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Code Editor Context Menu

When working on a file with a code editor, you can perform a number of code search and editing operations to review the contents of the file. These options are available through the editor context menu, and can vary depending on which code editor you are using.

Access   Right-click on the code text string you are working on




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Go to Declaration

Locates and highlights the declaration of a symbol in the source code.



Go to Definition

Locates and highlights the definition of a symbol in the source code (applicable to languages where symbols are declared and defined in separate places, such as C++ or Delphi).



Search for '<string>'

Displays a submenu that enables you to locate the search string in a range of locations.








Find In Files






Model Search
Pre-Defined Searches




Script Editor

Find in Project Browser

Finds the object containing the selected text in the Project Browser


Search in Open Files

Opens the Execution Analyzer File Search facility, then searches for the selected text string in other opened code files that are of the same type and in the same folder as the current file, displaying the results in Tree View. You can change the folder path, search text and file type as required within the File Search window.


Search in Files

Performs the same search as Search in Open Files, except that the search is in all comparable files whether they are open or not.


Search in Model

Performs an Element Name search in the Model Search facility, and displays the results on the Model Search tab.


Search in Scripts

(Only while working in the  Script Editor.)  Opens the Execution Analyzer File Search facility, setting the Search Path field to Search in Scripts and the Search Text field to the selected text, then searching all scripts for the text string and displaying the results of the search in Tree View.


EA User Guide

Displays the description of the code item in the Enterprise Architect User Guide.



Displays the results of a search on the text from a Google search.



Displays the results of a search on the text in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).


Sun Java SE

Displays the results of a search on the text in the Sun Microsystems 'Sun Search' facility.



Displays any entry on the object on the Wikipedia web site.



Displays the results of the search for the text string on


Set Debugger to Line

(If the debugger is executing and has reached a breakpoint.)  Moves the execution point to the current line. Check that you do not skip over any code or declarations that affect the next section of code being debugged.



Display Variable

(If the debugger is executing.)  Opens the Locals window and highlights the local variable for the current point in the code.

View the Local Variables


Show in String Viewer


Displays the full contents of a variable string in the String Viewer.

View Content Of Long Strings

Create Use Case for '<string>'

Displays the Create Use Case For Method dialog, through which you create a Use Case for the method containing the text string.


Create Use Case For Method


Displays a submenu of options for creating a recording marker on the selected line of code. The recording markers you can add include:

Start Recording Marker
End Recording Marker
Stack Auto Capture Marker
Method Auto Record Marker


Set Record Markers


Provides options to add a new Testpoint, show the Testpoints Manager (Testpoints Window), or edit an existing Testpoint if one or more are already defined at the selected location.


Testpoint Editor

The Testpoints Window


Open (Close) IME

Opens the Input Method Editor to enable you to enter text in your selected foreign language script (such as Japanese). You set the keyboard language using the Windows Control Panel - Regional and Language Options facility.



Line Numbers

(Script Editor only.)  Shows or hides the code line numbers on the left hand side of the editor screen.








Select All




These six options provide simple functions for editing the code.



The options in the lower half of the Search for '<string'> submenu (after Search in Model) are configurable; you can add new search tools or remove existing ones by editing the searchProviders.xml file in the Sparx Systems > EA > Config folder  - this file is in OpenSearch description document format

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