Wikipedia Service Oriented Modeling pages.


Michael Bell (Online Resource)

Service Oriented Modeling (Online Resource)

SOMF in Enterprise Architect

In Enterprise Architect, SOMF is implemented as a profile within an MDG Technology that is integrated with the Enterprise Architect installer. For further information on this MDG Technology, see the Service-Oriented Modeling FrameworkTM in Enterprise Architect page on the Sparx Systems website.

The SOMF facilities are provided in the form of:

Eight SOMF diagram types accessed through the New Diagram dialog; these are SOMF:
Business Integration
Logical Design Relationship
Logical Design Composition
Conceptual Architecture
Asset Utilization
Transaction Directory
SOMF pages in the Toolbox
SOMF element and relationship entries in the Toolbox Shortcut menu and Quick Linker


Sparx Systems (online resource)

New Diagram

Toolbox Shortcut Menu

Quick Linker

SOMF Toolbox Pages

You can access the SOMF pages of the Toolbox through the More tools | SOMF menu option. There is a set of pages for each SOMF diagram type

SOMF Conceptual Architecture Diagram

SOMF Business Integration Diagram

SOMF Transaction Diagram






Disable SOMF

If you prefer not to use SOMF in Enterprise Architect, you can disable it (and subsequently re-enable it) using the MDG Technologies dialog (Settings | MDG Technologies).


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